These Pole Dancing Classes Are Here For Your Bride Tribe's Next Girls' Outing

It's time to mix up your bachelorette party ideas and hit the poles. Pole dancing might not always be perceived as a go-to bride tribe festivity idea — but that's probably because you haven't gone to or researched those pole dancing classes that are not only fun, but seriously work you out.

If you actually look at a professional pole dancer or an instructor, you learn very quickly that their upper body strength is impressive AF. You can't forget about how much muscle their legs have to have as well. Obviously, people got the memo, because pole dancing classes have sprouted up just about everywhere — and that means you and the bride tribe have got to get a move on which ones to attend. It'll bring all of you ladies together for an afternoon of solid memories.

Even if the last time you attempted to climb a pole was when your tetherball got stuck in middle school, don't be intimidated. They're so, so fun and entertaining. A lot of the instructors and fellow class attendees welcome all different levels. You and your bride tribe will have the time of your life and also break a sweat if you try out any of these classes.

Aquatic Pole Dancing
Aquam on YouTube

Remember when you were little and you tried to run in the water and couldn't understand why your legs felt like they just ate a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos? That burn is because water really works you out — so you can only imagine if you put a pole in there and were instructed to bust a move how your body would feel. Acquapole provides classes throughout the nation. It's as easy as searching by your zip code — so check it out, ladies.

Intro To Pole With Body & Pole
BodyandPole on YouTube

There's nothing wrong with being a beginner. In fact, at NYC's Body & Pole, it's recommended that you take three to five beginner's courses before moving up. You and your ladies will learn some floor tricks, spins, body rolls, and fan kicks.

Get In Tune With Your "Mind, Body, & Pole"
P O W P O W on YouTube

Metamorphosis in California will definitely give you a taste of pole fitness. And if you're on the fence about getting out there with your girls, their mission statement states that they are "a safe haven first, studio second." Depending on your experience level, pick one of their several pole dancing courses and work your stuff.

Viva Las Vegas
CRASH Academy on YouTube

If you and the bride tribe are already going to be in Vegas, you're in luck. When you're done frequenting the clubs or walking the strip, get yourself a real workout at Crash Academy. The first class is free, and boy do they understand the IRL struggle of beginners. So, don't feel out of place, because everyone is welcome to sweat.

Find Your Feminine Identity
Alexandra Liss on YouTube

Sheila Kelley S Factor pole dancing classes are all about being in tune with and comfortable with your body. They offer a two-hour Journey Class for dancers of all levels. Don't stop there, though — because they have several classes tailored towards your preferences and expectations.

That seems like a pretty long class, but you'll definitely be feeling all of it. Looking for an unique weekend getaway trip with the bride tribe? This studio also offers retreats.

A Mixture Of Yoga And Pole Dancing
Hanna Pole Dance on YouTube

At Yoga Pole Studio in Brooklyn, you're incorporating two seemingly unrelated, but related styles. If you think about how much flexibility and core strength is required for pole dancing, the idea of implementing yoga doesn't seem so far-fetched. You ladies might enjoy the Pole Express class where you get 45 minutes of initial yoga postures and then muscle prep exercises to prepare you for taking on the pole.

Prepare To Slay In The Bay Area
SF Pole & Dance Studio on YouTube

As much as San Francisco is incredibly pedestrian-friendly, a pole dancing class at San Francisco Pole & Dance might make you sweat more than those street inclines. Their party packages are jam-packed, and it'll really be a bonding experience for you and your ladies. The promo video is overflowing with good vibes and girl power.

For quality bonding time, embrace the fun and workout that comes along with a pole dancing class. The bride tribe has room for some exciting new adventures.