7 Fun Friendsgiving Drinking Games For You & Your Crew To Sip On

Is it really even a Friendsgiving without a few celebratory cheers? We are totally in our zones catching up with friends on this special occasion, and if you're 21 and up, that most likely means taking a few sips to further relax. Experimenting with fun Friendsgiving drinking games between courses will be so entertaining with your group, because you're all the perfect amount of hilariously competitive and laid-back.

Whether you're the beer pong champ or you like to sip your wine and cheer on the sidelines, you're probably not opposed to participating in a drinking game or two with a group of your favorite people. These games can be completely made up or learned from the bests (aka, masterminds on the Internet). Either way, you have to incorporate some sort of drinking game at your Friendsgiving as a form of entertainment. And if you want to stick with water or soda, that's fine as well.

Having games is honestly the best way to let the fun times flow, while making new memories and inside jokes with your mains. Of course, someone may very well be a sore loser. But, no one will be pouting for too long, because duh, it's Friendsgiving. So, before you simply pull out the Scrabble board, consider spicing things up with a couple of friendly drinking games this year.

Flip Cup

OK, you've most likely seen or played flip cup at least once in your life. This is a great game for groups and teams. Pick the teams out of a hat, and let the friendly competition flow.

On a small table, align equal numbers of cups (red cups, if you want) on each side of the table. They should all be partly filled with the preferred drink, and each side tries to drink them quickly and then successfully flip over each cup. First one who finishes, wins.

Drunk Jenga

As if Jenga isn't already nail-biting enough, it's time to add some liquor into the mix. You can play two ways. The first way is to already have your Jenga pieces written on and customized to your liking, so that every time someone pulls, they have to accomplish that written task or drink. The other way to play is that every time (or every other time) someone pulls, they have to take a sip. Naturally, every pull and sip makes pulling a little more difficult.

"Drink Every Time..."

If you and your friends have inside jokes, phrases, or just happen to reference something specifically all of the time, this game is for you. Let's say, you all say "yas" a lot. You can make it a house rule that every time someone says that, everyone has to take a drink. This works well with music lyrics or television shows that repeat phrases, too.

Straight Face

We all know how hard it is to keep a straight face when something hilariously inappropriate is thrown our way. Get all of your friends to write a couple of insanely funny and randoms things on slips of paper. One by one, each of you can take one and read it out loud. If you can get through the face without cracking a smile, everyone else drinks. If you can't hold back the giggling, you drink.

Quick Questions

The objective of this game is to ask someone a quick question on the fly, and they have to give an instant answer. It can be simple questions about each other, like birthdays or majors. When the person answers, they can't hesitate or pause, or else they have to drink. This will surely keep everyone on their toes.

Shots Version Of "Duck, Duck Goose"

Yes, it is time to bring it back old school. If you have enough space, everyone can sit in a circle on the floor. One person, the shot chooser, goes around the circle, taps on someone's head and darts around to get back to their seat. If the person is caught, they have to take a shot, and if they aren't, the chaser takes a shot.

"Most Likely To..."

Do you think you know how each of your friends would act in any given scenario? Well, for this game, you'll go around the circle and someone will mention an interaction. For example, "This person is most likely to marry a celebrity." Everyone points to the person who they think is most likely to do that. Depending on how many people are pointing at you, that's how many sips you have to take. Hopefully, you're not too predictable.

Friendsgiving drinking games can be just about any variation of an ordinary game. Ultimately, your group of friends is always something to cheers over.