75 Genius, Cheap Things On Amazon That Are About To Fly Off The Shelves

No matter the occasion, there's always a handful of people who are notoriously hard to buy for. Whenever you're scanning down your gift list and come across such a person, it's always helpful to glance through various products for ideas. This used to mean heading to the mall or flipping through a catalog — but thanks to the magic that is the modern world, you can now shop without leaving your home or turning a page. Cue the never-ending supply of genius, cheap gifts on Amazon, because when you need inspiration, virtual window shopping is a life-saver.

Amazon is my go-to for everything from toiletries to housewares, but it's also my one-stop shop for birthday presents, housewarming gifts, and weddings. Needless to say, when the holiday season rolls around, there's a new box on my stoop every day. That's because this online retailer is loaded with clever gifts that people actually want — and shipping is usually fast and painless. I can also issue returns in a snap, but thanks to the visible ratings and thorough reviews, I know exactly what I'm getting ahead of time (so I very rarely need to).

If you're looking for gifts that fit any occasion and any recipient, these ones are flying off the shelves for good reasons: They're smart, affordable, and highly-rated.

Lifestyle — 75 Genius, Cheap Things On Amazon That Are About To Fly Off The Shelves

1. This Electricity-Free Defrosting Tray That's Been Called "Magical"

Reviewers are raving about these HelferX defrosting trays. One person wrote, "I don't know [how they work] but they are GREAT!" Instead of using water, electricity, or heat, these trays draw the cold out from frozen meat so it thaws in record time. It works on everything from chicken to steak — and since it's dishwasher-safe and comes with a free silicone scrubber, it's extremely easy to clean.

2. A Luxurious Boar-Bristle Brush With A Long Handle

Jump on the dry-brushing bandwagon or clean all those hard-to-reach spots. The Vive brush features a dual boar-bristle head and an extended wooden handle, which is coated with a protectant for use in the shower. Reviewers say it's "Great for a pampering home spa day."

3. This External Charger For The Person Whose Phone Is Always Dying

Thanks to its powerful 3350mAh battery, the Jackery Mini is an awesome gift for the person who's always in need of a power source. Despite its compact, lipstick-tube size, it adds a full charge to most smartphones — and buyers call it a "life saver" and a "must-have" for students, commuters, travelers, hikers, or anyone in between.

4. This Magnetic Car Mount That Works With Any Phone

Follow navigation and control your music from a safe, convenient angle. The TORRAS car mount uses powerful neodymium magnets that grip your phone in a split second. You can then effortlessly rotate the angle or orientation of your phone for optimal viewing while you drive. It's no wonder this one has nearly 2,000 reviews.

5. A Cell Phone Stand That Doubles As A Power-Free Speaker

This cell phone stand by ARCHEER has been called "fabulous," "sleek," and "very cool" — and that's because it's not just a phone stand. It also uses its bamboo-wood base to amplify the sound from your phone, so it serves as an impromptu speaker wherever you are.

6. This Wrist Rest For Improved Comfort While Working Or Gaming

The BRILA ergonomic wrist rest is covered with silky fabric and filled with slow-response, medical-grade memory foam gel. The result? A comfortable, supportive surface that hugs your wrist while you're gaming, working, or surfing the web. It's available in various colors, and you can even get a matching keyboard pad for comfort while typing.

7. These Toe Separators For Comfort, Relief, And Alignment

"I put them on as I'm relaxing in the house and reading, computing, or watching TV. My feet always feel so much better and stretched out afterwards," one reviewer raved about these toe separators — and there are thousands more where that came from. They're made from a flexible, easy-to-clean, medical-grade gel, and they're designed to realign crossed toes, stretch foot muscles, and provide relief from plantar fasciitis and bunions.

8. This Vibrating Brush That Aims To Encourage Hair Growth

Since it vibrates to boost circulation and produces an infrared light to stimulate the follicles, this special brush from Yeamon aims to slow down hair loss and promote new growth. It runs on batteries, so it's extra portable — and the comb is removable for easy cleaning and use as a massager.

9. Some Packing Cubes That Free Up Space In Your Suitcase

Made from durable nylon, these packing cubes compress your clothes into slim compartments that fit effortlessly in a suitcase. They're available in ten different colors and feature handles for portability. Plus, they allow you to grab a single item without upsetting all of your belongings. It's no wonder why reviewers write that they'll be "buying them as gifts" for all of their family members who frequently travel.

10. This Water Bottle That Rolls Up When It's Not In Use

The Valourgo Collapsible Water Bottle keeps you hydrated all day with its BPA-free, eco-friendly construction — but unlike other reusable water bottles, it stores away when you're done with it. The base is made from flexible silicone that rolls up when empty, so you can stash it in your bag, drawer, or suitcase. It comes in five colors and also has a leakproof, covered mouthpiece.

11. This Highly-Rated Gadget That Magnifies Your Screen

Whether you're watching movies, showing a video to a group, or giving a presentation, the Dizaul Screen Magnifier extends the picture. It works for most smartphones and even your Nintendo Switch — and the solid-wood construction lays flat when it's not in use. Believe it or not, reviewers have given it a 4.6-star rating and say that "it works great!"

12. A Stylish LED Humidifier For The Car Or Office

Since it's compact, USB-powered, and stylish, this mini humidifier by WeYingLe is a great way to add moisture to the air in your office or car. You can get it in your choice of four colors, all of which come with a built-in filter and color-changing night light. Plus, they automatically turn off when the water runs dry.

13. This Popcorn Set For The Movie Lover In Your Life

For the movie buff or the entertainer on your list, there's the Urban Accents Movie Night Popcorn Set. This set comes with three packs of non-GMO kernels and five premium seasonings: white cheddar, kettle-corn, chili lime, buttery caramel, and sriracha. One buyer wrote, "Gave this as a gift — it went over very well! A very unique present, and something that the recipient can use right away."

14. This Bracelet That Doubles As An Essential Oil Diffuser

Do you know someone who loves essential oils? This diffuser bracelet ensures that they can take their favorite scents with them anywhere. The adjustable band is made from synthetic leather, while the stainless steel pendant opens to house the included felt pads. Add a few drops of oil, and the scent will slowly disperse around you throughout the day.

15. Some Under-Eye Patches With A 4.4-Star Rating

"These eye patches are INCREDIBLY good," one buyer raved about Lauer Hydrogel Eye Patches. Each one is infused with ingredients like hyularonic acid and snail extract, both of which aim to plump up the area with moisture and brighten dark shadows. Buyers say they stay on and work in as little as 15 minutes.

16. A Super Bright Night Light That Won't Cover The Whole Outlet

Illuminate any area with this sleek, technologically-advanced take on a classic nightlight. The GE Ultrabrite LED Light Bar covers only one outlet and has three modes: on, off, or light-sensing. It's a great solution for bathrooms, closets, stairways, halls, or dark nooks — and buyers rate it 4.6 stars because it's "super bright" and "extremely convenient."

17. These Colorful Bath Bombs Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter, And More

These INTEYE bath bombs have earned a 4.4-star rating and over 1,000 reviews because they're carefully made, they smell great, and they don't leave a residue in the tub. Each one has a base that's made with ingredients such as grape seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. They then contain varying essential oils to create soothing scents like Summer Dream, Ocean Pearl, and Good Night.

18. The Gift Of Warmth In The Form Of Heat-Trapping Socks

For skiers, hikers, outdoor workers, or those who just love to stay toasty-warm, there are these DG Hill Thermal Insulated Socks. They trap heat in with thick thermal yarn that wicks away moisture — so the result is dry, warm feet all day. Get them in three sizes and five designs. "I work outside with the gas company in Chicago," one buyer wrote. "This is the first winter of my 10 years with the company that I'm not thinking [about my frozen toes]." Available sizes: S to L

19. A Hair Towel That Lessens Drying Time And Breakage

Unlike your typical cotton towel — which is rough on strands and only so absorbent — the DuraComfort towel is specifically designed to pamper and protect hair. It's made from a soft, lightweight, absorbent microfiber that cuts drying time in half. Reviewers also say it "reduces frizz," "causes minimal friction," and "stays wrapped" while you get ready.

20. This Felt Organizer That Immediately Transforms Any Purse

Put this felt organizer into any handbag, backpack, or tote, and you instantly gain over a dozen new pockets. As a result, you can organize all of your belongings so you can find your phone, glasses, keys, notebook, lip balm, and chargers at a glance. It even comes with a zippered pocket that's waterproof. Get it in beige or gray.

21. This Heated Eyelash Tool That Locks In The Curl

Lock in shape and visibility with this heated eyelash curler, which runs on batteries and is much more convenient than taking a blow dryer to your traditional curler. It has a comb-like design to separate and add volume to your lashes — and reviewers have written, "Time to ditch the old metal eyelash curler and upgrade to this awesome heated tool!"

22. An Affordable Styling Brush That Dries And Straightens At The Same Time

The ASOGO hair brush dries and styles in one easy step — all for $25. It directs hot hair through the handle and past the bristles, so you can add volume without a professional blow-out (and straighten without a flat iron). Despite the affordable price tag, buyers have given it a 4.6-star rating.

23. These Metallic Markers So You Can Label Everyone's Wine Glass

Write a message on the bottle that you're giving as a gift, decorate your glasses, or ensure that everyone knows which wine is theirs. The Original Wine Glass Markers come in a pack of five different metallic colors and have a lifetime replacement warranty. Happy reviewers have written they had no issue with smudging — but they're easy to clean off once finished.

24. This Brewer That Saves Tons Of Money On Iced Coffee Or Tea

This one's for the person who enjoys iced drinks all year around — and is tired of paying $5 a cup. This Mr. Coffee device can brew up to 3 quarts of tea or coffee in your choice of four strengths. You can also brew, store, and serve from the same BPA-free pitcher.

25. This Toilet Bowl Light That Brightens Up Your Bathroom Visit

It may seem like an unexpected present, but one reviewer raved, "We buy this for everyone now as a housewarming gift, or just a gift. It's fun for anyone from age 2 to 89." The toilet light hangs onto the side of the bowl and turns on when it senses motion. It then cycles through 16 bright colors, so you can pee in the dark without burning your eyes or missing completely.

26. An Under-Desk Foot Rest That's Filled With Foam

According to buyers, the Office Ottoman is the "perfect under desk foot rest" and "has really helped relieve pressure off the back of [their] legs." It's covered in anti-slip, rubber micro-beads and is filled with medical-grade foam — so it lifts, supports, boosts circulation, and even encourages better posture.

27. This Phone Case That Doubles As A Traditional Wallet

Most phone wallets stick onto your phone and feature a single stretchy pocket that holds a couple cards, max. This one from OT ONETOP, on the other hand, has a card slot, a cash pocket, and an ID window. It also encompasses your phone in sleek, protective faux leather and keeps your stuff out of sight with sturdy clasps. Get it in your choice of seven colors.

28. A Handheld Massager That Feels Like "Heaven"

"Amazing. Seriously, buy this. It is the best back massage I’ve ever had," one reviewer wrote. The Zongs Massage Ball has a simple design — a rolling resin ball in an easy-to-hold base — but it improves circulation, works out knots with minimal effort, and stimulates pressure points anywhere on the body. Best of all, buyers say it feels like "heaven."

29. This Chic Bamboo Mat For Non-Slip Safety And Comfort

Water-resistant, sleek, and non-slip, this bamboo mat by iDesign makes for a pretty (but practical) addition to the kitchen, mudroom, bathroom, or entryway. It comes in three sizes, and buyers rave, "This is one of those purchases that went way beyond my expectations. It is a wonderful mat that brings the room together and provides smooth comfort to my feet every time I step on it."

30. A USB-Rechargeable Blender That Doubles As A Travel Cup

Get your daily serving of fruits and veggies anywhere you happen to be. The waterproof LaHuko Personal Blender is compact, USB-rechargeable, and blends everything straight in the travel-friendly cup. Buyers say it's an incredible idea for commuters and travelers alike.

31. These Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds With 12,000 Reviews

Are you shopping for the music enthusiast, athlete, or audiobook lover? If so, then these Otium Bluetooth Headphones are a foolproof gift idea for three reasons: they're wireless, the "sound quality is great" — per customer reviews —  and they cost less than $20. Thousands and thousands of reviewers also can't stop raving about the waterproof design, the built-in mic, and the comfortable fit.

32. A Brilliant Caddy For Bedrooms With Limited Storage

Slip the caddy by Zafit underneath your mattress, and you've got six new pockets for your phone, tablet, glasses, remote, and reading material. It comes in four different colors, and you can even slip it under a pile of books for extra storage off your desk or shelf.

33. The Handheld Lint Shaver So Fabrics Look "Brand New" Again

There's a reason why this COOLKESI Fabric Lint Remover has a 4.6-star rating: "I literally have no words. I couldn't believe how fast this machine cleaned up the black fuzz I had stuck on the couch. It left it so smooth and looks brand new!" one buyer raved. The rechargeable design uses three covered blades to trim various fabrics, linens, and clothes.

34. A Travel Pillow That Holds Your Tablet In Place

The GoGo Travel Pillow has a brilliant three-in-one design that transforms from a standard pillow to a neck pillow to a tablet holder. It's covered in a plush polyester, and buyers describe the interior as "like having a giant bean bag" — so it's supportive and easy to prop up. Get it in gray or pink.

35. A Party Game Where You Make Hilarious Comics

Give your go-to activities a break during your next gathering and bring Joking Hazard out. The adult-friendly party game revolves around players making hilarious comic strips with the cards provided. It currently has over 1,300 five-star ratings — and one happy player wrote, "This game is one of the most unique and funniest games I've ever played."

36. A Popcorn Maker That Dispenses Your Snack Into A Bowl

Faster and more efficient than a microwave, the Presto PopLite doesn't use any oil to pop your popcorn. Instead, it uses hot air, which leaves fewer un-popped kernels and dispenses your snack straight into the bowl. Buyers call it a "great gift idea that will actually be used by recipient."

37. This U-Shaped Pillow That Cradles You In Bed

Grab this one for the uneasy sleeper or the September-through-April hibernator. This body pillow is stuffed full of body-conforming, hypoallergenic comfort — and it's U-shaped to support your head, shoulder, back, and arm. It even comes with a machine-washable cover. "I have never slept better in my adult life," wrote one buyer.

38. A Top-Rated Tea Set With 48 Bags Included

This variety tea box by Taylors of Harrogate comes with eight different flavors and 48 individually-wrapped tea bags. Over 1,000 reviewers are thrilled with the flavor and the presentation, but they also love the company: a family-owned business that gives back to the global tea community.

39. This Contoured Sleep Mask That Won't Put Pressure On Your Eyes

The average sleep mask puts unwanted pressure on your eyes — but judging by its near-perfect rating, this isn't your average sleep mask. Instead, it has a contoured, 3-D shape that blocks out light without discomfort. It's also filled with lightweight memory foam and has a fully-adjustable strap that won't tangle in your hair. It even comes with free ear plugs.

40. A Nourishing Serum To Help Your Lashes Grow

Filled with nourishing ingredients like ginseng, biotin, and Japonica extract, Pronexa Hairgenics' Lavish Lash aims to promote eyebrow or lash growth — and over 13,000 reviewers have given it a five-star rating. "I’m skeptical of all products and I have to say this is a life changer! I can’t believe how much my eyelashes have grown in just month," one buyer wrote.

41. These Hair- And Skin-Friendly Satin Pillowcases

Get these satin pillowcases in three sizes and over 20 colors. Their brushed microfiber-polyester material has a soft, silky feel — and they don't absorb natural oils, so your hair is easier to manage and your skin feels less irritated in the morning. Currently, this set of two has nearly 500 reviews and a 4.3-star rating.

42. These Clip-On Lenses For Pro-Quality Smartphone Pictures

Get the highest-quality pictures using the camera on your phone. The AINAIS camera kit comes with nine different lenses and attachments that clip straight onto your smartphone, so you can get close-ups, wide-angle photos, and clear zooms. It works various brands, and buyers say, "This is an amazing value."

43. These On-The-Go Matcha Latte Packets With Added Nutrients

These Jade Leaf Matcha Latte Infusions are so much more than a convenient matcha lattes on the go. Yes, each packet contains premium matcha tea for a subtle, even energy boost — but it also boasts various ingredients to support your mood, skin, immune system, or brain. Get them in your choice of four blends: Balance, Glow, Protect, and Think. As always, consult your doctor before adding these supplement-infused teas into your daily routine.

44. A Bluetooth Adapter For Your Car Stereo

This one's for the person who's still using a CD or cassette player in the car. The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver plugs into the aux-in port so you can wirelessly connect your phone to your car's stereo. That way, you can listen to music, make calls, or listen to the navigation while you drive. Get it in red, blue, or black.

45. This Moisturizing Cream With Bee Venom And Snail Extract

Your favorite beauty lover probably already has tons of palettes, brush sets, and lipstick colors — so get them something truly unique. BENTON's moisturizing Steam Cream is made using real bee venom and snail secretion, and according to buyers, the results are unlike anything else. One person wrote, "This is one of the best face creams I've ever used."

46. This Vertical Mouse For A Comfier Wrist Position

"I work on a computer all day, about 10-12 hours a day on average and have developed RSI pains," one buyer wrote — but with the Jelly Comb vertical mouse, "most of the pain has gone away." This wired, USB unit is loved by gamers and programmers alike due to its soft-click selection, adjustable sensitivity, on-mouse control buttons, and ergonomic design.

47. A Spiralizer For Zoodles, Hash Browns, Garnishes, And More

Fans of the Mealthy Spiralizer follow all kinds of lifestyles (vegetarian, dairy-free, keto, and more), but many of them have one thing in common: They're "blown away by this spiralizer!" It comes with five different stainless steel blades to create various shapes from carrots, zucchini, potatoes, and more — and the suction-cup design ensures safe and easy usage.

48. This Bottle That Keeps Water Cold For Up To 36 Hours

The switch to an eco-friendly water bottle can be convenient, affordable, and refreshing. The "Coldest" Water Bottle is aptly named, because its double-wall, vacuum-insulated stainless steel interior keeps liquid freezing cold for well over one day. It's also BPA-free, fits in most cup holders, and has a non-leak, screw-on cap with a handle.

49. These Charcoal-Infused, Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes

The handles are made from sustainable bamboo, while the bristles are infused with charcoal. Throw in the $7 price tag for a full pack, and it's no wonder reviewers have given these eco-friendly Isshah toothbrushes a 4.5-star rating. They come engraved with the brand's logo or totally blank.

50. This Wine Spout That Pours, Chills, And Aerates Simultaneously

The VINENCO three-in-one set makes an incredible gift for the wine-lover in your life. It fits any standard bottle so you can pour without drips — but the built-in aeration chamber also opens up the flavor so you can taste the nuances, while the chilling stick cools the bottle from the inside-out. Reviewers have written that it has "improved the taste" of various bottles, and that the "wine pours smoothly" without a mess. This one even comes with a foil cutter and a stopper.

51. A Flexible Phone Mount For Hands-Free Viewing Anywhere

Quit dropping your phone on your face while watching movies in bed. This mount works alongside almost any smartphone and has a rubber-padded clamp that attaches to headboards, desks, countertops, chair arms, and tables. You can then bend the gooseneck any which way to find the optimal angle for viewing.

52. These Stackable Jars For On-The-Go Snacking

This BlenderBottle GoStak makes on-the-go snacking so much easier. This set of four attachable jars keeps various foods and powders separate — but it fits in most cup holders and has a convenient handle for easy travel. One person wrote, "I love this product. It holds so much more than I was expecting and makes my life so much easier."

53. This Makeup Brush Cleaner That Also Dries The Bristles

This makeup brush cleaner ensures that the task of cleaning your brushes is as effortless as ever. The automatic, rechargeable gadget washes and dries your cosmetic tools at the press of a button. It even comes with 13 interchangeable collars to fit different appliers.

54. This French-Press Coffee Maker That's Doubles As A Mug

The Original Portable French Press looks and functions like a travel mug — but it has a built-in pressurized plunger and a full-immersion steeper to brew bold, smooth coffee on-the-go. Its leakproof lid is especially convenient for travel, and its insulated double-wall interior keeps your coffee hot for hours.

55. An Acupressure Mat Set For Someone With Back Pain

Buyers say this acupressure set helps with back pain, stress relief, and insomnia — but how? Its thousands of tiny spikes apparently stimulate pressure points, boost circulation, and encourage the flow of endorphins, all of which make reviewers say, "I love this thing." Get the mat in black or green, each with an included pillow.

56. This Chic Organizer That Fits Most Drawers

Your favorite organization fiend can transform any drawer with this organizer by AmazonBasics. It's made from sleek bamboo and has sliding sides to offer even more storage while spanning the entire width of your drawer (depending on its width, of course). Best of all, it's great for utensils, tools, makeup, office supplies, or the infamous "junk drawer."

57. This Trigger Point Tool That's Massage-Therapist Approved

This trigger point tool offers a convenient way to work out knots and stretch tight muscles without straining your fingers. Its unique shape creates a comfortable grip with effective leverage. Best of all, even the pros have sung their praises: "I am a massage therapist of 19 years and this has been amazing."

58. This Popular Essential Oil Diffuser That Emits Colorful Lights

This essential oil diffuser by URPOWER has nearly 9,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating due to its strong output, wood-grain design, and color-changing lights. It also has two different modes and an auto-off function, all for an affordable price. Get it in three colors and two shapes.

59. These Satisfying Foot-Peel Masks

Instead of rough pumice stones and abrasive exfoliants, the Liberex Foot Peeling Mask causes dead skin to peel off in literal sheets using ingredients like aloe and tea tree essential oil. Simply apply the booties and soak your feet for the advised amount of time. In just a few days, calluses and tough skin will melt away, exposing the smooth skin underneath.

60. A Travel Pillow That Doubles As An Acupressure Tool

Unlike your average travel pillow, this one from ZenGuru has hundreds of acupressure spikes to stimulate blood flow, alleviate tension, and even relieve headaches. It comes in three different colors — and one reviewer wrote, "I thought this was a risky product to buy, but now I can't live without it!"

61. A Motivational Planner With Stickers For Top-Notch Organization

"I've never been so organized," one reviewer wrote about this Simple Elephant Planner. Unlike a traditional notebooks, this one tracks responsibilities and commitments while also helping you cultivate gratitude, set personal goals, track moods, and boost productivity. Get it in four different colors — stickers included.

62. This Tripod That Transforms Into A Selfie Stick

When you're looking to record stable videos, this gadget from BlitzWolf functions as an adjustable tripod that works with most cameras and phones. Then, when it's time for a selfie, it transforms into an extendable pole — and the Bluetooth remote allows for a single-button capture from afar.

63. These Sandals That Stimulate Pressure Points In Your Feet

These acupressure sandals are made with spring nodes and reflexology stones (including authentic pieces of jade), both of which aim to massage pressure points in the feet. They're also adjustable, thanks to their Velcro-secured tops. Plus, these are available in three other forms and five different sizes. Available in sizes: 6 to 12

64. A Clear Organizer To Store Your Beauty Supplies In

Forget messy vanities and dirty makeup bags. This cosmetics organizer helps beauty lovers store their makeup in an attractive, neat, and accessible way. This two-piece case is made from clear acrylic and features 16 compartments and four drawers. Stack them on top of each other or spread them out on your desk.

65. These Headphones Made Specifically For Bedtime

This one's for the person who falls asleep to music, podcasts, or white noise. CozyPhones have a flat, comfortable design so you can sleep — but the built-in speakers direct noise straight to your ears. Since they're thin and breathable, they're also great for running.

66. A Bag Light That Keeps Your Phone Charged

Few gifts are as practical as this one. The Wasserstein Handbag Light has a touch sensor on it, so you can illuminate your purse to find your essentials — but it also doubles as a portable charger. The strong battery keeps your phone on and powered up. It even comes in black or white.

67. This 3-In-1 Roller Set For Someone With Foot Pain

This foot recovery set comes with a trigger point roller and two cold-therapy massage balls, all of which are made from high-density, muscle-stimulating materials to reduce foot pain. They even come with a bonus carrying bag. One buyer with plantar fasciitis wrote, "It is a quality product for a little price, and alternating use of all three pieces of the set does relieve the pain."

68. A Perming Set For Lashes That Stay Curled For A Month

The VASSOUL Lash Lift Kit currently has over 900 reviews and boasts a 4.6-star rating. That's because it gives you curled, voluminous-looking lashes that last up to a month in under one hour — and the kit can be used several times. "Not only do they look amazing, full and completely natural, they look great with - or without - mascara," one customer wrote.

69. This Tiny Hand Tool That Combats Headaches

Available in three colors, Aculief supposedly relieves headaches without medication or side-effects. Instead, it stimulates the L14 acupressure point between your thumb and pointer finger, which reduces tension in the body. "I had a hard time believing that something this simple could help my migraines," one reviewer wrote. "I was proven wrong. [...] I feel fantastic!"

70. This Cutting Board That Sits Over Your Sink For More Counter Space

Chop, strain, and store your ingredients directly over your sink. This cutting board by Island Bamboo is made from premium bamboo and has a detachable silicone strainer that collapses for easy storage. Those with limited prep room say, "It gives me some nice workable space in my tiny NYC kitchen."

71. A Bangle That Holds Your Hair Tie

Turn your hair tie into a stylish accessory that won't cut off your circulation. This jewelry bangle has a well-designed groove that keeps your scrunchy securely fastened around your wrist so it's there whenever you need it. You can get this practical piece in multiple finishes — and some even have cute inscriptions.

72. An Adjustable Stand For Cookbooks, Novels, And Devices

Prop up your tablet while you're watching a video, read a book hands-free, or keep a recipe accessible while you cook. This stand can hold a phone, a tablet, and more — but it also has spring-adjustable page holders for cookbooks, novels, and sheet music. It's made from quality bamboo and has five angle-adjustable options.

73. A Brilliant Key Tracker That Can Also Find Your Phone

I'm astounded by how often I use the Tile Mate to find not only my keys, but also my phone. This slim tracker clips onto a keychain or attaches to your wallet. When you can't find the item in question, you can ring it from the app — and the system works backwards so you can also locate your phone (even when it's on silent).

74. This 12-Piece Lip Balm Set Made With Essential Oils

If you know someone who applies lip balm in five-minute intervals, consider buying them this set from Beauty By Earth. It comes with 12 USDA-certified organic lip balms, all made with essential oils to create delicious-smelling flavors (like vanilla bean, green tea, acai berry, peppermint, and Asian pear).

75. This Memory Foam Cushion That Makes Any Seat Comfier

This seat cushion has a contoured shape, a high-density memory foam interior, and a cut-out for your coccyx. All of the aforementioned assets come together to create a versatile support pillow that cushions your body and promotes better posture, whether you use it in your car, office, or dining room. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily’s editorial and sales departments.