7 Women Talk About The Most Sneaky Sex They've Ever Had, & It's Hot

by Korey Lane

Tasting the forbidden fruit is a tale as old as time, and there's a reason it's so enticing. Whether you're lusting after someone you can't have or itching to get it on in the supply closet at work, the idea of getting what you know is off-limits can be a huge turn on. So, hearing these women talk about the sneakiest sex they’ve ever had might make you feel all tingly and give you some great ideas for sneaky sex of your own.

Here's the thing: Sex is exciting. And when you start having great sex with someone, this exciting person can feel almost addicting. It's like all you want to do is try out new positions and techniques as often as you possibly can. When you're so turned on and you can't stop thinking about getting it on, sometimes, it's easy to throw location and convenience out the window. Whether you and bae are at your parents' house for Thanksgiving, out in public, or anywhere in between, sneaky sex is tempting AF and hard to say no to.

However, it's important to remember that while having sex in public can be all kinds of hot and sexy, it can also get you in some serious trouble. It's actually considered a Class A or Class B Misdemeanor, which means that, if caught, you and your partner could face a fine up to $500, possible jail time for up to 12 months, probation, having to register as a sex offender, or community service. Yikes.

Nevertheless, today we're talking about sneaky sex, which is not necessarily public sex, amiright? Sex in a public park is, well, public. Sex in bae's childhood bedroom while their grandparents sleep down the hall? Sneaky sneaky! But once in a while, stealthy folks manage to pull a double whammy and have very sneaky sex in public. Here's how seven women on Reddit did the deed undercover. It's about to get real hot in here.

This Couple Pulled It Off (LOL) At A Movie Theatre (Sneaky!)
My bf and i were trying to see how many times we could have sex in a 24 hour period. We were about 15 hours in when he decided he wanted to go watch a movie in the new theater. Now given since this was a new theater there were lots of people there so i decided to wear a black skirt with no pantys. We sat in the back row and i pretented to be one of those clingy girls and sit on his lap all while riding him throughout the movie. No one noticed it was a great success.


This Was Brave
I gave my at the time boyfriend head in the woods at a christian summer camp.


Their Parents Never Caught On
When my boyfriend (now husband) and I were teenagers, we were watching some incredibly long WW2 documentary with my parents.
They were far more into it than we were.
I was sitting on his lap under a blanket. Had a skirt on for easy access so basically we ended up not necessarily f*cking since we really didn't move but hey it was hot.
My parents never did catch on though.


So Risky!
I'm not sure if this is really 'forbidden', but the first time I had sex with my ex boyfriend was in a tent with my entire family sleeping. We were literally 3 feet away from my dad.


Sometimes You Just Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do
My husband and I have a tendency to have sex in my parents’ bathrooms. This happened once on Christmas Eve when we were first married, and once at their new house while we were visiting in the summer. Always at night, and both because we didn’t want to get caught. Neither time was very comfortable.


Churches! And! Cemeteries!
My pastor's bed
The church- various rooms, such as the sanctuary, the choir room, sunday school rooms, kitchen counter, etc.
A cemetery
My first serious boyfriend was my pastor's son. We were 16 and had sex constantly. We found whatever quiet areas we could. Churches and cemeteries are dark and empty most of the time. And a big bed was a nice change. Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man" holds a special place in my heart.


You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up...
It's gotta be a tie, both involving a police car. Either on the hood of a cop car with my then on-duty police officer boyfriend or while cuffed and under arrest in the back of the cruiser (they cuffed me behind my back and I was wearing a skirt, it wasn't that difficult).
If I had to choose, I'd say while under arrest, simply because I know the guy driving the cruiser knew exactly what we were doing.


As long as both you and your partner are into it and you know the consequences of what can happen if you get caught, let these sneaky sex stories serve as inspiration for your own steamy romp. Go forth, take lots of caution, and prosper.