7 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas That Revolve Around Your Fave Denim Jacket

Aside from a little black dress, a denim jacket is one of the most reliable items of clothing that we can have. For Halloween specifically, a denim jacket can complete some of the cutest costumes while you remain comfortable and feeling accomplished. Well, it's time to take these gems off the hangers and out of the closet. Halloween costumes with a denim jacket couldn't get any easier, and we are here for the way it promotes our DIY, entrepreneurial spirit.

Despite the fact that the weather might be a little chillier for Halloween, a denim jacket is a surefire way to show that you aren't letting anything get in the way of your festivities. Why does denim make us so bold? Maybe not as bold as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in their denim outfits at the 2001 American Music Awards, but we are harnessing our own fashionable fierceness.

Denim jackets just give us all the feels, and their very existence reminds us about a time or memory that we wish we could relive. Oh, denim... why must you make us feel so damn good? It's almost unfair that we can't freely wear you every single day. And since we probably spent all summer not wearing our denim jacket, Halloween is our chance to make up for lost time. So, if you're ready to swiftly throw that denim jacket over your shoulder, there are a few costumes that'll accompany that action perfectly.

Eleven From 'Stranger Things'
julia🤡 on Twitter

Eleven's outfit was so simple, but completing it with your own denim jacket will certainly make your blonde wig and multi-colored tube socks stand out. Dresses and denim jackets are also super cute when paired together, outside of Halloween. Finding the perfect pink dress to encompass Eleven should be the fun part.

Marty McFly From 'Back To The Future'
chgtable27 on Twitter

Puffy Orange Vest, $19, Amazon

You'll literally bring people back in time with this classic Marty McFly look. This is probably one of the most comfortable costumes you could put on. Jeans, a puffy orange vest, and the stomach to withstand impromptu time travel with a wacky scientist is all you really need. Although, their relationship was certainly friendship goals.

A Hippie
Styles For Less on Twitter

Temporary Flash Tattoos, $16, Amazon

Feel even more chill and relaxed in your denim jacket when you dress up as a hippie. Not only will your mind be at peace because you aren't losing it over assembling your costume, but you will also be promoting peace. Cute temporary flash tattoos would be the perfect additions to this costume choice.

Rosie The Riveter
Hollie Randall on Twitter

Red Polka Dot Headband, $3, Etsy

Talk about women empowerment and a great use of a denim jacket (and red lipstick). There's a little bit of Rosie the Riveter in all of us. The stylish pinned-up hair and red headband with polka dots is a dead giveaway for who you're trying to portray. So, don't worry about having to explain yourself. Let's face it, that headband is definitely getting incorporated in one of our daily outfits.

John Bender From 'The Breakfast Club'
Halloween on Twitter

Black Biker Gloves, $6, Hot Topic

The best depiction of detention was from The Breakfast Club, and what better character to depict than John Bender? Yes, the legendary fist pumper at the end of the film is a great costume choice. Those black biker gloves go well with a denim jacket, and there's no denying how badass those black boots are.

A Cowgirl

Cowgirl Hat, $25, eBay

A cowgirl needs her denim; it's just a fact. Regardless of whether you're trying to make your whole outfit denim or not, you have to crown this gloriously simple outfit with an adorable cowgirl hat. Who knows, you may even lasso a few cowboys during your festivities.

1950s Look
LIPSapp Oldies Radio on Twitter

High-Waisted Poodle Skirt, $27, Amazon

A high-waisted poodle skirt or a collared shirt paired with a bowtie, suspenders, and your denim jacket create the prime combo for trying to pull off a 1950s look. Isn't it funny how styles can still be fashionable no matter how much time has passed? Get yourself some white and black Oxfords, and you are all set to face Halloween with a timeless look.

Denim jackets will always be that friend we want to take with us everywhere. It goes with the flow of whatever we want to put on, and quite frankly, is the gateway to a pretty great time. This Halloween is your chance to prove why your denim jacket is seriously the dopest thing in your closet.

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