7 Things To Do In NYC In The Winter If You Don't Want To Go The Touristy Route

New York City is one of those dreamy places you see so much of in movies and shows, it's likely at the top of your bucket list (if you haven't been there already). With that hype though, it sort of turns those go-to relics of NYC into a circus of tourists trying to get their glimpse. Figuring out things to do in NYC in winter can be a hassle as it is, so finding the not-so-touristy stuff will give you a totally different outlook of the city.

Don't get me wrong, Times Square is something worth viewing at least once in your life, but it is just one of the many gems this city has. And while it's hard to stray away from all of the fan favorites, those places that are sort of brushed under the rug are certainly worth your time. Besides, you don't want to be bumping elbows with dozens of people just to get a good shot of the Brooklyn Bridge. It'll be too cold for all of that nonsense.

Taking the less traveled or known paths of NYC will be your own adventure. Shoot, you might even be able to drop some knowledge on someone who has been there and never took advantage of these places. So, if you're looking to go the opposite direction of the crowds of tourists, try making your rounds to any of these places.

Go To The Sex Museum
yungoilolay on Twitter

Delve into a museum that covers the assets that make up human sexuality. Ladies, if you happen to be going with a group of friends to NYC, you and your girls will have way too much fun here. Don't forget to grab some resourceful goodies on your way out. You know, for a keepsake.

Take The Aerial Tram To Roosevelt Island
nyclovesnyc on Twitter

Many visitors to the city sleep on Roosevelt Island. Luckily, that's good for you if you want to beat some of the crowds. Roosevelt Island is just about two miles long, so not incredibly big, but still enough for you to head on over and explore what it has to offer.

Snag Baked Sweets From Levain Bakery
odinsarrow on Twitter

Clearly, you're willing to muster the cold that's hitting your face as you're strolling through the streets of NYC. It's what comes with the season. Getting some warm chocolate chip cookies from Levain will immediately get your mind off of the cold temps outside. Fresh out the oven? You're in good hands.

Visit The Historic District Of Ditmas Park
le_ciudad on Twitter

Ditmas Park is coined as a Brooklyn landmark that was created in 1902. It's a very suburban-styled neighborhood, but I'd advise possibly going when there isn't a tremendous amount of snow falling down. You want to make sure you can actually see what you came to see, you know?

Stroll Through The Bushwick Galleries
urbanstreetzone on Twitter

The galleries and street art that the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn has are incredibly Instagram-worthy. You'll want to stop and look at absolutely everything that you can. Again, try to attend on a day that may be cold, but not snowing. Every bit of the art down there is worth seeing in its fullest.

Visit A Speakeasy In Manhattan
danielsprime on Twitter

Feel free to explore more than just one speakeasy-style bar in Manhattan. There are many. Think about it — a speakeasy is the perfect way to avoid the crowds, right? You can also guarantee that you'll be able to find an even better drink that'll keep you nice and warm.

Go Ice Skating At The Standard
nigelbarker on Twitter

Ice skating might sound touristy, but most people are likely to head to Rockefeller Center. The Standard opens its ice rink in December until March. They also have pretty awesome hours if you happen to be somewhat of a night owl. Head on over to the Meatpacking District and find out.

NYC is great to visit any time of the year because you can always find something to do. You may find more than you could have imagined, if you stray away from the crowds.