The Shy Girl Who Loves The Outdoors Will Be In Her Element On These Summer Dates

For anyone who loves the outdoors, summer is when you truly thrive. If you're looking forward to going on unique dates with bae this season, those temps might feel even warmer for you two. You may not face dates as boldly as you would a hiking trail, but you're in luck. I've compiled summer date ideas for the shy girl who loves being outside. You'll feel so in your element. Love is in the air, after all.

If you're on the quieter side, surround yourself with things (other than your date) that make you feel really comfortable. The outdoors may be one word, but it is an umbrella term for so many different activities and opportunities. Want to listen to the waves crashing on the shore, or the sound of a waterfall at the top of a long hike? These can all be worked into your summer plans with bae.

Nature will put you at ease once you choose one of your favorite settings for a date spot, and your true colors will be shining so radiantly. Mother Nature is not only providing a pretty spectacular backdrop for your date, but she's also helping you come out of your shell. With any of these date ideas, you'll learn more than a few things about yourself and what kind of dates work for you.

Link Up At You Closest National Park
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Taking a stroll through a national park with your date will be a soothing and laid-back experience. It might be quiet around you, but it won't make you nervous because you love this kind of silence. You and your date can chat about the other parks you've been to and you can educate them on things you know about this one.

Be Adventurous And Explore A New Hiking Trail
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Have you been wanting to check out a new hiking trail you've researched and scoped out on the 'Gram? Take your date with you. If it's a trail the both of you have never been on before, you will have plenty to talk about and many beautiful spots to explore. You'll be having such a great time, there won't be any room for nerves. Pack your bag with some snacks and water bottles, and you're good to go.

Hit The Sand And Enjoy A Picnic On The Beach
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The beach is where it's at. Watching the waves crash on the shore and taking a stroll hand-in-hand along the shoreline really sets the scene for an ultimate date. A picnic on the beach is beyond romantic, and the sound of the ocean will be sweet music to your ears. Bring some games with you, and don't forget your favorite bottle of wine (if you're 21 and up).

Scope Out A Live Music Event
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When music and the outdoors come together, it's a match made in heaven. Throughout the summer, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy live music long after the sun sets. You and your date can dance under the stars and get to know each other, all while being serenaded by your favorite hits.

Get Nostalgic And Head To Your Favorite Playground
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A meet-up at the playground will make you super nostalgic. If you knew your bae since you were kids, this date idea is even sweeter.

The swings will instantly have you swaying in and out of casual conversation with your date. It will all seem so natural, carefree, and fun. Hit up a local ice cream spot for some scoops afterwards.

Book A Walking Tour In Your Town

Walking tours are so much fun, and there are many different types to choose from. You can opt for a historical walking tour if you're a couple of history buffs, or choose one with a foodie theme. You and your date can explore small parts of your town you didn't even know existed. The excitement of exploring hidden gems out in the sunshine will help guide your date in the right direction.

Plan A Lunch At Your Local Farmer's Market
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Farmer's markets are so much more enjoyable during the summer. You can eat fresh dishes with your date and take a few yummy items home. Lunch is also super casual, so you'll have that on your side (in addition to the beautiful products of the great outdoors on your plate).

If you're a shy girl who really loves the outdoors, Mother Nature is here to make your date so special. Take a chance on any of these date ideas, flower child, and you'll be blooming.