7 Things That Just Don't Bother You Anymore When You're Truly Happy With Your Life

Have you ever felt so stuck? Sometimes, work can be a total drag, and nothing exciting seems to be going on outside of work. Then, all of a sudden, things just fall into place. You're making plans you love, surrounded by great people, and are genuinely happy. Everyone goes through moments like these, where you flow in and out of contentment. When you're fulfilled in your life, for more than a moment, you're secure in yourself and there are things that don't bother you anymore when you're truly happy.

Now, being happy doesn't have to mean you're making bank and living the extravagant life on the reg. Happiness is different for every single person, and once you find that headspace, everything fades away. Maybe that means you got out of a bad friendship. Or maybe you stopped reaching for things you didn't have and focused on what you're already so blessed with. There are many ways to find contentment and once you do, the small stuff goes away.

See, when you're fulfilled with life, things that may have gotten on your nerves before don't mean anything to you now. You're full of life, ready to take on the next thing, and you cannot wait to just live each day to the fullest. Cheesy maybe a little bit — but you feel lighter and more open when you can be yourself and enjoy what matters.

Shady Comments

There's always that one person who has to put out a dig. Even if it's just a little, there's something negative they have to say. This is probably not a friend, because if they were, odds are you wouldn't feel as content as you do (Note to self: If you're seeking happiness, cutting out those so-called "friends" is a must).

A stranger's or acquaintance's little jibes don't phase you at all when you're in your happy zone. Comments that used to bug you or make you question yourself don't anymore. People can be mean if they want to, but screw them (and karma is a betch). You're happy as you are, thanks very much.

Pictures Of An Ex-Friend Or Ex-Partner

Seeing pictures of an ex-best friend or former lover on social media, living the life, can be tough stuff. However, it just doesn't bother you when you're happy where you're at in life. Honestly, you're happier now that you know what it's like to be free of toxic people. Maybe when you associated with them, they made you feel like you were the problem. Well, not anymore, and that's reason enough to feel lighter.

Not Having A Plan For The Far Future

Being secure in your work life can easily be a reason for fulfillment. Even if you are, sometimes you just keep reaching for that next thing or planning for the future. When you're content where you are, that sort of planning goes out the window. Of course, you want to form ideas for vacations, visits, and work moves, but it doesn't take over your life. You're free to just vibe and live life day to day.

Having Something Go Wrong

When you're unhappy, it's very easy to get annoyed. You may lash out at others or project your negative feelings onto those you care about. Also, you get so easily annoyed. The slightest thing can go wrong, and you're done. Just done.

However, when you are happy, it's harder to bother you. Yeah, we're all human, and we all have bad days or days where we just can't even. However, when you're livin' and lovin' life, it's just easy to blow the little things out of your mind.

Missing Out On Something Minor

In the same vein, when a plan comes around and you can't make it, it's not the end of the world anymore. If you were always an easy-going person, this may have always been the case, but now that you're happy, it really is the case.

FOMO sucks, it's true. However, you don't have to be at everything with everyone all of the time. Taking time for yourself really is the self-care you need, and you're a master of it now. Trying to be everywhere at once is not something you obsess over anymore.

Not Spending Every Minute With Someone

When you're in a toxic friendship, oftentimes you feel the need to hold onto that person in a way that ends up making you feel horrid. You might feel like that person isn't noticing your worth — even if it's subconscious-worrying on your part. You'll get anxious when they're not hanging out with you or you just always feel like you need to be on their radar to have a connection.

It's safe to say, this is toxic. And once you surround yourself with good people who don't make you feel that way, your happiness only grows, and you're no longer in a slump. Growing out of a friend can sometimes be the best thing for you, and when you're content, it's not ever an issue.

Sappy Love Stories That Are Way Better Than Your Own

Love lives can be the number one thing to make someone unhappy. Everything can be in place, but if you don't feel like you have that special someone, it can be the thing that sinks you. However, romantic love isn't everything, and when you're content, you kind of stop being on a mission to seek it out. And you're just so content that when you see a couple on the street or watch a movie like The Last Song or Love, Simon, you don't get sad for what you don't have. You just enjoy seeing love in other people and love what you do have. It's a great feeling.