7 Unique Things To Do On Vacation When It Rains To Make The Most Of Your Money

by Ciara Johnson

When it comes to vacation, rain might be one of the worst things that could happen. We often spend weeks or months planning a vacation, so the thought of rain is absolutely devastating. After you invested so much time and money into the ideal trip, it's natural to hope that everything goes perfectly. Let's just say that the weather has the ability to make or break your trip. Unfortunately, you can't control the weather, but you can control your response to a rainy day. Here are some things to do on vacation when it rains, because you can still make the most of your trip.

In an ideal world, the sun would be shining every single day of your vacation. You would spend your days strolling in the park or lounging in the beach with a fruity beverage in hand. You can't always predict the weather, so what happens when it begins to rain? Do you cancel your trip or do you go forward with hopes to make the best of your vacation? Thankfully, there's no need to cancel. You may have to swap the swimsuit for a pair of jeans, but there are still plenty of things for you to do on a rainy day. Whether you choose to head to the museum or go bar hopping, these things will help you make the most of some sour weather.

Visit A Trendy Coffee Shop For An Insta-Worthy Treat
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There's something relaxing about spending a rainy day inside a cozy coffee shop. This is a great time for you to slow down, grab a cup of coffee, and really appreciate the moment. Many destinations have a distinct cafe culture, so spending time inside a local coffee shop can really help you see a place from a different perspective. This will give you the chance to discover a favorite new blend and catch up on some reading or journal writing, too.

Head To The Theater
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Especially if there's a new movie out you've been wanting to see, the theater is the perfect answer to a rainy day, whether you're at home or away. You might even discover some independent films that you wouldn't find in your hometown. Alternatively, you can visit a theater to watch a broadway show in destinations like New York and London.

Pamper Yourself With A Wine Bath Experience

If you're stuck indoors, why not find a way to treat yo' self? If you're in Thailand, you can get a traditional Thai Massage, and if you're in New York City, you can check out a wine bath experience that'll surely be one for the books. You can get a mani-pedi, get your eyebrows threaded, or get a body wax. You'll leave your vacation feeling more refreshed than ever.

Check Out The Food Truck Scene
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Eating is always a good idea, especially on a rainy day. Go on a hunt for an authentic restaurant that serves up the local cuisine or head to some local food trucks to try out a variety of foods. You can never go wrong when it comes to scoping out delicious foods you've always wanted to taste.

Visit A Unique Museum
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Fortunately, the rain can never ruin museum visits. This is the best time to begin crossing things off your museum bucket list. Try to get off the beaten path and check out some unusual or quirky museums.

Go Shopping
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When in doubt, shop it out. Consider visiting some discount stores, trendy boutiques, vintage shops, or markets that aren't available back home. This is the best time to pick up some meaningful memorabilia for yourself and special souvenirs for your loved ones.

Get In Touch With The Local Sounds At A Live Music Show
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You can always check out some live music indoors. Visit a nearby bar, or ask a local about some bands that might be playing. Music varies by region, so this is a great opportunity to get in touch with the local music vibes. You might discover a new favorite style of music or a new artist to add to the playlist you always have set on repeat.