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7 Gift Ideas For Non-Morning People, Because The Struggle Is Too Real

Ah, mornings. It's safe to say I don't get along with them, and probably never will. I set myself a minimum of five alarms every single day, because I know that I will hit snooze on the first few. If I have an early flight, I'd much rather stay up all night and sleep on the plane than go to bed and wake up early to leave for the airport. (I regularly sleep-yell at people who try to wake me up, and forget about it until they remind me later on. Oops!) If you have a special someone in your life who sounds a lot like me, you'll want to check out these gift ideas for non-morning people that are honestly perfect.

Now, I want to clarify that I am not, by any means, implying that these gifts will suddenly make your non-morning person friend, significant other, or family member, a morning person. But, they will hopefully make their 5 a.m. alarm much more bearable, and their entire morning routine a whole lot sweeter.

Check out these holiday gifts for all the non-morning people in your life. They'll be very appreciative — trust me!

1. This cute and sassy eye mask will ensure your friend gets a good night's sleep.

Beauty Sleep White Silk Sleep Mask



Shhh Silk

For the person who truly values a good night's sleep, this eye mask is an absolute must. It's made of silk, so it's super soft. It's also a little bit oversized for ultimate light blockage. The sleeping eyes printed on the mask are just sassy enough to give any potential "wakers" the message that they're not getting out of bed any time soon.

2. Any non-morning person will be comfortably snuggled up with this soft blanket.

Geo Tufted Tassel Throw Blanket



Urban Outfitters

Every sleep lover needs a fantastic throw blanket they can wrap themselves in when they inevitably kick the comforter off in the middle of the night. This one from Urban Outfitters is incredibly cozy and gorgeous, and it'll perfectly accent any bedroom with its tufted embroidery and oversized tassels.

3. A terry sweater that fits like a nightgown is any sleep lover's dream.

French Terry Roadtrip Sweater




A sweater that doubles as a nightgown? Yes, please. This oversized crew neck sweater from Wildfox is the perfect "sleeping all day" attire. It's made of terry, so you know it's going to become the coziest thing your bestie owns, especially after wearing it a few times. It also comes in a ton of colors, so you can grab one that perfectly matches your friend's personality.

4. These hydrating sheet masks are necessary to get through early mornings.

Transformazing Sheet Masks (Box of 6)



Go-To Skincare

If you actually decide to get out of bed, you're definitely going to need something that will help your face look like you didn't just drool all over your pillow. These ultra-hydrating sheet masks from Go-To will become your new, well, go-to for rough mornings. They're packed with kakadu plums, which are are rich in vitamin C, finger limes, which are great for brightening and hydrating, and Tasmanian pepper leaf, which is a powerful antioxidant. You'll look ready to take on the day just minutes after rolling out of bed.

5. The non-morning person in your life will love you so matcha if you give them this kit.

Modern Starter Kit




If your loved one doesn't like coffee, but tea isn't strong enough for them, then matcha is the way to go. For any non-morning person, this starter kit is the easiest way to get their matcha fix. It comes with a little wooden spoon to measure out the matcha powder, and the whisk is electric for absolute minimal effort. Just pour, mix, and relax. (Or in this case, wake up.)

6. Wake the senses with this bold incense.

Côte d'Azur Incense




This incense from Oribe has the soothing calmness of their signature scent, but the addition of the burning gives it a slight edge that'll fill your loved one's home with a beautiful aroma that'll help them wake up. If they're into meditating in the morning, this incense will also be a great addition to their usual routine.

7. Any non-morning person can comfortably walk around the house with these fluffy slippers.




Steve Madden

Walking around the house in the morning never looked cozier. These super soft, ultra fuzzy slippers will become your bestie's absolute new faves. They'll jump out of the bed, just so they can wear them. (Maybe not, but one can dream, right?)