7 Telltale Signs Your Best Friend Sees You As "Their Person"

Ladies have this tremendous ability to build bonds with other women who aren't part of their bloodline, but still consider them family. If you're privy to Grey's Anatomy, you already know the depth and importance of having "your person." You'll realize there are some telltale signs your best friend thinks you're their best friend, just like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang. Your relationship will seemingly blossom into the next stage of forever.

It is seriously that impacting to know someone in this huge world relies on you for emotional, physical, and mental support, all while keeping them true to who they really are. And to think, all you really had to do was be yourself to attract this amazing human being into your life. Pat yourself on the back, because with a gem in the form of a forever friend in your life, you are wealthier than you thought. This isn't discrediting the qualities of simply having a best friend, but being "their person" is a totally different ball game.

You may not have signed up for it, but once it's established, you wouldn't trade the privilege for the world. It's not like Costco sells "your person" certifications or something. Those golden qualities are all you. If your best friend has appointed you as her person, you've probably experienced these things.

She Tells You Everything, Big Or Small

Whether it's that huge promotion she was waiting on, or that the barista spelled her name wrong again on her cup, you know all about it. It's like you're her journal in human form. You hear just about everything that goes through her thought process because to her, you are so much a part of who she is.

She Lets You Borrow Anything

Even if you don't ask for it, if she sees that you need something that she has, prepare for her to give it to you. Anything she has is up for grabs, because you're practically the same people. Seriously though, if you spilled something on your shirt, she'd be the first one to offer you hers so you won't have to wear the stain.

She Feels Like She's Known You Forever
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Not everyone still has their best friend from second grade. Many of us meet our best friends later in life. When your relationship has arrived in the "your person" phase, it genuinely feels like you've known them forever. This is because they relate to you on a different level, listen to everything that comes out of your mouth, and accept all of your quirks.

She Genuinely Cares About How Your Day Is Going

You know how most people feel obligated to ask you how your day is, because they think it's proper etiquette? Well, when you're someone's person, they actually care about how your day is going. And if your day is super off track, they're brainstorming ways to make it better and more tolerable.

She Doesn't Go Long Without Talking To You
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People need coffee to keep them going, among other things. Because you're her person, you've become a key part to her routine. The day seems off if you two don't check in, even if you're just communicating with memes or funny videos. Communication is key when it comes to unlocking the magical forces of a "your person" friendship.

You're The First To Know When She's Upset
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Unknowingly or not, you're her safe space, so the moment rage or any other uproar of emotions strikes, you are the first to know. No matter how out of character she may seem or get explaining her dilemma, she comes to you, because she knows you can see past her current state and get her back to where she needs to be. Emotions are unpredictable, and she counts on you to face them with her.

She Says "We" In All Her Future Plans
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Her future suddenly has the both of you in it. It could be traveling or moving — either way, she plans on bringing you along for the ride. Life definitely has circumstances where people have to drift and be apart, but she is completely disregarding those odds and drawing you in most, if not all, of her vivid illustrations of what's to come.

Even if you don't catch on to these signs quickly, it's an honor to be someone's person. You're a major factor in how someone faces the world, so own it.