7 Unconventional Travel Goals You'll Only Want To Experience With Your Sis

by Ciara Johnson

If there's one person who will be there for you through thick and thin, it's your sister. Think about it; she's probably seen you at your worst. She's also celebrated with you at your best. You know she's there for you at the end of the day, even when you're not on the best terms. That's why sisters make the best travel buddies. It's only right to share extraordinary moments the person who has been there for you since day one. If you haven't made a sister bucket-list, get her on the phone now. I've rounded up unconventional travel goals you'll only want to experience with your sis, so it's time to clue her in on your plans.

Sisters keep it real with each other and that's crucial if you plan to be spending extended periods of time together. You've also got each other's back, so you don't have to worry about loyalty if something goes down. Mom and dad will be so happy to see that their daughters are out making memories across the world together. You'll always be able to look back and say, "remember that one time in...?" You'll have endless jokes that only you two know the meaning of. More importantly, you'll end up being closer than ever after it's all said and done.

A Music Festival With A Dope Line- Up

Music festival season is right around the corner. There's nothing better than bonding over dope music with someone you love. While it's common to attend festivals with friends, why not bring your sister along? From planning your outfits to stage-hopping, festivals are such a fun experience to share. You'll sing together at the top of your lungs, eat amazing festival food, and have each other's back if anything wild goes down, you know, like if you decide to be brave and join the mosh pit.

A Backpacking Trip Through Europe

Backpacking isn't always easy, but it might be the most fun you've ever had. Bring your sister along to create memories that will last a lifetime. Backpacking can be mentally and physically challenging, but pushing through the tough moments together will strengthen your relationship by the end of it. You're bound to discover new things about each other, and you'll look back laughing at the rough times.

Volunteer With An Organization You Love

A volunteer trip is an amazing way to make a difference while learning about the world. You and your sister can volunteer with an organization that you're both passionate about. You'll both leave with valuable lessons to carry back home. Mom will definitely be proud!

Stay In A Super Sweet Airbnb

The cool thing about Airbnb is that you can stay in incredibly unique places around the world. There's an endless list of castles, boathouses, tree-houses, watchtowers, igloos, tents, and even airstreams. You and your sister shared a room for half of your life, so why not share a cool Airbnb experience together? There's no shame in forcing her to get some Insta worthy photos of you, either.

Forget Camping, Go Glamping!

We've all heard of camping, but what about glamping? It's basically the fancy AF version of camping. This is perfect for your sister if she's on the high maintenance end (or if you are!). You'll get the traditional camping experience without all of the icky stuff.

Go On A Multi-Day Sailing Trip

The sun, sand, and sea are so much more fun when you have someone to share them with. Instead of heading to the beach, you should try a multi-day sailing trip. You'll be able to snorkel non-stop and eat freshly caught fish daily. With nothing but the sea in sight, you'll be able to create some pretty special moments with your sis.

Trace Your Family History

Have you listened to your family tell stories about life in another country? Do you know your family lineage? If so, why not take a DNA trip? You can visit Ireland if you've got Irish blood or Mexico if you've never met your Mexican relatives. Who knows? You might discover some new cousins. At the very least, you'll be able to build a connection in a place that holds meaning.

It can be easy to take your sister for granted when she's been around your whole life. Take advantage of the bond you have and create memories that will last forever.