7 Sweet Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend Who Loves Starbucks

Everyone has that one friend who doesn't know life without the influence of Starbucks. This friend is at Starbucks religiously, and not just for the cute holiday drinks. They're diehards year-round. Because of this obsession, many gifts for someone who loves Starbucks are right at your fingertips.

Thankfully, Starbucks brings out the cutest stuff around Christmas time. You've probably already heard your best friend rant and rave about the release of the Starbucks holiday cup this year. From the cups to the colorful mugs, a Starbucks care package will be more than enough for your coffee-loving friend to sip on all year long.

You have to find something to complement those coffee dates you two have together. It'll be a little reminder that you support them in all of their ventures — even the ones that worship a green siren, caramel drizzle, and espresso. As much as some coffee drinks get the rep of being basic, anything you gift to your best friend will never fail to be special. Just as a head up though, the Starbucks online store is no longer available, so you may have to resort to heading into your local shop. Whether your friend likes macchiatos or frappuccinos, any of these Starbucks-related gifts will be the cherry on top of that whipped cream finish that they live for.

A Unicorn Frapp Candle

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Love Hearts Scented Candle, $13, Etsy

We all know how crazy everyone went when the unicorn frappuccino surfaced. Give your friend a little piece of that excitement with this adorable candle. Candles are super relaxing, and this gem is themed around their love for Starbucks, so that baby is going to burn in their heart long after the wax has faded.

A Purse Made With Recycled Starbucks Coffee Bags

Handmade Purse Made With Recycled Starbucks Coffee Bags, $25, Etsy

What an amazing use of those coffee bags that people normally throw out. This is great if your friend happens to also frequent the gym, too. Chances are, if they hit the treadmills in the morning, they've already got their cup of coffee in hand. Complete their Starbucks couture with this swag addition.

A Starbucks Wallet

Starbucks Wallet, $12, Etsy

Even if your friend is so routine to Starbucks ordering that they predominantly use the app, just because you bought them this, they will probably start paying in cash. How many people can say that they have a Starbucks wallet? Not many, and you'll show your Starbucks lover that even if their coffee shop is adored by many, they're special to you.

Starbucks Coffee Cup Earrings

Starbucks Coffee Cup Earrings Handmade Plastic Charms, $6, eBay

These look so vintage and unique, your friend will basically want to wear them with everything. Whether it's for their daily visit or a casual day in the office, these earrings will complete their outfit. Forget diamond earrings, we're trading carats for cups.

A Personalized Starbucks Tumbler
Ana de Roux Invitations/Amazon

Personalized Starbucks Tumbler, $15, Amazon

Eliminate that anxious gap of time when you have to see if the barista completely messed up your name on your cup. This tumbler is also handy at work when people's mugs look almost identical. A personalized tumbler will have your friend feeling distinctive every time they take a sweet sip.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Bath Bombs

Starbucks Inspired Basic Girl Pumpkin Spice Latte Bath Bomb, $5, Amazon

Bubble baths and coffee? Your best friend has definitely been there and done that if they get Starbucks as much as you know they do. With this gift, you'll be adding an extra piece of their home away from home to their bubble bath. Yes, Pumpkin Spice Lattes get the reputation of being basic, but their bath is about to be brilliantly bubbly.

A Starbucks Hoodie For The Fur Baby

Starbucks Logo Dog Hoodie, $22, Etsy

This is so cute. If your best friend has a fur baby, they can now share their Starbucks obsession with their pup, aside from the occasional cup of whipped cream. This is perfect for those fall dates with their puppy. So, while they're sipping a heavenly beverage, their dog can be warm and representin' in style.

We love our best friend down to every quirky little detail. Get started on the ultimate Starbucks lover gift basket, ASAP.