7 Gifts For Wine Lovers That'll Make Their White Christmas Especially Lit

When it comes to wine, there are two types of people in this world — the ones who simply drink it, and the ones who dream in red, white, and rosé. For those of us who are 21 and up and find any reason to drink wine, presents are quite simple. Finding gifts for wine lovers this holiday season is the easiest shopping you'll have to do, and your friend will appreciate the way you catered to their mini-obsession.

There are so many ways to accessorize wine, and all of them are pristine opportunities for you to wrap them up and present them to the wine lover in your life. As much as a bottle of their fave would suffice, you want to give them something that is fun and unique. You know, the same way no two glasses of wine are ever exactly the same.

It's time to show your wine lover that you not only value their friendship but also that you value what they choose to sip on (especially since they're usually sharing that amazing deliciousness with you). Even if you aren't incredibly into wine yourself (but let's not fool ourselves), spotting any of these gifts will instantly make you think of your friend — aka, the cabernet to your sauvignon.

Cozy "Bring Me Wine" Socks

If You Can Read This Wine Socks, $12, Etsy

Socks are so comfortable and a part of our everyday life, that getting them as a gift is one of the best things ever. For those cozy days when you're nestled up near the fireplace and the heater, these socks are mandatory. Your wine lover will swoon.

These Freeze Cooling Cups

Host Wine Freeze Cooling Cups, $15, Amazon

Forget buying a bottle of wine and anxiously waiting for it to chill in the fridge. Let's also ditch diluting its deliciousness with a few blocks of ice. With these cups, you're bringing the cold and sippin' as soon as you want.

An Incredibly Chic Wine Purse

PortoVino Purse, $75, PortoVino

A purse and wine? Whoever thought of this accessory was born with their head on incredibly straight. Not only is this color super chic, but look at how beautiful that pour is. Take your wine to go, but of course, only drink it where you're actually allowed to.

These Wine Bottle Serving Trays

Wine Bottle Serving Tray, $17, Etsy

These awesome serving trays make such good use out of empty bottles. Some of those bottles are pretty, and you feel bad having to toss them when you're finished because you don't know what to do with them. Now, you can serve an impressive cheese platter from a bottle, and drink your wine from one as well.

A Fancy Wall Mounted Bottle Holder

5-Bottle Wine And Glass Holder, $27, Target

Classy doesn't even begin to describe this wine and glass holder. From the color to the style, anyone with this in their kitchen means business — and I don't mean the boring paperwork kind. This is certainly an upgrade for any wine enthusiast.

A Wine Cork Shadow Box

Wine Cork Shadow Box, $65, Etsy

Shadow boxes remind us that what we would assume to be a jumbled mess actually turns into a little piece of artwork. Rack up the corks, and let them free fall into the shadow box. Before you know it, you've got some pretty neat cork art to have on display in the kitchen.

A Wine Scent And Taste Enhancer
Bed Bath & Beyond

Final Touch Wine Scent And Flavor Enhancer Decanter, $50, Bed Bath & Beyond

OK, anyone who frequently drinks wine knows that it's a multiple step experience. Not only are you tasting the wine, but you're enjoying its scent color and consistency as well. With this gem, your wine lover will get everything the wine has to offer, since it'll be appropriately aired. It may even give them a completely different taste than they are used to.

Gift your wine lover something that'll make them enjoy drinking wine more than they already do. Your friendship is always something to cheers over.