7 Easy Crock-Pot Pumpkin Recipes That'll Save You The Stress In The Kitchen This Thanksgiving

by Tessa Harvey

Thanksgiving truly is a wonderful holiday to spend catching up with family and eating the most amazing food. But, it also has a tendency to get real stressful, real fast. Getting the whole family together again means a fight or two is bound to happen, and there's also the craziness of everyone in the kitchen at one time trying to cook. Luckily, you can fix one of those two things using a few simple (and delicious) easy Crock-Pot pumpkin recipes.

Crock-Pots are one of the best kitchen traditions. You know your parents use one and swear by it, but you probably never really pictured yourself using one. All you really need to do is pick out a yummy recipe, and throw a bunch of ingredients into the pot before running out the door for work. It's as simple as that.

If you don't have a lot of free time to spend in the kitchen cooking during the week, slow cookers are actual lifesavers. There's almost nothing better than coming home to a warm meal already made and having that amazing homemade dinner aroma throughout the house. You just feel like you've got it together after that. So, when you're assigned a dish to bring to family Thanksgiving this year, don't freak. You've got a powerful sidekick to help out, aka your Crock-Pot, along with these seven amazing pumpkin recipes.

The Perfect Pumpkin Soup
Cait Straight Up Cooking on YouTube

This recipe is as easy as chopping up some vegetables and preparing your pumpkin. There's also a secret ingredient in it: peanut butter. This might not be a combo you'd initially think of, but one look at the soup assures me it's delicious AF.

This soup cooks in the slow cooker for three to four hours on high heat, or it can be set on low heat to cook for around eight hours.

A Match Made In Heaven For Your Cheese And Cracker Spread
Delish on YouTube

This recipe seriously looks way too good to be true. The pumpkin butter will taste great with your cheese and cracker spread, and your family will be thankful AF for the appetizer while they wait for the main course.

If you make too much, it's totally NBD. You can put the leftover pumpkin butter in a mason jar to store it away for a cozy snowy day.

Pumpkin Cake For The Ultimate Sweet Tooth

If you're on dessert duty for family dinner this year, no worries. You can even make desserts in the Crock-Pot (I'm telling you, this thing is a miracle for people who aren't pro chefs in the kitchen). You'll love this pumpkin cake, and the mouthwatering cream cheese frosting is just the icing on top (quite literally).

Pumpkin Curry For Dipping
Ruth V. on YouTube

If you're looking to mix it up for Thanksgiving, the family will definitely love this pumpkin recipe to put out with the appetizers. Don't be intimidated by the triple Crock-Pot in this video — yours will work just as well. Either way, you might want to say goodbye to the Thanksgiving turkey after tasting how good this pumpkin curry is.

A Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Of Champions
Delish on YouTube

I've heard some people like to have a light breakfast on Thanksgiving to save room for the afternoon feast, but I've never been one to follow that idea. And anyway, why would you skip it when you have a breakfast like this one to look forward to? This pumpkin spice oatmeal is the PSL lover's dream come true, and I'm pretty sure it'll be yours, too.

A Warm Pot Of Chili For A Cold Day
Trista Yaz on YouTube

Slow cooker chilis hold a special spot in my heart. They're the perfect cold weather meal, and if you've made chili without a Croc-Pot before, you know that it's super time-consuming. But, this Crock-Pot recipe lets you have all the fun without the headache. And, bonus points: side effects include cravings for seconds of this yummy treat.

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chai Tea
shayleeandbaby on YouTube

While your family is worrying about getting the food and desserts ready, you'll be ready to shine. When you think about Thanksgiving, who takes the time to make sure drink menus are lined up? I'll tell you who — most likely no one.

Once your family tries this Crock-Pot pumpkin chai tea, they'll be begging for another cup. Bring some whipped cream and nutmeg to top off each mug, and you're ready to roll.