How To Flirt With Someone In Class  If You Wanna Get Your Flirt On

School is back in session, which means more homework, tests, projects, and wondering how to keep up with it all. Beyond the academic side of school, going back to classes can be exciting because of the opportunity to casually flirt with that person you've been working up the courage to talk to for ages. How to flirt with someone in class can vary depending on your pre-existing relationship with that person — are you two meeting for the first time? Have you studied together before? Do you have mutual friends? All of these answers can be a factor in how you choose to approach a conversation with them.

If you're starting college, flirting with people in class can be an opportunity to not only find someone romantically, but also find a friend or study partner. Harnessing a little bit of bravery to say something could benefit you both in the long run, and if not, at least you'll probably be happy you tried at all. At the beginning of school, everyone is pretty much nervous and unsure of the new social setting, so being friendly to another person will probably make them a little bit relieved.

If you're both a couple of years into school, you may feel more comfortable starting up a convo with them. Regardless, sometimes we all need help wondering what to say. No worries, I've got you covered — check out the following conversation starters to help you flirt with that cutie in class.

If you've already met

If you already have an established working relationship with that cute person in your class, it's totally normal for you to strike up a conversation with them. Find a class-related excuse to talk to them, and see if you can use that as a starting point for other conversation down the line.

  • "Can we study together again for the next test? I'm sure you were the secret ingredient in helping me ace it last time."
  • "The fifth floor of the library is perfect for this class' reading assignments. Wanna join me there later?"
If you've crossed paths but aren't friends yet

For someone you haven't spent time with outside of class, opt for more in-the-moment class-specific conversation starters to get things going between you two.

  • "The homework was just to read Chapter 4 in the textbook, right?"
  • "Do you mind if I borrow a pen? I forget mine at home."
  • "Where did you get your planner? I love that design."
If you've literally never uttered a word to each other

Going up to people out of the blue is hard, so use any advantage you have to make things less awkward.

  • "Do you have a partner for the project? I need one and you seem to know what's going on in class."
  • "When's the test again? I lost my syllabus. Maybe I need a study buddy to help with that."

Just make sure your professor isn't talking or lecturing while you get your flirt on. That certainly won't help you snag an "A." But if you manage to start up a flirtatious study buddy? That'll prob help a lot. As long as you two, you know, actually study.

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