7 Scary Clowns In Movies That Will Haunt Our Nightmares, No Matter How Old We Are


Clowns have a special place in our fears, nightmares, and extreme phobias. If you never had a clown at your birthday party and flinch at the thought of a red nose, chances are, you fell victim to one of those movies where a clown tormented the characters and our livelihood. Scary clowns in movies were a surefire way to scare the living crap out of children who unassumingly thought clowns were only here to make you laugh and create balloon animals.

Way to go, movies, for taking that little ray of sunshine from us and planting an undying fear of clowns. I mean, think about it -- they usually have crazy hair, freaky weird voices that sound like they swallowed a balloon, and massive shoes. Who the heck thought this get up was inviting for kids, anyway? Regardless, the clown identity literally baited creative minds like Stephen King, and it was all downhill for us viewers from that point on.

With the advancement of graphics, the characteristics of these face-painted nightmares just get creepier and creepier. And we have no choice but to sit idly by and stare at their goofy smiles and hope not to freak out. So, if your nightmares throughout your childhood and in the present time still revolve around the freakish nature of clowns, chances are, it was one of these cinematic creeps that did the trick.

Pennywise From 'It'

If there's anything I would remove from the 90s, it would be this guy all together. Geese, that pale face and red hair still makes an entrance into my nightmares. No matter how much clowns each have their own quirky way of tormenting those who are fearful, this face and what he did to poor Georgie is engraved in us forever.

The Newer Pennywise

Don't call it a comeback; this clown has been making us scream for years. Remember the mention about advanced graphics and makeup, the newer, revamped version of Pennywise is a perfect example of how horror can get a four-star makeover. It helps to know that this clown is only an actor, but still, his role brings back too many unaddressed fears and phobias over 25 years after the original.

This Clown Under The Bed In 'Poltergeist'

What do you get when you add a possessed clown under the bed and childhood? Probably endless amounts of the spooks and a fear of letting any one of your limbs hang over the edge of your mattress. It's already bad enough that our dreams were an untapped resource for these clowns, but then you physically place them under a bed? Thanks, movie makers.

The Creepy AF Demon Clown In 'Killjoy'

Wrinkles aren't usually intimidating, but those creases in this clown's forehead are absolutely terrifying. They perfectly outline the creepy features of his face. Oh, let's not forget the black magic involved in the film... if you weren't scared already.

The Violator From 'Spawn'

Not only is the Violator's more human-like form absolutely terrifying, but he can actually morph into something a lot more frightening. He basically uses the clown appearance to hide his incredibly demonic form. So basically, it's a creepy meets horn-having monster.

The Father-Turned-Demon Clown In 'Clown'

This is slightly an overlooked scary clown movie. Imagine one of your parents was cursed and couldn't take a clown suit off? This is the same clown suit they randomly put together to appease you on your birthday. Yeah, this movie just went there.

The Clowns In 'Killer Klowns from Outer Space'

Alright, maybe the 90s wasn't the only decade plagued by a treacherous or unappealing clown. The squad of clowns from this 80s film are just off-putting and weird. Maybe this pick isn't the scariest film in the world, but if looks could kill... you best believe this group would get the job done.

Clowns are no longer a fun, jolly time for many of us who saw all of these guys mentioned in movies. It's not our fault, though. Hopefully, the nightmare will end, but for now, many of us still repel the red noses and gigantic feet. Sorry, not sorry.