8 Best Date Ideas, According To Real Dates Women Have Loved


The best date I ever went on was probably my first date with my now boyfriend. We had originally agreed to meet at a bar I had been dying to go to for drinks. The problem here was that it was a beautiful evening, and the wait to get a seat at the waterside bar was over two hours. So instead, we decided to walk about an hour to another larger bar along the water. I know it doesn't necessarily sound like anything special, but to me, it was the best date. And a recent Reddit thread proves that the best date ideas for women tend to be just like mine — nothing extremely fancy or overly exciting, just two people having a great connection doing normal things.

Read along and see for yourself, as these eight women describe their surprisingly simple best dates.

They explored an unfamiliar town together.


They walked to class together.


They went to dinner, followed by a long walk.


They went ice skating.


They ate hot dogs and watched baseball at the park.


They went bowling.


They went for a hike.


They talked for five hours straight.


I hope reading these stories proves to you that a great date doesn't need to be fancy or extravagant. The important thing is that two people are able to make a real connection, and that you just genuinely have fun.

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