7 Halloween Wigs On Amazon That Are Perfect For Any Mystical Creature Costume

Halloween is upon us, and if you’re like me, you cannot wait to dress up. Since I was young, the best part of this season was shopping for my costume. For many years, the Disney Store was the place to be this time of year, and as I grew out of those costumes, pop-up Halloween shops were lit. I love horror movies, and going through all of those props and colorful wigs gave me so many thrills. If you're all about wearing a costume with a vibrant wig this year, we've compiled a list of Halloween wigs on Amazon to complete your look.

A problem, though, is that there are so many choices as far as Halloween costumes are concerned. Some of the first existential crises I had growing up revolved around whether I was going to be a princess or a zombie prom queen. And then, you have to focus on getting the perfect accessories. Besides your trick-or-treat bag, you need the makeup, the gore pieces, and fake teeth (if your character calls for it). But one item that takes a costume from just that to a memorable one is, truly, the wig.

One of the best places to shop for a hairpiece if you’re tight on time or have a budget (because we all do), is Amazon. And they have an almost never-ending supply of wigs to choose from. Wigs also are great costume starters; once you have the perfect wig, it’s really easy to create a costume from there. Below are some mystical creatures that will rock your Instagram out of the park.

A Fairy
Amazon, Colorful House

Colorful House 32" Women's Long Curly Big Wavy Cosplay Costume Wig, $11 — $12, Amazon

What better mystical creature to be other than the fan favorite, a fairy? It’s easy, and this wig gives you a perfect color scheme to go off of. Add some wings, which can be found at almost any major store at this time, some glam purple glitter literally all over your body (if you’re brave enough), and knee highs, and you’re ready to go! Be as frilly or laid-back as you want; this wig does all the heavy lifting with this costume.

A Unicorn
Amazon, COSIN

COSIN 27" Long Wavy Rainbow Wig for Halloween Cosplay, $14, Amazon

Another Halloween staple is the unicorn. While unicorn horns aren’t as popular as wings, they are getting easier to find and don’t break the bank. Plus, this wig just calls for a mythical horn to be placed on top of it. With all of those vibrant colors, you can go very neutral with the rest of the outfit if you want... or go all out and match every color on your head!

A Leprechaun
Amazon, Bopocoko

Bopocoko 27.5" Women's Full Wig Long Curly Hair Heat Resistant Wigs (Dark green), $21, Amazon

While St. Patrick’s Day isn’t for another few months, you can always bring the Luck of the Irish with you anywhere this Halloween season. Go the road less traveled, and instead of using a red or orange wig to be one of these mischievous little characters, match your hair to your green leprechaun outfit for a new take on the look. Plus, that cute little leprechaun hat will look adorable on top of this slightly ombre’d wig.

A Witch
Amazon, Karlery

Karlery Dark Blue Long Curly Fluffy Wig Halloween Cosplay Witch Wig Costume Party Wig for Women, $26, Amazon

How can it be Halloween without a little witchy fun involved? Be a glamorous sorceress this year with this wig. Add some heavy cat eye liner and a ton of highlighter to create that otherworldly glow, and you’re set with this look. Throw out those lame “ugly witch” tropes, and rock a sultry black dress to be the witch you always wanted to be with the help of this wig. Plus, add a broom for added effect.

A Mermaid
Amazon, EmaxDesign

EmaxDesign Wigs 28 inch Wavy Curly Cosplay Wig With Free Wig Cap and Comb (Red), $17, Amazon

While most mermaid hair nowadays includes pastel and rainbow colors, throw it back with this wig to the OG mermaid, Ariel herself. You don’t even have to add the seashell bra and iconic green tail (or a skirt, for us landlocked beings); the wig is enough. Put some fake seaweed in the hair, grab a fishing net as an accessory, and you’re all set.

A Dragon
Amazon, MQ

Fashional COS Long Airy Curly Hair Ombre Hair Cosplay Wig Costume Party Wigs (Yellow to Orange to Red), $22, Amazon

With the popularity of Game of Thrones, dragons are getting the recognition they deserve. And instead of going with the typical GoT costume of Daenerys, be your own fire Khaleesi and become a full-on dragon. This fiery wig will add some definite flames to your Halloween party if you pair it with a killer all black outfit. Draw some light scales on your face with eyeliner, fill them in with holographic highlighter, and you’re lit. Literally.

A Wood Nymph
Amazon, Mildiso

Mildiso Short Bob Wigs Straight Full Hair Wigs Colorful Cosplay Synthetic Wigs for Women Halloween Party ( Pink ) with Wig Cap, $18, Amazon

A lesser-known variation of the fairy costume is a wood nymph, and this one’s great because you don’t need wings for it. You can smudge brown eyeshadow on your cheeks and into parts of the wig to create an earthly effect (or be brave and use some good 'ole dirt). Add fake (or real) branches into the hair, wear green and brown for the outfit, and you're a nymph!