7 Easy Things To Do On A First Date If You're Terrified Of Making Conversation

Hello, it's me: the woman who has literally sat silently in front of people she liked more times than she'd care to admit because she was so irrationally terrified of saying something stupid. I'm not proud, because I'm sure I might've missed out on some really cool experiences, but I can't change the past. What I can do is offer those of you out there who are terrified of making conversation (like me) some easy things to do on first date that'll ease your anxiety and help some sort of conversation flow organically, without you having to put in all the work.

Unfortunately, I can't put an ear piece in all of your ears and feed you some witty one-liners. (Though, that would be ideal, wouldn't it?) But trust me, these potential first date ideas are solid because they all involve some sort of stimulation, completely separate from just you and your date. In other words, these date ideas will literally give you and your date something to talk about. That way, even the most terrified of us still have a shot at finding love and the courage to open up to someone. (Spoiler alert: Even I have an amazing partner now, so there's hope for all of us.)

1. Go See A Movie

Yell at me all you want about how movie dates are super cliché, but you can't deny that they're are a great way to avoid having to fill in awkward silences with awkward conversation. Plus, as I'm sure everyone's told you before, the movie itself is an instant conversation starter to use when it's over. Pro-tip: Make sure the movie you see is action-packed or a total mindf*ck, so you can keep the conversation going on for longer.

2. Head To A Comedy Show

You know the best medicine for conquering your fears and your nerves about a first date? Laughter. Heading to a comedy show is similar to a movie in that you'll definitely have something to talk — and laugh — about after the fact. And you get to support live performers in the process! Comedy show dates for president.

3. Visit A Museum

What better way to frantically find things to talk about than to walk around a huge building housing a million cool things to talk about? Even to my scaredy-cat self, I would say there's no reason to be terrified to make conversation with a date like this. For example, if you're at an art gallery and you're looking at a group of paintings by a certain artist, ask your date what they think their favorite piece is and why. Then, share yours. Boom. You just had a normal conversation like a normal human.

4. Go Biking

Listen, admittedly, I am not a fan of physical activity of any kind, and I am also a human anomaly because I really did forget how to ride a bike — my muscles are like, "hard pass on this one." However, theoretically speaking, going biking on a first date might work for other people who are terrified of talking to their dates, mostly because you both might be too out of breath to actually have a conversation. (I guess whatever you see along your ride would make for easy conversation starters, too.)

5. Rage At A Concert

If there's anything that brings people together, it's a shared love of watching the same person scream into a microphone, but melodically. If you find out that you and your date have a similar taste in music, why not head to a nearby concert together? It'll probably be way too loud for you to talk a lot during the concert itself, and you should be spending that time laughing and singing along anyway! Then, after the concert, you can spend all night talking about your favorite songs you heard and sharing what other bands you like to listen to.

6. Have Fun At An Amusement Park

If an amusement park isn't an overload for the senses, I don't know what is. Seriously, there's so much stuff going on around you to talk about. The line's finally short on that one insane roller coaster? Tell your date how much you love roller coasters and ask if they'll ride it with you. Some person just puked on the Tilt-A-Whirl? Laugh about it with your date and swap embarrassing puking stories! I don't know. I'm just saying, there's plenty of opportunity to find an easy way into a conversation at an amusement park.

7. Take A Class Together

Personally, I feel like taking a class with your date is the most underrated date idea out there. Who doesn't love learning new things??? During the date, you'll be so preoccupied with completing whatever task you're doing or with listening to your instructor, that a super lengthy, deep conversation won't be necessary. You and your date don't even have to be good at whatever class you're taking. (In fact, it's probably more fun if you're both awful at it.) So sign up for the next pottery class nearest you, and you and your date will have a great time making glorified phalluses.

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