7 Unique Galentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your BFF To Show Her The Lovin'

In my opinion, a successful Galentine's Day is better than any Valentine's Day. You and your girls are empowering the hell out of each other. Ultimately, you just want to show some love on this day, and following through with those unique Galentine's Day gift ideas will have your BFF feeling oh-so-special.

When did Valentine's Day become such an amplified holiday? It beats me, but you might as well spend the day before with someone who wants to be all extra with you. You and your BFF don't mind enduring the basic-ness that comes with this holiday, because you two always know how to put a fun spin on it. Even if your BFF is in a relationship, your gift should tell her that she's one of a kind.

Seriously, her partner may even be asking you for any clues about what she would want by now. She tells you everything, so you definitely have the scoop and, of course, you're more than happy to help, but it won't even come close to topping your gift. That's just the way it is. So, if you're planning on getting your BFF a gift for your Galentine's Day plans, get her heart throbbing with any one of these gems.

Chocolate Pizza Company's Heart-Shaped Chocolate
Chocolate Pizza

Heart Chocolate Pizza, $22.95, Chocolate Pizza Company

Special delivery! If your BFF loves pizza, this chocolate pizza will seriously make their heart melt.

Choose between milk chocolate or dark chocolate, and swoon over that English toffee center. Select your sweet, private message, and you're all set. Feeling more in the spirit of pizza? Pair this baby with their Peanut Butter Wings, which are amazing potato chips, covered in peanut butter, and dipped in chocolate.

An Adorable Reusable Wine Bag With A Bottle Of Her Fave
Mixt Studio

Reusable Wine Bag — Swirl, $12, Mixt Studio

Totting around wine just became a fashion statement with this new accessory. Her rosé or cabernet just received a full makeover, and your main gal pal is going to love it. This print and style is any wine lover's new favorite accessory for that liquid goodness.

Edna Valley Pinot Noir Red Glitter Bottle

Edna Valley Pinot Noir Red Glitter Bottle, $69, ONEHOPE

Glitter and wine? Now, that is a good strategy. This limited edition bottle will immediately attract your BFF to it, and once she pops it open and smells those delicious black cherry, vanilla, and cola aromas, she is going to lose it. Remind her that sharing is caring.

Each purchase of this product is doing something so beautiful, too. Proceeds from every bottle sold goes towards educating families on the dangers of heart disease.

A Travel Perfume Kit

Best Travel Perfume Ever, $24, PINROSE

Your BFF can say goodbye to having to throw away precious fragrances when she's going through security checkpoints at the airport. This travel pack holds almost 10 different fragrances. She won't even have to worry about applying too much, because each towelette is measured with just enough to smell amazing.

A Rainbow Twirl And Whirl Rollerball Trio

Twirl & Whirl Rollerball Trio, $24, PINROSE

Ugh, can we all turn into magical unicorns already? Your bestie will be so entertained with the colors and the frills on the ends of this product, you'll have to remind her that she also gets three amazing fragrances as well.

She can conveniently carry around all three rollerballs and choose which one she wants to wear. Options are everything, and if she happened to be on the cheer team in high school, this baton will feel like home.

A Cute Greetabl

Greetabl Box Builder-Heart Mania Print, Price Will Vary, Greetabl

This entire sight is veered towards empowering and reinforcing the friendships women have for each other. Pick the box and the cute little gift that goes inside and send your BFF a sweet reminder of how much she means to you. It sounds simple, but will have a huge impact.

Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

Heart Shaped Bath Bombs, $3.99, Etsy

Bath bombs are life. They're so relaxing, come in different scents, and really help you unwind. A whole bag of these will definitely promise your girl some quiet time for herself. Nice warm baths can combat just about everything these days.

Galentine's Day is an awesome derivative that genuinely proves that girls just want to have fun together. Who knows where we'd be without our BFF by our side.