These Sneakers Are Functional & Cool For The Avid Traveler

by Kristin Corpuz
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Adidas, APL/Elite Daily
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Whether I'm breezing my way through an airport, exploring a new city, or going on a hike, I always travel with sneakers. They're a no-brainer for me because they often serve more than one purpose. They're good for any athletic activity while I'm away, they're perfect shoes for the airport, and of course, if they're from this list, they're stylish enough to complete every travel pic I post on the 'Gram. These are what I think are the best travel sneakers for the jet-setter who's always on the go.

I used to be Team Anti-Sneakers. I thought no amount of comfort would ever make me actually want to wear them. But now that I regularly travel all over the world — I'm on a plane no less than once every two weeks — comfort far outweighs style for me now. Luckily, the sneakers on this list check both the comfort and style boxes, and I never have to sacrifice one for the other.

These sneakers have different qualities about them that I like, whether they're waterproof, slip-on, trainers, or funky-fashionable, so there's a good argument to add all of them to your closet. If you're looking for shoes you can bring with you across the globe, make sure you take a look at this list.

These Slip-On Shoes Are Functional And Fashionable

These sneakers from APL are multifunctional. They're slip-ons, which is great for when you're rushing through airport security. You can use them for working out, and they're fashionable for walking around or even wearing with a casual dress. A major thing for me when I'm traveling is that everything I bring needs to have multiple purposes, and these fit the bill.

These Sneakers Will Upgrade Your Athleisure Look

If you love the look of athletic sneakers but want them to have the ease and casualness of walking shoes, then this pair from Adidas may be perfect for you. They have super supportive midsoles so you can walk around all day with them on. Plus, I love that they're cute enough to pair with stylish pants or a dress.

These Classics Are Stylish And Easy To Clean

Converse Chuck Taylors are classic shoes for good reason. They go with just about everything, are super comfortable, and are so easy to style. I especially love this pair because they're made with leather so they're easy to clean.

These Trainers Can Take You From The Tarmac To The Gym

Nike makes some of the comfiest travel sneakers ever, and these are no exception. These trainers are not only super stylish for the gym, but they're also great for exploring another city because of how supportive they are. These shoes are also super breathable.

Waterproof Sneakers Can Take You Through All Types Of Terrain

Just because you want something waterproof doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort or stylishness. These sneakers from Vessi Footwear are completely waterproof to keep your feet protected in rain, snow, or any other terrain. They're great for going on long walks or hikes.

These Wool Sneakers Are Super Comfy For All-Day Wear

Allbird's shoes are lightweight, super comfortable, and perfect for everyday travel. Whether you're cruising through the airport or adventuring through a new destination, these sneaks are great for keeping your feet feeling pampered all day long.

These Cool Patterned Sneaks Will Make For The Best Instas

If you're the kind of traveler who likes to make a statement with your fashion choices, these Steve Madden sneakers are for you. They have a 2.5-inch heel to give you that little extra boost, and the mix-and-match pattern is sure to be a standout no matter what outfit you wear. These sneakers are perfect for walking it out from the airport to a night out on the town.

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