7 Winter Festivals Around The World That Are Perfect For A Bachelorette Party

Ladies, so much goes into planning a bachelorette party. And if your time gap happens to fall in the winter months, you might initially think you are out of luck when it comes to planning something fun. There are winter festivals around the world that would be beyond amazing experiences for the bride tribe to do for a bachelorette party.

Seriously, from music and things to do, the opportunities are already outlined for you. Most of the heavy lifting and planning will revolve around getting all of your ladies to any one of these locations. Also, you may even be able to check something off someone's bucket list. Awesome, right?

Festivals are naturally magical and celebratory. Everyone gathers and congregates for a shared interest and the vibe will be so inviting for you and your girls. Besides, you won't even have to worry about compiling your own playlist if you happen to attend a music festival. You may even be able to see some of your favorites if you're into that scene. Don't let the idea of having to host or plan a winter bachelorette party get you down, and welcome the wintry months because they harbor some of the most lit festivals you have ever seen.

SnowGlobe Music Festival In South Lake Tahoe, California
itssnowglobe on Twitter

SnowGlobe music festival is in South Lake Tahoe in California. Tahoe is known for the snowy weather, and the even better part? The festival falls on New Year's Eve, so you already know that people are going to be partying like there is no tomorrow. You and your bride tribe can even coordinate to be cute little snow bunnies. Just make sure you can dance in your outfits.

Contact Winter Music Festival In Vancouver, British Columbia
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The Contact Winter Music Festival is in Vancouver, British Columbia. Not only are these sets for the artists amazing, but this festival always seems to get those big names to attend. Party the nights away with people from all over the world as the need for live music unites you all.

Jam Cruise In Miami, Florida
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Five days of a music festival while simultaneously indulging in a cruise? That's what Jam Cruise is all about. Get all of the hype and excitement there is to be had on a cruise, but get submerged in endless music and activities at the same time. Did I mention you'd be sailing to Honduras as well? Travel, music, and partying, all at the will of the sea.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay In Edinburgh, Scotland
edhogmanay on Twitter

From street parties and candlelit concerts, to New Year's Eve in general, Edinburgh's Hogmanay in Scotland is where it's at. What a great reason to travel to Scotland and really get a taste of a different country. Music is seriously so uniting, it's ridiculous. You can also cross celebrating New Year's in a different country off your bucket list.

Rise Festival In Les Deux Alps, France
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Have you always dreamed to try skiing or snowboarding? Well, at the Rise Festival in France, people will probably think you're dancing to that electronic music, not stumbling on your skis. This is the perfect combination of hitting the slopes and getting on the dance floor. Also, coordinated winter outfits will be way too Instagram-worthy.

Carnevale Di Venezia In Venice, Italy
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It's likely that we have all heard amazing things about Carnevale in Venice, Italy. It's one of the first things you think about when someone mentions the country, isn't it? Think of it as sort of like an Italian Mardi Gras. You'll be able to experience a whole new culture, country, and even dress up if you all want to.

The Winter Wine Festival In New Castle, New Hampshire
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OK, and we are back in the United States. Wine is universal, and if you and your girls can make a bachelorette or girls' trip out of a wine festival, why not go for it? The Winter Wine Festival is in the amazing Wentworth by the Sea Hotel. It's super luxurious and is such a lovely location for all of the wine and food fun there is to be had at this event.

No matter where your bachelorette party leads you this winter, be sure the bride lives it up. You are, after all, getting her ready for one of the best days of her life.