7 Times You Regretted Not Listening To Your Mom’s Advice In Your 20s

How many times have you heard your mom say, "Mom knows best?" As repetitive as it might have sounded growing up, you learned rather quickly that she was right. It can be difficult, but eventually you have to own up to the times you didn't listen to your mom in your 20s.

Luckily, moms are endless wells of wisdom and they're not the "I told you so" type. In fact, during those moments when you realize your mom was right, you might regret them, but you crack a smile because your favorite chick really knows her stuff (and you know you won't make the same mistake again). How can you not respect that?

Your 20s is a learning experience, and the more people you have in your corner willing to help, the better. As much as you want to live your own journey and explore the road less traveled, you'll need helpful directions along the way. Taking advice from either of your parents doesn't make you any less grown up. You need their voice of reason so you don't feel like you're facing this decade alone. Before you can fully appreciate those revelations that your mom was right, you need to own up to those times you didn't listen.

When She Said Your BF Or GF Was Just A Phase

Oh, dating. You think you know everything because your dating life involves your feelings and emotions. And when mama bear predicts an end to something you're enjoying at the moment, you ignore her foresight. Honestly, looking back on this person, you don't even know what the heck you were thinking.

When She Told You That Your Current Situation Wasn't The End Of The World

Remember how much you stressed over something really petty, which, at the time, seemed like the end of the world? You probably lost sleep because you were so frustrated about it. Your mom told you it would blow over, but you didn't want to hear it. Now, that seemingly detrimental stuff is in the past and you came out of it just fine.

When She Told You To Swipe Your Credit Card Wisely

You just wanted to have your own financial independence, but you may have splurged a little too much. Money comes and goes, but those monthly credit card bills seem endless. It's not impossible to pay off, but you sort of wish you had listened to Mom in the first place.

When She Told You To Keep An Extra Pair Of Shoes In Your Car

What's wrong with the shoes on your feet? Nothing, but life has a way of throwing many curveballs at us. You could break a heel on your way into the office, or really need to relax your feet after a long day in new boots. A pair of comfy shoes to slip into really would have come in handy, and you still have nightmares about those blisters, TBH.

When She Told You Not To Fall Asleep With Your Makeup On

Your mom was your age once, but it's easy to forget that. So, when she starts giving you makeup pointers, you're a tad hesitant to believe her, even about the most obvious ones. Well, pink eye is no joke, and you quickly vowed to yourself you would never sleep with your makeup on again.

When She Told You How Long To Keep Leftovers In The Fridge

Hey, you're a post-grad student trying to make it in the new world. Who has time to regulate the leftovers? Well, when you got a little sick from that leftover Chinese food, you knew right then and there Mom was right about throwing things out. Good riddance, egg foo young.

When She Told You To Always Be Honest About How You Feel

Sure, you're open and honest with your mom because she'll know if you're lying. With other people, though, you may have hesitated being completely honest, because you didn't want to hurt their feelings. Think about how many arguments and relationship fall-outs could have been avoided if you voiced your feelings and point of view from the get-go.

You know by now that your mom is full of helpful advice to spare. The sooner you start listening to her, the better.