7 Sweet Traditions To Start When You & Your S.O. Get A Pet Together

The only thing better than lounging on the couch with bae is having a little fur baby nestled on your lap with you. In general, sharing a pet with your S.O. comes with major responsibilities, but you two will genuinely grow so much closer. There are so many sweet traditions to start with your pet and significant other that can all revolve around your new life together. Center of attention much? In this case, that's totally fine.

The kind of pet you two decide to get will determine all of the things the three of you can do together. Your pet is going to be like your child. You're going to want to take it everywhere, but most notably, it's going to be you and bae's favorite third-wheeler.

You may not notice at first, but your pet is going to change you two in a few ways. You're going to become selfless and more dedicated as you two tend to your pet's needs. All of this seems like a pretty fair trade, though, since you're getting wet kisses and endless loyalty in return. But seriously, you and bae are going to serenade this pet with so much attention and love. They're going to add an unreal amount of fun to your relationship. And in the process, you guys can start these seven traditions together and really feel like pet parents.

Plan Monthly Trips To The Pet Store For Toys

The pet store is going to become your new favorite hang out. You're going to want to get your pet all kinds of things, so you might as well tag team the pet store. Getting a new pet is a learning process. Every day you are going to find out something different about them and what they like. Their personality is really going to determine their toy preferences.

Take Turns Throwing Your Pet A Birthday Party

OK, who says you can't be extra with your pet? Each year, you and bae can take turns planning your pet's birthday with different themes. The pictures are going to be so adorable and the festivities will get better each year. Don't hesitate on going all out for your fur baby.

Go On One Very Long Walk Every Week Together

Do you and bae already enjoy long hikes every week for some fresh air? Let your pet tag along and make it a family affair. Your pet is going to enjoy the time with the two of you. Since you guys still have to work and be adults, making room for quality time is a must.

Arrange Play Dates With Your Mutual Friend's Pets

Does your co-worker have a social pet at home? You and bae can go on play dates together. You can arrange a play date with someone new each week. You already know those playful pics of your pet are going to make your 'Gram followers swoon.

Make Sundays Your Lazy, But Cuddly Day

Keep those lazy Sundays alive, but incorporate your pet. Sundays are made for wearing pajamas all day and there's no sense of changing that now. You, bae, and your pet can cuddle on the couch and eat snacks. Pet appropriate snacks for the little one, of course.

Go On Road Trips To Places That Are Pet-Friendly

Traveling with your pet can be so much fun. Forget those painful goodbyes when you have to leave them at home. Pet-friendly hotels and restaurants are becoming more common. During summer, you, bae, and your pet should hit the open road and explore those fur baby hot spots as a family.

Organize Mini Photoshoots To Document Your Pet's Milestones

First trip to the groomer or birthday? You and bae can document your pet's life together. Whether you scrapbook or flood your social media handles with the pics, you'll love looking back on the timeline of your pet. They get bigger and grow up so fast and you're going to want to feel like you didn't miss a second of it.

Sharing a pet with your SO means you two are entering an exciting phase of your relationship. You're pet parents now, so enjoy all of those perks together.