7 Romantic Quotes For Your New Year's Eve Instagram Caption

by Annie Foskett

Oh, New Year's Eve. The only holiday that can make a single person feel more alone than Valentine's Day. On V-Day, you can ignore love. You can watch Sharknado, have four martinis with your friends, and not carry a giant teddy bear. On NYE, being single is a sham. Everyone gets to drink four martinis, everyone gets to countdown to midnight, but not everyone has a guaranteed kiss. If you're coupled up and choosing romantic quotes for your New Year's Eve Instagram caption, I just want to gently remind you to be... thoughtful?

Perhaps the world I'm looking for is "classy." Or, maybe just try to be only a little bit obnoxious about rubbing your love in your Instagram following's face. There are some of us out here looking around like lost puppies at midnight, you know?

I know, I know. I sound super bitter and single, woof. (#LostPuppy.) I just don't enjoy New Year's. Even if I am feeling completely confident in my life choices and single status — which is rarely to never — that one moment when ball drops and I'm alone always makes me feel like I'm being picked last in gym class.

I should stop complaining, I do have a few options. I could shout, "Hey everybody! This guy I've been seeing texted me at midnight! He's just not here cause we're taking it slow!" Or I could make out with a stranger. Or I could just be quiet, take a sip of champagne, and let all of you loving couples out there celebrate your New Years in Insta-peace.

So in honor of being less cynical this New Year's Eve, I've crafted seven romantic quotes for your New Year's Instagram that even I, a Grinch, don't think are all that irritating.

1. "New Year, New Boo"

Or, alternatively, "New Year, Same Boo," if that's the case. Either way, this caption would pair perfectly with couple's "plandid" of you and your sweetie cheers-ing. It's on point, sweet, and playful. I would give this a like for sure.

2. "It's December 31st and we in Miami just meditating"

I am always pro-Drake lyrics when it comes to captioning a sweet picture of you and your person. Drake is the human version of a couples Instagram — sort of cheesy, but also adorable. This caption works particularly well if you are actually in Miami. (In which case I'm doubly jealous of you.)

3. "Toasting the one who keeps me toasty"

Ideally, you and your SO are clinking glasses and being dusted by snowflakes near a mountain somewhere. Remember, it's Instagram, and anything lightly romantic comes across as super romantic because it's being broadcast to such a large audience. I feel like this caption hits that perfect sweet spot. Pun definitely intended. For those who find this too cheesy, substitute, "Toasting the one who keeps me toasted," and make sure your partner is pouring you a glass of something in the photo.

4. "This year is probably not going to be all that different and that's OK because that means I've still got you"

I like this caption because of its honest recognition of New Year's as just another night, but also because it gets a little bit gushy at the end. And, yes, the more of these captions I write, the more I understand the impulse to declare your feels on the 'gram...

5. "Only good part of 2017 was meeting you"

I mean, this one speaks for itself. 2017 was a horror movie of a year, so if someone is writing this about you, you should be flattered, but not too flattered. This straddles the border of cringe-worthy and LOL-worthy nicely.

6. "So glad I didn't drop the ball on this one"

Who doesn't love a good pun? For the perfect Instagram, match this caption, and actually be in Times Square with your SO in front of the ball, Just kidding! I wouldn't wish going to Times Square for New Year's on anyone in the world. People will get it anyways.

7. "Love you more than Donald Trump loved Diet Coke in 2017"

I mean, that's 12 diet cokes a day of love. Plus, a topical reference is always guaranteed to get some extra likes. (Not that you care, of course...)

Use these seven romantic captions for your NYE picture with your sweet with abandon, because now that you know a certified cynic (me) has OK'd them, you know they can't be that obnoxious. In fact, they are mostly very adorable. I hope you and your special person celebrate the New Year in a loving, safe, and very fun way this 2018.

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