7 Unique Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas That Are Anything But Basic

Now that you've totally nailed the job of Santa Claus and picked out the perfect gifts for your family and friends, it's time to start wrapping it all up. It's true that a fun wrapping paper print can go a long way, but if you want to switch up the basic paper and bow, there are many other creative routes you can go. You can definitely spice things up with some creative gift wrapping ideas for the holidays that'll show everyone you know what you're doing, on the inside and out.

You can also get kind of thrifty with your gift wrapping using some things you already have at home if you don't have the budget to go crazy at the store with glitter and bows galore. The goal here is to have everyone eyeing your presents the most as they sit under the Christmas tree, so here are seven holiday gift wrapping tutorials you have to try out. They're all pretty easy to follow along, so even those of us who are usually pretty bad with ribbon can nail it. Some of these ideas you can even use throughout the year for other occasions where you want your gift giving skills to stand out. Pretty soon, you'll be the gift wrapping guru who everyone will be looking forward to seeing. If Santa needs a new elf, he knows who to call.

A Holiday Cookie Makes The Perfect Accent
Wengie on YouTube

There are a ton of fun gift wrapping ideas in this video, but the idea of adding a cookie to your ribbon is scrumptious and oh-so-delightful. It may just be my stomach speaking for me, but I think this idea is genius. It's like two presents in one when you add a tasty decoration to complete the top of your gift.

A Mini Wreath Tag
AmandaRachLee on YouTube

For an incredibly festive look, you can add a mini holiday wreath to your gift. All you'll need to do is find some Canadian Pine Garland at any craft store like Michael's to create this look. The mini wreath also doubles as a tag where you can write whatever you'd like on it to give it that personal touch. I love the inclusion of the tiny red pom poms that look like berries.

Origami Boxes In Fun Shapes
5-Minute Crafts on YouTube

This tutorial features so many different amazingly-shaped boxes you can create with just some paper and glue. It's as simple as that! I personally love the pyramid box that doesn't even require the glue — just some ribbon to tie everything together.

Etsy carries a variety of interesting paper designs and colors, like this gold origami paper. It will definitely make your gift stand out from the rest under the tree.

A Sweet Cupcake Liner Flower
SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art on YouTube

Instead of a traditional bow, you can make your very own flower bow with several cupcake liners. You can find some Christmas cupcake liners on Etsy to give it that extra holiday flair.

The end result looks so much like a store-bought bow, and everyone will be super impressed to know you made yourself. If your friend is a baker, she could even reuse the liners for any holiday treats she's whipping up.

A Berry Festive Accent
HeyKayElle on YouTube

This is a great holiday accent for any gift. The homemade pom pom looks like fresh holiday berries in a patch of snow. It's almost too pretty to unwrap. Almost!

You can find some artificial Christmas red berries on Etsy that'll work perfectly. And the best part about it is that your friend can use the berries for decorating around the house next holiday season.

Word Search Puzzle Wrapping Paper
VasseurBeauty on YouTube

This is a super smart idea that turns your traditional holiday gift into a game. Your friend can make the time they have to wait to open their gift between now and Christmas go by much quicker by playing the word search puzzle wrapping paper. You can even create your very own word search puzzle with holiday words online.

Doilies As Stencils
Zoella on YouTube

You can't go wrong with a pretty doily for a finishing touch. There are a few ideas for fun holiday accents you can add to any present in this video, but the doily accents are top-notch.

Use them as stencils to spray paint on a cool design, or glue them on for an added pop of something special. You can find a bulk of doilies on Etsy that will come in handy for all of your decorating needs.