7 Spookiest Places To Visit In October For The Most Thrilling Road Trip Of A Lifetime

Any Halloween enthusiast will tell you that you didn't really do October right if you didn't experience at least one spook or two. When you're a thrill-seeker, you know that October truly marks one of the creepiest months there is. You live for the ghost stories and the spooky places to visit in October, because is there even a better example of a Halloween-themed road trip?

The haunt is about to get so real, and nothing beats traveling to see the origin of a town's cryptic ghost story. Some of these places are filled with stories of crime or unsettled business from the souls that never truly left. All over the nation, these establishments sit and wait for people like you to flip through the pages of their stories.

Road trips are already exciting as heck, so just imagine your destinations being paired with a ghost tour or creepy overnight stay. There's no telling what you'll hear, see, or feel in a place that's notorious for paranormal activity. Who knows, you could end up bringing home a ghost story of your own. Keep your eyes peeled, because there's no telling whether or not a translucent friend will call shotgun in the front seat after you visit these seven places.

The Reno Zombie Crawl

OK, before you get super spooked, a Halloween bar crawl should be one of your road trip destinations. If you're 21 or over, let a well-crafted drink be the only thing that creeps up on you at the Reno Zombie Bar Crawl. Explore over 50 different bars and run into people wearing their creepiest. (Pace yourself, because the scarier stuff is yet to come.)

Come Face-To-Face With Michael Myers At Skeleton's Lair

You don't need Jamie Lee Curtis to tell you that Michael Myers is absolutely terrifying. Ever wonder how you'd react if you were up close and personal with him? Well, now you can actually meet him on Oct. 19 and 20 at Bowling Green, Kentucky's Skeleton's Lair Scream Park.

Halloween will be celebrating its 40th anniversary, so here's your chance to come face-to-face with the actor playing Myers in the remake. Make sure you look up tickets and other pricing beforehand.

Get The Full Ghost And Goblins Experience At Lincoln Caverns
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Slowly but surely, you're getting to the places that will literally give you chills or make you jump. In Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, Lincoln Caverns has been bringing the scare for decades. From their haunted hayrides, caves, and a seemingly never-ending scary forest, you and your crew will get unmatched thrills here.

Revisit The Stories Of The Gettysburg Battlefield
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There are so many stories that come from the Civil War, and a few are creepier than the others. Sign up for the Gettysburg ghost walk tour and hear about things that likely weren't in your U.S. History books back in high school. The first stop on the tour is a haunted orphanage, and the landmarks only get more intense.

Get A Glimpse Of 'The Shining' At The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel is most notably known for being the eerie setting in Stephen King's book, The Shining. In fact, they even host an event that revolves around Stanly Kubrick's movie. Go on the night spirit tour and learn about all of the paranormal activity that happens at the hotel, which is over 100 years old.

Visit The Museum Of Death
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Did you think the star-studded Hollywood, California wouldn't have a place to add to your creepy crawl? The Museum of Death has an extensive collection of crime scene photos, belongings from the Manson family, and much more (that are not for the faint of heart). The whole experience will bring you face-to-face with the idea of mortality.

Laugh Or Cry At The Clown Motel

I had to save the creepiest for last. (I'm sorry in advance for the night terrors.) If you are seriously afraid of clowns like me, this motel is going to be your worst nightmare, IRL. According to their website, this motel in Tonopah, Nevada is home to a collection of more than 600 clowns.

The clown theme isn't the only freaky thing about this place, though. It's close to the Old Tonopah Cemetery, which you can take a walking tour of. Stay a night if you dare, but don't say I didn't warn you.

October is all about the thrill. It's the one month out of the year when you're hesitant to blame those unexplained chills on the air conditioning.