7 Things That Happen When You Have The Last Day Of Vacation Scaries

We all wish vacation could last forever. There's nothing like going away for a trip and feeling so refreshed. You're high on life and loving every single minute of it. You're with your favorite girls, sipping rosé at sunset, and there's no stopping you. Then, it hits you: It's the last day of your vacation and the party won't last forever. All of a sudden, you're dreading the end to a glorious trip, and the start of a new work week. I've definitely been there, done that — and it isn't fun. I think most of us can relate to these struggles when it's the last day of vacation and you've got the scaries.

The post-vacation feels can hit you like a ton of bricks. One second, you're literally having the time of your life, and the next second, you're back to reality and the past week fades into the memory books. Sometimes it feels like the trip never happened, so it's easy to understand struggling with the last day of vacation. You've just gotta make the most of your trip and begin counting down the days until your next getaway. It's never easy to return to "the real world" after getting away from it all, so keep reading if you relate to that feeling you get when the end of an epic trip is near.

You Wonder When Your Next Trip Will Be
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Planning your next trip is a great way to cure those scaries. At the end of your trip, you start worrying about going back to work, and wondering when that next trip will be. Before you've boarded your return flight, you've already began searching for the next flight deal. At least you'll have something fun to look forward to soon.

You Begin Prepping For Those Post-Vacation Vibes
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Your trip isn't over just yet, but those post-vacation vibes are already setting in. You're not liking the thought of leaving paradise and returning back to your busy routine. You're gearing up your #tbt post for next week, and doing everything you can to fight off the scaries.

You Try To Make Every Moment Last Forever
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All of a sudden, you're on a time crunch and you've gotta fit so many things in before you board your flight. You begin to wonder how many slices from the pizza restaurant you fell in love with you can eat before your plane takes off, and if you have enough time for one last lounge on the beach. You try your best to squeeze the most out of these last moments of your precious trip. YOLO, am I right?

You're On The Verge Of Tears, TBH
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You've just had the time of your life, so why does it have to end? You're on the verge of tears (both sad and happy) as you scroll through the hundreds of videos and photos you've captured within a matter of days. You begin questioning whether you really need to return, or if you could ditch your job to travel the world forever.

You Wonder If Taking One More Day Off Would Hurt
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You slyly wonder if you should call in sick, because what harm would one more day do? You being searching for flights online and asking your friends if you should stay just a wee bit longer. You're on a vacation high, and you never want to come back down.

You Avoid Your Email Inbox At All Costs
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You know a storm is waiting in your email, so you avoid it altogether. You can only imagine how many demands and requests will begin flying your way as soon as you click that inbox button. You already know this isn't gonna be so pretty, so you set your sights on the surf and sand instead.

Reality Sinks In
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After having the time of your life, it finally sinks in that the fun won't last forever. You've got responsibilities waiting for you back home, and you realize all good things must come to an end. That's what makes vacations so special, after all. You spend a significant amount of time asking yourself "why" before accepting fate. You've gotta pay the bills and fund that next trip somehow, right? So you toast with your girlfriends to an unforgettable getaway, and many more to come.