7 Sweet Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Dog, Because They'll Love You Fur-ever

Oh, Valentine's Day. Where would we be without your chocolate mania, hearts, and red and pink everything? With our dogs, of course, and that's why they aren't exempt from any holiday, even the lovey dovey ones. You're not being extra if you buy Valentine's Day gifts for your dog, because they're your fur baby and any holiday you celebrate, they celebrate, too.

Besides, your pup always appreciates everything you give them, down to the small things, like your time and attention. They are the best receivers of gifts because that wagging tail and those wet kisses are always guaranteed. When they're happy, you're happy, and if you absolutely despise V-Day, spending it with your furry friend will actually make it tolerable.

The day is all about love, right? Well, since you love them so much, you're already skimming for cute gifts. Also, how much more adorable will you make your feed with a snapshot of them with their new toy or dressed up all dapper for the occasion? It doesn't get any more Instagram-worthy than that. Since it's unlikely that'll you'll be able to take your fur baby out to a fancy dinner for two, you can still bring them a little piece of the holiday with any one of these gifts.

A Heart-Shaped Squeaky Toy

Spunky Pup Squeaky Gems Heart, $7.99, Amazon

Since the whole holiday is about the heart, you might as well let them get a piece of the fun. Squeaky toys always drive pups absolutely wild. This will certainly keep them occupied, and it's quite adorable.

A "Kiss Me" Dog Sweater

Kiss Me Dog Sweater, $22.00, Etsy

As much as you're good at cuddling your pup and keeping them warm, this sweater will, too. I mean seriously though, isn't this hot pink number so freaking cute? Pictures are an absolute must before they try to take it off. Your Instagram just received its most liked post ever. You're welcome.

A Valentine's Treat Box
Healthy Hound Bakery

Valentine Treat Box, $22.95, Healthy Hound Bakery

Now, won't this be such a treat for your fur bae? Since you absolutely shouldn't give your dog any chocolate, give them a variation of sweet treats that they will definitely wag their tail about. They won't know which bone to eat first, but expect some excited barking and jumping around once they see this.

A Soft Blanket For Cuddling Purposes

Smart Pet Love Heart Pattern Dog Blanket, $19.99, Chewy

Your pup deserves to be soft and comfy at all times. Once they've bonded with that one item that does that very thing, there's no going back. With a new blanket like this gem, it might save some of your blankets that they get their fur all over. Your movie marathon dates with your doggo just got that much cozier.

A Pink And Red Water Bowl

Bella Bowl Expressions, $3.82, Walmart

Plan on making your pup something extra special on V-Day? Go full out and make sure they are eating it in a brand new, festive bowl with those notorious hearts on them. They may not get the hearts part, but that meal will surely be memorable.

A New Friend

Multipet Look Who's Talking Dog Plush Dog Toy, $5.99, Chewy

Does your pup need a new friend, but you can't exactly take on another real fur baby? This toy will bark like a real dog and make your pup feel less lonely when you're not home. Don't be surprised if they want to take their new friend everywhere with them.

An Everlasting Treat Ball

Everlasting Treat Ball, $19.43, Amazon

Remember those Everlasting Gobstoppers from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Well, it's pretty much that same concept, but safe enough for your dog to play with. No more chowing down treats in seconds and immediately asking for more. OK, maybe this is a bit of a gift for you as well.

All you'll have to do is fill it with your pooch's fave treats, and they'll have a total ball playing with it. See what I did there?

Any holiday spent with your pup is one worth celebrating. They may not totally get the concept, because you already love them every single day.