Super Hot Swimsuit Pics To Send Your Partner This Summer

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There are so many reasons to be excited for summer, but if you're someone who loves being in front of the camera, or have a partner that lives for your snaps, then showing off your bod in a bathing suit is just one more to add to the top of the list. Because, guess what? Your partner adores your body, and would love to see you show it off. So, if you're ready to make your swimsuit photo debut (or it's an annual tradition), there are several swimsuit pics to send your partner this summer that will have them thinking about you all day (or all night).

The question is, what makes for the perfect swimsuit photo? Is it the bathing suit? The location? The pose? Sure, all those are factors, but honestly, the hottest thing you can do in a photo, bathing suit or otherwise, is to be confident and to let that shine through. After all, this photo isn't just for someone who loves you, but also for yourself. That's because, regardless of what you may have heard in the past, every body is beautiful, and a bathing suit body is just a body with a bathing suit on it. So, why not embrace your hotness with one of these photo ideas?

Coming out of the water.

This move is a classic, simply because it's hot AF. Simply dip under the water until you're fully submerged and then raise up out of it and start walking forward. The water slicks back your hair and glistens on your body. It's an action pose that will pretty much guarantee you some action, if you know what I’m saying.

Vintage pin-up-inspired.

Want to keep it classy and sexy? Then take some inspiration from the original thirst traps: pin-up girls. If you prefer your bathing suit to be a little more conservative, there are plenty of adorable options that still show off all your swerves and curves, and will make you feel like an old-school diva. Bonus points for recreating a few classic pin-up poses.

Peeking over your shoulder.

The classic over-the-shoulder pose works so well because it's both coy and powerful — plus, it enables you to show as much or as little as you want, depending on the angle of your body. The key to this pic is making eye contact with the camera as you look back over your shoulder.

Tastefully topless.

If showing off skin makes you feel empowered and confident, try a tastefully topless pic. Basically, copy the over-the-shoulder pose, but this time, do so sans bikini top. By opting for this over-your-shoulder move, you get the best of both worlds: It creates the impression of toplessness without any of the worry of ending up naked on the Internet — unless, of course, you want to. No judgment.

A well-timed wave.

If you're taking a picture at the beach, make sure to take advantage of your surroundings to up the production value of the shot. For instance, a well-timed wave can take your photo to the next level. Head down to the edge of the water and lay where the waves are coming in. Then, take the photos as the water comes up over your body. Instant glamour.

Lounging by the pool.

Not everyone has an ocean handy to pose in, but fortunately, poolside is just as hot. Find a place to lounge comfortably and take some snaps of you living your best summertime life. Or take a few steps into the shallow end and strike a powerful pose that says both cool and oh-so-hot.

One where you embrace your bathing suit body, as it is, right now.

Honestly, the hottest, most thirst trappy pose is the one that just exudes confidence; one that shows off the oh-so-sexy curves of self acceptance. So, embrace your beautiful and perfect-just-as-it-is-body, and that will come through in picture (and will be appreciated) regardless of the pose or the setting.

Is it just me, or did summer just get even hotter?

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