7 Naughty & Nice Christmas Pajamas To Wear With Your Person This Season

With all the glitz and glamour that comes with it, the holiday season provides opportunity for so many memorable things. There's all the fun that comes with snow (snow angels, snowball fights, hot chocolate, and tasting snowflakes), there's decorating, baking more cookies than you can count, and, of course, there are the countless options to choose from for Christmas pajamas. Christmas just isn't the same if you don't have matching PJs with someone special in your life, am I right? This year, make it official and grab a pair of naughty and nice Christmas pajamas to share with your person.

Your person, especially during the holiday season, is your other half. You rely on each other during the hard times and the good, right? Now's the time to celebrate them and your relationship, whether your person is your BFF, your S.O., or your sister. The bond you share is special AF, and it deserves to be commemorated with some festive feeling pajamas.

So this Christmas, don't wait for the cold to get decked out in your holiday best (or comfiest). These eight naughty and nice pajama sets are perfect for all the "my person" duos out there. And, bonus: they make really great Instagram photos for your holiday-themed feed.

A Very Santa Christmas

Santa Family Pajamas Collection- Wondershop, $7-$22, Target

Go big or go home, right? You can't go bigger than the North Pole man himself. This set offers a few different options for you and your person, so you'll get to match and wear what you really like.

Seeing Stripes All Season Long

Burt's Bees Baby Organic Cotton Striped Family Pajamas Collection, $16-$30, Target

Who doesn't like a one-piece in their life? These pajamas are so comfy-cute you'll be wearing them all December and the rest of winter, too. Just don't get mad at me when it's hard to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. You've been warned.

A Holiday Match Made For Two

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Hat PJ and Shirt set Christmas Holidays, $60, Etsy

If your husband or wife is your person, here's a set for you. You can't go wrong with the classic T-shirt and plaid pants pajama combo, and the cute Mr. and Mrs. adds style points. No one's judging if you rock these in the daytime, too. Everything's closed on Christmas anyway, so you might as well make your festive PJs last all day.

A Red Nose For And Your Person

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Family Pajama Collection, $10-17, Target

Rudolph embodies everything that is holiday spirit, so of course, reindeer make the perfect Christmas sleepwear. If you've got little ones in your life, these don't make half bad gifts, either. Red noses are optional ( but encouraged).

For The Cheesy Husband And Wife

Tacky Couples PJ set Hubby Wifey Unisex Ugly Sweaters Family Sweatshirt Tacky Christmas Shirts sweaters Wedding Engagement Christmas gift, $58, Etsy

Are you and your SO super cheesy? If so, you might just have to jump on these hubby and wife pjs. I'm not saying they're trending fashion, but they are kind of cute. And like I said, a little Christmas plaid never hurt anyone.

A Step On The "Star Wars" Side Of The Holiday

Star Wars Family Pajamas Collection, $10-$15, Target

Some duos enjoy the finer things in life. And some duos enjoy the... nerdier things in life. No shame. Star Wars fan or not, you have to admit, these clone trooper focused pjs are festive AF. They've got character, just like you and your person.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Not So Nice

Naughty and Nice Flannel Pj Set, Adult Christmas Pajamas, Couple's Christmas Flannel Pjsama set, Matching Couple's Pjs, Holiday pajamas, $80, Etsy

These are the ultimate Christmas PJs, if you ask me. There's always someone who leans more toward naughty and one who leans nice in a duo, but that's between the two of you to decide. At least Santa will know who to deliver the coal to.