7 Things You Shouldn't Stop Doing For Yourself Once You Move In With Your SO

The lease is signed, the boxes are all packed, and you're ready to embrace this new chapter of your life with bae. You're about to take a huge step with your partner that will bring on even bigger changes in your relationship. You'll grow together, as long you're aware of some key things you shouldn't stop doing for yourself once you move in with your SO.

Living with your partner definitely has its perks, but it shouldn't keep you from enjoying other aspects in your life. As invested as you are in your relationship, make sure you're catering to your top priority — you. It might sound a bit selfish, but you'll be so glad you continued to give yourself that one-of-a-kind TLC.

Moving in with your SO can be just as intimidating as it is exciting, especially if you've never lived with a partner before. It takes a lot of balance and conscious decision-making, because you aren't living just for you now. In order to deliver the best roommate experience to your SO, you need to be perceptive of what keeps you going and on track. Don't worry if you've got a lot of jitters and burning questions like, "Am I ready for this?" Once you vow to keep doing these seven things for yourself, those jitterbugs will most likely scram.

Having "Me Time" To Keep Up With Your Passions

Moving in with your partner doesn't mean you have to be with them every second. It's so important for the both of you to keep up with your own hobbies and passions. Whether that may be your weekly kickboxing class or a book club with coworkers, making time for the things you love shouldn't fall by the wayside simply because you're living with bae.

Keeping A Solid Daily Routine That Works For You

You might have to make minor adjustments to your routine to accommodate your habits, like planning out pampering time in the bathroom. You also won't want to cut out watching the news with a cup of coffee in hand, or hitting up the gym and enjoying a protein shake afterwards. Once you've locked down a successful morning routine, you'll feel refreshed and charged to take on the day.

Wearing Your Comfy Clothes

I know this might sound a tad silly, but some people believe they have to switch up their entire wardrobe when they move in with their partner. You don't always have to be rocking cute (but uncomfortable AF) underwear or outfits. It's your home, and the more comfortable you feel there, the easier it is for you to fully enjoy your new pad with bae.

Designating A Self-Care Day

Do you look forward to pouring yourself a glass of wine and catching up on your book in the bath on Saturdays, or do you love treating yourself to a facial every now and then? Don't sleep on your self-care days. You aren't trying to exclude your partner with these plans by any means, but rather dedicating some of your time to rest and relaxation.

Meditating Before You Start Your Day

Meditating in the morning can make all the difference in the world to how you'll take on the day. It allows you to get in the zone and put things into perspective. Be vocal with your partner about it so that you can get all of the namaste you need. They'll understand why you need the quiet time.

Buying Your Favorite Late-Night Snacks

A place doesn't feel like home sweet home if you can't reach into the cabinet after midnight and grab your favorite cookies. Of course you can be open to sharing (if you want to), but having these treats around is a must. Bae should understand, since they've had to go out and get you these treats on more than one occasion.

Making Plans With Your Girls

When you move in with bae, you'll be mesmerized by the fact that you get to wake up next to your person every morning. It's natural to be homebodies and soak up each other's presence in your new pad — but you still need to make time for your girls. Pausing your social life until you're all settled into the new place is totally understandable, but girls' night out shouldn't be put on the back burner altogether.

Be mindful of everything you need to do to make this transition a total success. In other words, move in with bae without sending your priorities packing.