7 Things Best Friends Do Every Day If Their Friendship Is Built To Last

A BFF bond essentially consists of four things: you, your girl, and the time and energy you dedicate to the friendship. Luckily, the habits of keeping your friendship alive come pretty naturally because you're dealing with a truly awesome human being. There's no limit to the things best friends do every day to ensure that their BFF status remains in tact.

Every BFF situation is different, but if you have one, you know that you're always willing to go the extra mile for your girl. Now, these things aren't necessarily over-the-top all of the time. There can be countless little things that you and your BFF do because effort of any kind isn't overlooked. You know what these things are because if they stopped, you'd notice immediately and enforce damage control or extra TLC.

Whether you're together or far apart, once you've got your grips on someone worthy of the BFF title, you aren't giving it up. Your friendship is a lot like a plant; you have to tend to it if you want it to flourish and grow. So, if you know without a doubt that your BFF friendship is real, you two probably do these things practically every single day.

You Genuinely Inquire About Each Other's Day

Checking on your BFF is second nature because you are always concerned about their well-being. It doesn't matter if today is the same as yesterday. You're on top of making sure they're OK and getting updates on what's new or changing with them. It comes with the territory.

You Send Or Tag Each Other In A Hysterical Video Or Meme

Even if you and your BFF aren't chatting on the phone or sending full-on texts, memes are your other language. It doesn't come off as rude if your BFF randomly sends you a funny meme without saying hi first. You two have mastered every form of communication, which includes those beloved memes.

You Subconsciously Compare Most Everyone To Your BFF

It's such an awkward habit, but you can't help but do it. Whether you encounter someone at work or at the coffee shop, you somehow manage to compare them to your best friend. This is especially true if you and your BFF are long distance. You're not looking to replace them or anything, but comparably they outrank everyone else.

You Wish She Was There When You're Bored Or Having A Good Time

When you're bored at work, you wish she was there to alleviate the blandness. When you're enjoying a good lunch, you still wish she was there. Your BFF has such a magical and important influence in your life, you really want her around all of the time. It's selfish, but she's that awesome.

You Send Each Other Awkward Snapchat Pics

If you and your BFF kept all of the hideous snaps you sent each other, it'd be pretty horrifying. She's the only person you don't mind sending ugly faces to because you know she's prepping to send one right back. Yeah, Snapchat lets you dabble in the glamorous filters, but you two enjoying exchanging the worst.

You Vent About Adulting

Most people would get tired of your sob stories and they'd stop listening altogether. To them, it would sound like a broken record, but your BFF will let ya have your mini pity party and then encourage you out of it. You both bounce your frustrations off each other and ultimately, it keeps you going.

You Tell The Truth About Everything

Honesty will always be the best policy in any kind of friendship. You and your BFF practice telling the truth and being honest every single day. No matter how not-so-nice it may be, you don't hold back on being real. This candor is undeniably one of the best things about your friendship.

Again, you and your BFF adhere to your own rules when it comes to keeping the friendship alive. They're so worth it and so are you.