You Need These Group Pool Floats To Add To This Year's Summer Fun

If you're up-to-date on all the latest in summer fashion, you've probably heard a thing or two about the pool float trend — having a cool and stylish device to float on with your friends is a must-have for warm weather fun. And regardless of if you're setting sail in your nearby lake, down at the beach, or even in your backyard pool, I know for a fact that having one will make all your summer get-togethers seriously unforgettable. So, here are seven group pool floats for summer 2019, that will ensure you'll have a wet n' wild time.

If you've ever perused Amazon's selection of pool toys, you probably noticed the online merchandising hub sells a really wide variety of floats. And while their personal floats are perfect for a little R&R, having a giant one to share with your family and friends would be seriously ideal. Whether you decide to get something cute (like a pizza or a flamingo) or something practical (like a float that comes with a cooler and cupholders) is entirely up to you. But make sure to check out all of your options before you decide on one. This is one of the most important decisions you'll make this season.

Giant Inflatable Pizza Slices 8-Pack, $121.99

If you're feeling extra cheesy, treat yourself to an an 8-pack of inflatable pizza slices. Each of them can be connected to make one giant pie, and to justify this hefty purchase, think about it this way: You're really getting eight pizza slice floats for about $15 each. So in the long run, it totally makes sense.

Sun Pleasure Tropical Tahiti Floating Island, $199.95

The Sun Pleasure Tropical Tahiti Floating Island on Amazon is 10 feet wide, featuring clear, eco-friendly PVC and rainbow accents. It can fit up to six people with spacious seats and foot room, along with cup holders, a cooler, and durable handles so you can get yourself in and out easily.

Intex Inflate-A-Bull Pool Toy, $34.99

To become the ultimate bull-riding master, check out this Intex Inflate-A-Bull on Amazon. It has five heavy-duty handles, so your pals can stay afloat until it's their turn. You might have to fight me to get on that bull, though. It's unlikely I'll be willing to dismount anytime soon.

Sun Pleasure Party Bird Island Giant Flamingo Float, $245.99

Whether you're looking to kick it with friends or relax with family, check out Amazon's Sun Pleasure Party Flamingo Float. It comes with a fast speed pump and a carrying bag, and can be used in a lake, pool, or ocean. You can fit a total of six people in it, so bring some sunscreen aboard and be prepared to never leave.

Intex Lounge Island Inflatable, $62.99

This Intex Lounge Island on Amazon has four individual seats for you and your friends, giving you extra individualized room. It includes cup holders and an open space in the middle, so you can keep your feet cool in the pool.

Intex Peacock Inflatable Island, $20.99

Maybe you're looking to simply float with a friend. If that's the case, the Intex Peacock Inflatable Island from Amazon can hold about two people (or three, if you're willing to squeeze!). At 76" x 64" x 37" and with two handles, you'll have just enough space to lay out, and probably not get wet.

Bestway 4 Person Cooler Z Blue Caribbean Floating Island, $49.99

The Bestway four-person Cooler Z Blue Caribbean Floating Island on Amazon includes a cooler and cupholders, and it can fit four people. And if you're painfully uncoordinated like I am, have no fear — there's an all-around grab rope and built in grommets to make mounting and dismounting easy peasy.

Whether you're looking for something stylish or more practical (ahem, something that comes with cupholders!), Amazon has a really vast selection of group floats. Deciding on just one will be nearly impossible, but once you snag one for yourself, it'll be the best purchase you make all summer long. Happy floating!