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8 Black Booties That I Always Pack In My Suitcase For Fall Travel

by Kristin Corpuz

Of all the fall fashion trends that come and go, one will always be a staple in my book: black booties. As basic as they may be, there's a reason why so many brands release updated versions of black booties every single year. They just never seem to go out of style. These black booties for fall travel are absolute must-haves in every style lover's wardrobe this year.

As someone who spends at least half of my life on the road, I need staple pieces in my wardrobe that are easy to wear from the airport, to walk around a city, and to an event or night out. Black booties often make their way into my suitcases because of how functional they are. Throughout my fall travels, I need shoes that are not only stylish and trendy, but also comfortable enough to wear the whole day, and versatile enough to take from day to night. Waterproofing never hurts, especially because, depending on where I am in the world, the weather can be tricky to navigate.

Whether you're shopping for fall in your city, or you're looking for something new to take with you on the road, these are a few of my favorite pairs of black booties to travel with.

These Are Perfect Everyday Booties

These shoes are beautifully made, and they're also really comfortable. The heel is the right height to make this both a day and night shoe. In fact, I love these booties so much, I've worn them just about everywhere: around cities, to fashion week, to even my heels dance class, and in the Nevada desert.

The Buckle Detail Adds Fun Flair To These Booties

I love a trendy black bootie that adds a little extra oomph, which is exactly what this Superdown pair does. The chunky heel is perfect for fall travel — even in the airport — and the lace-up and buckle details complete the entire look.

Cutouts Make These Boots Great For Transitional Weather

For fall, I love boots with cutouts in them because they're perfect for days that are a littler warmer and a little chillier. You can layer socks underneath them for the colder days, and on the warmer ones, you can wear them with no-show socks or without socks. Plus, the metal toe and heel details make these shoes a little dressier and so much fun to match with outfits.

These Chic Boots Are Waterproof

For the longest time, I was on the lookout for waterproof boots that didn't look like waterproof boots. Wearing bulky boots with cute outfits — solely to avoid the catastrophe of walking around with wet socks on a rainy fall day — was a struggle. These boots were the answer to my prayers. They look beautiful, they're super comfortable and warm, and of course, they're waterproof.

These Slouchy Stiletto Booties Are Great For A Night Out

If I'm heading to an event on-the-go, shoes like these are absolutely perfect. They're definitely dressier than the other shoes on this list, but they have a fit that works perfectly with basically every fall outfit.

Two-Toned Boots Amp Up The Classic Fall Bootie

These aren't fully black booties, but they're ridiculously trendy and #necessary to have on this list. These shoes have quickly become a favorite in my collection because of how unique they are. Black and white goes with everything in my wardrobe, and the half-and-half design is a statement that pops with every outfit.

These Boots Are Trendy In So Many Ways

The croc print, high ankle height, square-shaped heel, and square-shaped toe are so on trend for the season. This pair works well for everyday wear, but is also dressy for going out.

Combat Boots Are A Fall Staple

Not only are these boots built with typical UGG warmth in mind, but the combat boot fit is always a welcome addition to my fall and winter wardrobe. Plus, they're waterproof, which is a huge plus during the season.