75 Most Gifted Things On Amazon Under $50

Whether you know someone like the back of your hand, or you're shopping for that rando in your office's Secret Santa exchange, finding a clever, trendy gift isn't easy. In fact, it's typically a crapshoot. You hope they'll love it, but it may very well end up collecting dust in a drawer until it's donated — or worse: re-gifted.

Well, as someone who always has a reserve of gifts at the ready for any and every occasion (weird flex, but okay), I'll let you in on a little secret: Amazon's most-gifted section is an incredible place to find inspiration for the ideal present. After all, if hundreds of people bought it for someone they love, there's typically a reason for it. It's likely well-reviewed and brilliantly designed — and who in their right mind could re-gift something like that?

And here I am, getting you all hyped up while withholding the best part of all: The vast majority of Amazon's best-selling gifts cost less than $50, because everyone loves a bargain. Yep — even the budget-savvy shopper has plenty of options to choose from.

From here, all you need is a little deductive reasoning: Would your crafty best friend prefer to make their own hot sauce, or their own Kombucha? Is that housewarming host more of a candle-burner, or a cheese-cutter? Would your grandma rather garden or open beer bottles using her wall? With these 75 most-gifted things on Amazon, the options are endless.

This Stylish Stand Mixer In 7 Different Colors

A stainless steel bowl, six different speeds, two interchangeable mixing tools, a 250-watt motor — all for under $40. The Dash stand mixer even comes in seven sleek color options, so it's no wonder reviewers call it "the perfect gift" for someone who loves to bake.

The Best Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

The sign pictured above says, "The most-gifted felt letter board." How can you argue with that? It's available in a huge range of colors and sizes, and each one comes with 300 letters in a cute little bag, so the recipient can personalize everything from first day of school photos to party signs.

A High-Tech Automatic Wine Opener That's So Easy To Use

This one's my go-to gift for anyone who drinks wine. The Secura electric opener sits on its sleek charging stand until you need it; then, at the press of a button, it automatically removes virtually any cork from any bottle. It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery and even comes with a free foil cutter.

This Magnesium Spray That Has Endless Uses

Athletes, nutrition enthusiasts, insomniacs, those who have back pain, cramps, or trouble de-stressing — according to the reviews, Dead Sea magnesium oil has helped all of them and more. This pure spray replenishes your body's stores of magnesium, which is necessary for over 300 enzymatic functions. Just spray it on the skin and your body will absorb what it needs.

The Most Mesmerizing Candles On Amazon

With this gift set, you get four candles in the scents agarwood, Tarocco orange, copal, and lavender — but they look as beautiful as they smell. Each votive has a mosaic of tinted mirrors, all filled with real soy wax that burns for 25 hours each.

These String Lights That Double As A Charging Cable

Grab this awesome charging cable for the person who loves color, fairy lights, and fun accessories. It's 46 inches long and works with any recent iPhone models — plus you can get it in flamingos, cacti, candy hearts, Christmas bulbs, or unicorns.

The "Best Whitening Toothpaste" Reviewers Have Ever Tried

"This has the most significant whitening power of any product I've used," one reviewer raved. That said, Hello Oral Care toothpaste is surprisingly gentle, because it uses absorbent activated charcoal to soak up stains and odors. This set comes with two tubes and a BPA-free charcoal toothbrush.

This "Must-Have" For Teachers, Parents, Germophobes, & Natural Health Enthusiasts

I haven't gotten sick once since getting Cold Bee Gone nasal swab, and reviewers agree: "This stuff works!" It's made with homeopathic Manuka honey, which is antibacterial, prebiotic, probiotic, and moisturizing. It aims to tackle germs before they can fully enter your body, so simply dab it inside your nostrils when you feel a cold coming on.

This Sun-Mimicking Lamp That Helps With Wintertime Blues

If you know someone who struggles with seasonal blues or wintertime grogginess, the Miroco therapy lamp is a thoughtful, practical gift. It emits 10,000 LUX of energizing, brain-supporting illumination, so when used in 10 minute intervals, reviewers say it "really improved their moods and even headaches through the winter."

A Damage-Free Car Mount That Attaches To Their Vent

There are several reasons why the AUKEY phone mount has hundreds of five-star reviews: For one, it holds just about any phone model and attaches to virtually any car thanks to the adjustable vent clip. For another, it rotates and pivots for the best viewing angle, and lastly, it won't damage your phone or your dash.

This Multi-Purpose Desk Lamp For The Student Or Workaholic

The Manjiaone lamp so much more than a mere source of illumination. Yes, it has a dimmable, flexible LED neck, but it also functions as a USB charger, alarm clock, pencil holder, calendar, and mood light with 256 different color options.

The Most-Gifted Set Of Essential Oils

This set is the number-one most-gifted essential oils box on Amazon. That's because you get six pure scents for your diffuser, self-care purposes, or DIY beauty recipes, all for under $15. "They also are packaged very nicely," reviewers say, so they're great for a spa basket or White Elephant exchange.

This Sherpa Blanket For Healing Thoughts & Positive Energy

The Chanasya Healing Thoughts blanket is made from the softest microfiber Sherpa and has healing, encouraging words written all over it. "I gave it as a gift to a sick family member," one reviewer wrote. "I wish I could bottle the look in her eyes and the smile on her face when she opened it." Choose from four sizes and over 20 colors.

This Portable Foot Massager That's A "Life Changer"

The TheraFlow large foot massager uses textured, independently moving rollers that stimulate pressure points and stretch out tight muscles. "This massager is a life changer in fascia health," one reviewer wrote. Others say that it's a must-have for nurses, teachers, athletes, or anyone else who's on their feet all day. Since it's manual and reasonably sized, they can bring it anywhere.

This Turmeric Tea Set That's Oprah-Approved

In my opinion, if it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for anyone. This VAHDAM tea set made Winfrey's 2019 list of favorite things, because each turmeric blend is delicious, beautifully wrapped, and packed with superfoods. The company even donates 1% of their revenue to tea growers' children in India.

A Marble Rolling Pin For The Most Sophisticated Baker

Yeah, a solid marble rolling pin looks extremely chic on their baking Instagram — but it also keeps dough cool for easier handling and won't absorb oils, scents, or odors. "Honestly, I didn't know a rolling pin could be so awesome," one reviewer wrote.

These Top-Rated Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Available in eight different colors, these Mpow Bluetooth headphones deliver clear, hi-fi sound without wires and without outside noise. The battery lasts for up to 20 hours, the band folds for easy packing and travel, and the design also works with a backup wire in case they forget to charge it.

The Best Gift For Light Sleepers And Easily Distracted People

I've gifted the LectroFan to several loved ones, and every single one of them now says they couldn't live without it. This compact, portable sound machine offers 20 non-looping white noises to block out disturbances so they can concentrate better, sleep deeper, and de-stress faster.

These Tinted Glasses That Apparently Alter Your Mood

These GloFX color therapy glasses tint the world around you to supposedly alter your mood depending on the lens color — and believe it or not, reviewers say they work. They currently have a 4.6-star rating and are available in 10 different colors to help with everything from headaches and stress to grogginess and lack of confidence.

The Blanket-Sweatshirt Hybrid They'll "Never Want To Take Off"

"[My] boyfriend wears it and never wants to take it off. The whole family wants one now!" one reviewer wrote. THE COMFY is a sweatshirt-blanket hybrid made from cozy faux-Sherpa. It comes in a wide selection of colors and patterns, and each one has a hood, massive pockets, and an oversized design.

These Chic Acacia Utensils To Elevate Any Kitchen

Maybe they just moved into a new place. Maybe their old set is destroyed, or maybe they're still using mismatched dollar store utensils from college. Whatever if is, these Miusco cooking utensils elevate any kitchen with their genuine Acacia wood handles, non-stick silicone heads, and heat-resistant versatility.

A Mini Essential Oil Diffuser That Packs A Serious Punch

Available in black, light wood, and pink, the VicTsing mini diffuser packs a serious punch despite its size. Its 130-milliliter tank is quiet and distributes a strong, cool mist infused with your favorite essential oils. It even has a built-in, color-changing light and an auto shut-off function for safety.

The Best Way To Drink Wine (Or Anything Else) On The Go

Whether they use it for wine, their favorite cocktail, or soda, the BrüMate Uncork'd tumblr keeps their drink cold and safe. Triple insulation locks in the temperature, a shatterproof exterior prevents sweating, and the sip lid stops the liquid from splashing out while they're on the go. Best of all, it comes in a huge selection of colors and designs, from marble to glitter peacock violet ombre. (And if beer is more their speed, this brand also makes a genius can insulator.)

An Essential Gift For The Novice Chef Or Foodie Friend

A number-one best-seller in books and a most-wished-for item on Amazon, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat has been called "the best text on cooking [reviewers] have ever read." Samin Nosrat breaks down food preparation into those four simple elements, and through humor, brilliant writing, and great illustrations, she explains how chefs can use them to make the most out of any ingredients.

Get This For Anyone Who Doesn't Have A Smart TV

Simply by plugging it into your television's HDMI port, the Amazon Fire TV stick gives you access to all the best streaming platforms, apps, and games. The remote is even Alexa-enabled so you can say, "Browse movies on Netflix," and you're there. If someone's still binging shows on their laptop, this is the gift for them.

A Fun, Temporary Way To Get Vibrant Hair

This temporary hair chalk is marketed towards kids and teens, but even adults say, "I used it for the first time as a peek-a-boo color behind my ears and it was so fun!" The set comes with 12 vibrant colors, and the formulas are non-toxic, easy to wash out, and mess-resistant once dry.

This Portable Speaker That's "Loud And Clear"

Since it's the size of a hockey puck, the XLEADER SoundAngel speaker is great for boosting the volume on your laptop or blasting your tunes on the go. It's Bluetooth-enabled for fast, wireless connection, and despite its size, it offers a full-definition sound that's "loud and clear," according to reviewers. Get it in rose gold, gold, silver, or black.

A Balance Disk To Improve Posture & Encourage Active Sitting

The Gaiam balance disk is an effortless addition to any office chair, car seat, or couch — but it offers so much more than extra padding. The inflatable design encourages proper spine alignment for improved posture while also engaging your core muscles for active sitting. Get it in black, gray, or lime green.

Potentially The Most NSFW Game You'll Ever Play

With a tagline like "this party game should be banned," you know you're in for a NSFW game night. Disturbed Friends has the judge ask a horrible multiple-choice question; then all the other players vote on the judge's suspected answer, and if they get it right, they get a #winning card. Reviewers say it's "disturbingly hilarious" — but "not for the faint of heart."

This Primer That Makes Your Skin Feel Like Velvet

"This face primer is the best I have ever used! After putting this on your face, your skin absolutely feels like velvet!" one reviewer said. In fact, DHC velvet skin coat is so effective at evening their complexion, some buyers choose to wear it alone, sans foundation.

These Gear Ties For Anyone Who Needs Some Cable Organization

Here's to the techie, the photographer, or the person who's perpetually untangling earbud wires. Nite Ize gear ties are flexible, reusable organizers for your wires and accessories. They're color-coded for differentiation, and they're padded with tough rubber for durability and damage-prevention.

A Waterproof Picnic Blanket That Folds Up Into A Cute Bundle

Thanks to its foldable design and built-in handle, it's easy to pack and even easier to carry. The Scuddles picnic blanket is (of course) ideal for picnics, but it's also great for outdoor concerts, barbecues, beach days, camping, and those who just love to be prepared. And don't worry; it has a waterproof PEVA backing to stand up to any adventure.

These Cut-Resistant Gloves For The Chef, Gardener, Or Handyperson

Because they're made from durable, cut-resistant material, these NoCry gloves make any dangerous activity a whole lot safer. Use them alongside knives in the kitchen, shears in the garden, or woodworking in the garage — and since they're form-fitting and come in multiple sizes, they won't get in the way of dexterity.

  • Available sizes: S - XL
An Adorable Way To Display Their Favorite Photos

These 17-foot string lights come with clear clothespin clips, so they can display their favorite photos alongside whimsical mood lighting. The copper wire is sturdy and flexible, and reviewers have used them for bedrooms, holiday decorating, wedding collages, and classroom bulletin boards.

A Huge Money-Saver For The Kombucha Drinker

Kombucha may be delicious and filled with gut-healthy probiotics, but it's not cheap. Luckily, the Get Kombucha starter kit offers an economic, satisfying way to make your own. It comes with enough culture, accessories, and tea to brew your first 5 gallons, and buyers say it's "easy, delicious, and downright fun."

This Tactical Pen With Several Built-In Tools

Buyers say this RF TAKEFLIGHT tactical pen "writes smoothly" and "has a comfortable grip" — but it might just save someone's life, too. That's because it has various built-in tools, including an LED flashlight, a window breaker, a blade, and a bottle opener, and it's all made from aircraft-grade aluminum for durability.

A Hands-Free Neck Lamp — And It's Rechargeable

Whether they're reading a book, knitting a scarf, walking their dog, or fixing their car, they'll appreciate the hands-free convenience of this neck light. The dual LED heads offer three brightness levels and bend any which way for optimal illumination — and since it's rechargeable, they don't have to worry about batteries.

This Fabric Shaver That Rejuvenates Old Clothes And Furniture

This is the absolute best gift for that person who won't throw anything out. The MOSPRO fabric shaver removes lint and pilling from old sweaters, yoga pants, coats, blankets, pillows, and couches, so they "look almost new again." It's even rechargeable and has quadruple protection to prevent fabric damage.

A Healing Hand Balm That's Unlike Any Other

My dad is a guitar player, unofficial handyman, and disappointed member of the "Dry, Cracking Hands" club — and he swears by O'Keeffe's Working Hands. Unlike your average cream, this formula is concentrated and protective to lock in moisture for long-term healing. Reviewers even say it's the "best product [they've] used ever" to keep hands healthy and pain-free.

This Brilliant Brush That Dries And Styles At The Same Time

Part hair dryer and part brush, the Jinri three-in-one blows hot air out from the center barrel and in between the bristles. As a result, it dries, volumizes, and styles simultaneously — even if you have no idea what you're doing. "Where has this hair dryer been all my life?" one reviewer asked. "This is saving me at least 30 minutes every time I style my hair."

An Elegant Himalayan Salt Lamp In White

Himalayan salt lamps supposedly purify the air by releasing negative ions, but orange doesn't always go with everyone's decor. This WBM lamp, on the other hand, is made with the same genuine Himalayan salt, but it's white with a chic neem-wood base to match any room. It even has a dimmer switch.

These 5 Succulents For Anyone With A Black Thumb

"I am famous for killing succulents," one reviewer wrote, but these are "still thriving." With this set, you get five, fully rooted succulents in planter pots. All they need is a minimal water and a bit of sun — plus each purchase helps a shelter pet find a home.

These Grill Mats That Are "Better Than Expected"

"I was really skeptical of grill mats," one reviewer wrote, but "after having used them a few times I can say they would be a bargain at twice the price." These ones from Grillaholics are non-stick, temperature-safe, extremely easy to clean, and create a flat, convenient surface for anything you want to cook on the grill — vegetables, eggs, bacon, you name it.

This Water Bottle They Can Decorate With Rhinestones

If you're trying to get a kid to drink more water, this is how you do it. The Purple Ladybug DIY water bottle comes with a reusable, BPA-free canister and seven sheets of stickers and rhinestones. Once they've decorated their own bottle, they'll want to bring it everywhere with them.

This Smart Plug So They Can Control Electronics From Anywhere

Here's a stress-free addition to anyone's smart home collection: The Kasa mini replaces any one outlet, so they can set schedules for their lights, brew their coffee from bed, or turn something off once they've already left the house. It even works alongside Alexa or Google Assistant for voice-activated control.

A Best-Selling Sharpener For Tools And Knives

Because it's made from quality whetstone and has two separate grits, the Sharp Pebble sharpener is great for hand tools, knives, and even axes. The double-sided stone fits securely in a non-slip bamboo case, so it's easy and safe to use "for first timers."

This Magnetic Wristband So They Can't Lose Any Bits Or Screws

Crafters, builders, handypeople, and mechanics are all prime recipients when it comes to the RAK wristband. This comfortable, adjustable cuff has a built-in magnets that cling onto bits, screws, nails, and small tools, so they stay safe and within reach of any job.

This Bluetooth Headband For Nighttime Listening

Imagine lying in bed, listening to your favorite podcast, guided meditation, or playlist — but you're unbound by wires and actually comfortable enough to fall asleep. Cue these Lavince sleep headphones, which have Bluetooth capability, 10 hours of play-time, and clear, digital sound.

A Luxurious Hypoallergenic Comforter For An Incredible Price

Know someone who's looking to upgrade their sleeping space? The Chezmoi all-season comforter is filled with a hypoallergenic down-alternative and has quality box stitching to prevent shifting — all for under $40 in any size. "My husband wants to buy everyone this comforter as Christmas gifts," one reviewer wrote, and "he almost never comments on bedding."

A Practical Gift For The Person Who's Obsessed With Cheese

"Cuts clean through cheese where other knives break the cheese into messy chunks," one reviewer raved about the Prodyne cheese slicer. It also has a brushed stainless steel inlay, non-slip feet, a stylish beechwood frame, and a replaceable cutting wire. If you're wondering what to get for the cheese lover, reviewers say: "Just buy it."

One Of The Most Unique Presents They'll Ever Get

Bonsai trees offer an interesting, natural touch for any space, and thanks to this starter kit, they can grow four varieties of their own. It comes with seeds, soil, pots, shears, and plant markers, all in a wooden gift box. Last but not least, it's a most-gifted item because it's unique, interactive, and satisfying.

A Phone Tripod And Selfie Light All In One

According to reviewers, the UBeesize tripod is a "game changer" for anyone who takes selfies, records videos, or live streams from their phone. It functions as an adjustable mount for almost any phone model, but it also has a 10.2-inch dimmable ring light and a remote shutter button to take pictures from afar.

These Baking Mats That Bakers "Couldn't Live Without"

What's so special about these silicone baking mats? "Cookies and food products come out evenly, nice and light and golden brown. Nothing sticks. And I mean nothing! I couldn't live without them." They even have convenient guides for sizing and even placement.

These Superfood Drink Sticks That Fuel Your Brain

These Om Organic drink sticks mix into water, coffee, or tea, and they're designed to fuel your brain using superfoods. Thanks to ingredients like Lion's Mane, Reishi mushrooms, and Rhodiola, they're packed with naturally occurring caffeine and brain fuel for a "clear headed feeling" and a "long lasting energy flow" without jitters. (They also make blends for energy, digestion, and hair, skin, and nails.)

A DIY Kit So They Can Make Their Own Hot Sauce

"Unique gift idea for anyone!" one reviewer raved, while another said, "We had a 'hot sauce making party' [and] had a blast!" This DIY hot sauce kit comes with bottles, gloves, ingredients, pH trips, and — of course — various varieties of peppers for a spicy, delicious condiment with a homemade twist.

A Night Light That's Equal Parts Gorgeous And Practical

Thanks to its soft glow and 3-D printed patterning, the Mydethun moon lamp is the ultimate mood lighting fixture for any room. That said, it's also USB-rechargeable, touch-activated, and wireless, so they can get to and from the bathroom at night without turning on any overheads.

This Adjustable Bamboo Stand For Books, Tablets, And Recipes

If it's flat and in need of holding, the wishacc bamboo stand has you covered. This convenient tool has page clips and an angle-adjusting kickstand to prop up tablets, e-readers, sheet music, text books, novels, and cookbooks. Reviewers call it "the kitchen gadget I never knew I needed" and a "nice gift for anyone."

A Grill Brush That Gets That Barbecue "Looking Like New"

Unlike your average bristle brush, this one from GRILLART uses a triple-helix stainless steel head to remove residue without melting or shedding bristles. One reviewer wrote, "Sturdy, safe, and hardworking, it has done a terrific job of keeping the grill looking like new!" It works on gas, charcoal, smoker, porcelain, infrared grills — essentially anything except mesh grates.

This Lens Kit That Clips Onto Virtually Any Smartphone

Clip the Xenvo lens kit onto any phone to give its camera crystal-clear macro or wide-angle capabilities. The set even comes with a quick-release lanyard and a clip-on light with three brightnesses. It's a number-one best seller because buyers say it allows someone access to "professional grade photography" with minimal equipment.

An External Battery That Also Keeps Their Hands Warm

This two-in-one gadget keeps your hands warm and your phone charged. The OCOOPA power bank has a built-in 5,200mAh battery and an aluminum exterior that heats up to three different temperatures. Get it in blue, pink, black, or orange.

This Mini Fridge That They Can Take Anywhere With Them

With a 4-liter capacity, a warming and a cooling mode, and two adapters for use in both the home and car, they'll find ample reasons to love the AstroAI mini fridge. Reviewers use it for camping, keeping their lunch hot in the office, or easy access to fresh drinks and snacks on the go.

A Thoughtful Gift To Cultivate Mindfulness & Creativity

Gift this to someone who's trying to cultivate mindfulness, creativity, and the art of letting go. The Original Buddha Board lets you create drawings and doodles using just water, but as the moisture evaporates, you're again left with a blank slate. "No mark is permanent, just keep creating!" one reviewer said.

This Yeti Rambler That Keeps Coffee Hot For Hours

Yeti is famous for perfecting the art of temperature retention, and their Rambler mug is no different. It has the size, shape, and handle of a traditional mug, but the double-wall insulated stainless steel interior and spill-resistant lid keep your morning coffee hot until the last sip. Get it in just about any color.

Some Yoga Pants They'll Want To Wear Every Day

"If I could wear these things everyday, I would," one reviewer wrote — and according to the 4.6-star rating, thousands of other reviewers agree. IUGA high waist yoga pants offer super soft material, a four-way stretch, two big side-leg pockets, and dozens of color options.

  • Available sizes: XS - 3XL
This Wall-Mounted Beer Opener That Also Catches The Caps

Mount it to any wall, cabinet or bar, and the CAPLORD offers an easy, accessible way to open beer and soda bottles. It also comes with a strong neodymium magnet that catches discarded caps on the way down. "Wonderful gift for any beer drinker," one reviewer wrote."

A Lighted Vanity Mirror With 3 Different Magnifications

Sleek and functional, the AirExpect mirror makes a great addition to any vanity. It has an LED light border with three modes to brighten bedrooms, bathrooms, and hotels, so they can apply their makeup anywhere. It also has three different magnifications, a folding, rotating design, and a convenient tray base.

This Best-Selling Smart Cam For An Amazing Price

Give them the gift of security — or the ability to creep on their pets all day at work. The Wyze smart cam is affordable, wireless, Alexa-enabled, and delivers HD live video to your smart phone or tablet. It even has motion-sensing and night vision capabilities, plus two-way audio.

An Inflatable Lounger For The Camper, Traveler, Or Beach Bum

Simply unroll it, hold it open, and walk around. Suddenly, you've got a comfortable, durable place to lounge, wherever you happen to be. The WEKAPO inflatable lounger comes in tons of colors and is a genius thing to have for festivals, camping trips, layovers, beach visits, and picnics.

This Natural Tea Tree Balm That's "Great For Everything"

The naturalist can't afford to miss this one — and according to reviewers, neither can the person with eczema, ring worm, foot infections, or sensitive skin. Chamuel healing balm is made with real tea tree, so it's deeply hydrating, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. "Used it for so many different skin issues and it’s taken care of everything from [eczema] to chapped lips to heat rash."

An All-In-One Set For Gel Manicures At Home

For the price of a single mani-pedi, you can gift someone an entire kit so they can paint their own gel manicures at home. It comes with a UV/LED lamp, a base and top coat, and six gorgeous colors — plus essential tools like clippers, files, a dust brush, and toe separators.

The Best Gift To Keep Your Favorite Biker Safe

Whether they're used for aesthetics or safety purposes, these Activ Life bike wheel lights are a commonly gifted item on Amazon. They keep your bike visible in the dark, and they come in six different shades and one color-changing rainbow option. They even fit all bike sizes (from kids' to adults') and install without tools.

A Brilliantly Designed Umbrella In Tons Of Designs

Tons of Amazon users have bought these Sharpty inverted umbrellas for their friends and family members. The inverted design allows water to drain in order to prevent dripping in your car or on your person, while the dual layers are much more resistant against wind and weather. Finally, there's a convenient C-shaped handle that fits around your wrist so you can still use your hand, and the dozens of gorgeous patterns help uplift your mood on a rainy day.

These Indoor-Outdoor Slippers That Reviewers Are Obsessed With

These Staheekums have more than 150 perfect, five-star reviews on Amazon, and for good reason. They have a genuine leather exterior, a warm flannel interior, a memory foam insole, and an outsole made from durable rubber. They also come in several colors and designs.

  • Available sizes: 7 - 14
This Yoga Wheel — With 3 Other Free Yoga Props

The Pete's Choice yoga wheel is designed to deepen one's practice during back bends and balancing poses — but even non-yogis have benefited: "I don't do yoga [but] it's good for back pain and stretching." The wheel itself has a non-slip exterior and a sturdy interior, and it even comes with a free strap, two blocks, and a bonus eBook.

And The Coolest Light They'll Ever Own

No wonder this best-seller is on everyone's wish list. The BlissLights lamp uses laser projections to turn your bedroom into a starry oasis or your hang-out into a party-ready club. Simple button controls create an aurora effect that you can dim, add effects to, or rotate.

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