These MAC Gift Sets Are The Hands-Down Winners Of The Holiday Season

MAC Cosmetics

Time is running out, my friends. The holidays are rapidly approaching, and the good gifts are quickly selling out. So if you're waiting till the last minute (like myself), but you still want to get some beauty bang for your buck, then these seven MAC gift sets will hook you TF up.

I don't blame you for waiting to do your shopping. December feels so long, until suddenly the holidays are happening and you're left without a gift in hand. Do not fear though, my fellow makeup lovers. There are still beauty gift sets at MAC that will make it seem like you've been planning the perfect presents for months.

Maybe your best friend's brushes are literally falling apart with little bristles shedding on her face every time she applies her foundation. Perhaps your grandma has used the same lipstick for straight up 40 years or more. Or, TBH, maybe you're just in the market for a new signature fragrance for yourself. Whatever the cause, there's a plethora of sets still left at MAC to give you the hook up and deliver the glamour.

So if you've been searching for that perfect makeup set and time is no longer on your side, then take a look at these seven MAC gift sets.

1. Snow Ball Kit/Prep + Prime Fix+

MAC Cosmetics

Snow Ball Kit/Prep + Prime Fix+, $20, MAC Cosmetics

If you want to set it and forget it, then the Snow Ball Kit/Prep + Prime Fix+ has got you covered. In this kit, you'll get three 1.0 fl oz Fix+ sprays in different scents: Coconut, Lavender, and Rose, to spritz over your skin pre and post-makeup. Trust me, your parched winter complexion will thank you.

2. Snowball Lip Bag in Nude

MAC Cosmetics

Snow Ball Lip Bag in Nude, $40, MAC Cosmetics

Get holiday party ready with the Snow Ball Lip Bag in Nude. This easy-breezy set gives you every step you'll need to achieve Insta-worthy lips. Define your lips with the liner, fill your lips in with the lipstick, and add a touch of highlight with the lipgloss. Plus, you can even throw your ID and cash into the pouch and take it with you as a cute clutch. If you're more of a bold personality (like myself) this set does also come in red.

3. Snow Ball Mini Lipstick Kit

MAC Cosmetics

Snow Ball Mini Lipstick Kit in Cool, $30, MAC Cosmetics

This gift set is perfect for your lipstick-obsessed best friend who always seem to buy fifty lipsticks in very similar (but slightly differing!) hues. The Snow Ball Mini Lipstick Kit in Cool comes with three miniature MAC lipsticks: Cocktail Kiss, Boca, and Kinda Sexy. It even comes with a little silvery sequin pouch to store all of your new goodies in. If you're not into cool tones, you can nab the Pink, Rose, and Warm sets.

4. Snow Ball Mini Lip Gloss Kit

MAC Cosmetics

Snow Ball Mini Lip Gloss Kit in Rose, $30, MAC Cosmetics

We all have that friend that doesn't like the feel of lipstick but loves lipgloss. I personally don't relate, but we're all entitled to our own feelings on preferred lipstick textures. If your best bud is more of a gloss fiend, then the Snow Ball Mini Lip Gloss Kit in Rose will be absolutely perf.

5. Snow Ball Glitter and Pigment Kit

MAC Cosmetics

Snow Ball Glitter and Pigment Kit in Pink, $30, MAC Cosmetics

What better gift is there than glitter? This little set comes with copper and pink beige pigment and a bright pink glitter! Plus, the adorable, sparkly pink case is just too cute to pass up. It also comes in shades of gold!

6. Snow Ball Basic Brush Kit

MAC Cosmetics

Snow Ball Basic Brush Kit, $50, MAC Cosmetics

The Snow Ball Basic Brush Kit set gives straight up Tin Man vibes. It's so sleek and monochromatic. At $50 for the whole set, you're pretty much getting each tool just for $10 each. That's certainly worth it for a high quality brush. Plus, if you're more into gold than silver, there's still an option for you too.

7. Shadescents Kit

MAC Cosmetics

Shadescents Kit in Candy Yum-Yum, $57, MAC Cosmetics

Last year, MAC first introduced their Shadescents: their line of perfums inspired by their most iconic lipsticks. This year, they're back and better than ever. If you want to match your fave lip hue to your signature scent, then you're in luck! Go bold with Candy Yum-Yum or subtle with Crème d'Nude.