7 Perfect Fall Date Ideas That Put The “Spicy” In Pumpkin Spice

It's the most wonderful time of year. I'm Jewish, so for me, that isn't Christmas. Nope. It's pumpkin spice season (per Starbucks rolling out its seasonal flavors), which means autumn has basically arrived. Gone are maxi dresses, baseball hats, and frosé; bring on the turtleneck sweaters, apple cider candles, and knit beanies. Fall is my favorite season due to the colored foliage, yummy apple-themed treats, Halloween, and cooler weather (and my birthday, too). Along with cooler weather comes cooler dates. Fall date ideas are focused around the best parts of the new season, and are easy to do with someone you're newly dating or in an established relationship with.

I've done several of these fall dates before, and they are a fun time. Be sure, though, to not let the festivities get the best of you! I actually got so spooked out last year at a haunted house — one that I used to attend with my ex for years — that I had to excuse myself from the houses! (If you, unlike me, can handle haunted houses, keep reading below.) Take it from me, you don't want things to get that spooky on a date, so know your limits and what you can and can't handle. But otherwise, have a spooky and spicy time on these dates!

Visit A Pumpkin Patch And Bring 'Em Home To Carve

Gather up all of those gourds. Visit a local pumpkin patch (or if you're in a city, take a train to the closest one) and select different-sized pumpkins for both decor and carving. A pumpkin patch is a perfect setting to be playful with your date, as well as take cute selfies surrounded by beautiful fall colors.

Have A Spooky Movie Marathon

Take Netflix and chill to the next level by making your movies Halloween-themed. I recommend watching Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown. Bonus points for Halloween candy as movie-watching food.

Go Apple Picking

There's nothing wrong with you, Mindy Lahiri! Apple-picking is a fall activity where you can pretend to be sort-of outdoorsy, but not put too much effort into appearing so. You go with your date, pick the apples, pose for Instagram photos, and enjoy the scenery. Opt for flannel, jeans, and boots for the essential fall photo.

Do A Pumpkin Spice Crawl

Since so many brands, stores, and restaurants have pumpkin spice-flavored items, take advantage of the season and create your own crawl for a date. I suggest a coffee shop for a pumpkin spice drink, a dessert spot for a slice of cheesecake or scoop of ice cream, and a local brewery for a seasonal pumpkin ale.

Attend A Haunted House

Haunted houses are ideal for a date because you get to cuddle on up that other person, your adrenaline is kicking from all of the fear, and it's easy to bond over the scares. Visit a tamer one like Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Walt Disney World or something more daring like the Terror Behind the Walls at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania.

Make Your Own Apple Cider

Stay home with bae or someone you've been dating for a little while by doing this creative DIY activity. Follow a YouTube video recipe or select one from another website. Angry Orchard has nothing on you!

Bake Pumpkin Treats

What is the fall season without some pumpkin pie? Use pumpkin purée from your own pumpkin or canned from a store (as my girl Ina Garten says, "Store-bought is fine!") to create this quintessential autumn dessert. Feel free to also make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin cupcakes, and whatever else your pumpkin spice heart desires. Bon appétit!

So even though Labor Day just passed and we're still "technically" in summer, I wouldn't blame you for getting a head start on these fall dates. Have fun!

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