7 Best Things To Do In NYC On Your Birthday To Get That Empire State Of Mind

It's your birthday, yay! Are you making your way to New York or do you already live there? Either way, it's your day, and as much as you didn't build this city, on your birthday the city should seem like it was made for you. The best things to do in NYC on your birthday vary depending on what level of fun you're trying to get into. The choice is up to you.

"Fun" is such a loose term, but on your birthday you have every right to indulge in whatever you classify it as. It's the one day you treat yo' self to the point where you feel spoiled AF. You deserve it, and NYC couldn't be a better place for you to ring in the amazing day of your birth.

Hopefully you're up for a little walking and public transportation, because it's the best way to get around and really see NYC. If you've never or hardly have been before, you're gonna wanna take in as much as you can. It's also your birthday, so take the reigns to your day and lead yourself to wherever your heart desires. Yeah, you're obligated to blow out candles at some point on your birthday, but any of these activities may take that extra breath away beforehand.

Feel On Top Of The World At A Rooftop Bar
fhrnet on Twitter

There are so many ways to see the NYC skyline, but sitting on a rooftop as people are raising a glass and telling you happy birthday, is a beautiful one. 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar is an incredible choice, and if your birthday falls in the colder months, take advantage of snuggling up with a blanket in one of the little igloos. Having a birthday toast on a rooftop is a must, so do a little research beforehand to find the perfect spot for you and your crew.

Grab Your Skates And Head To Lola Star's Dreamland Roller Disco
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You've probably been to a roller skating rink, but not like this one. Dreamland Roller Disco has some of the best themed skating parties around. If you love dressing up — it's your birthday, so you should — then head to one of their themed nights, get funky, and have some fun with your mains.

Engage In Some Epic Rock N Roll Karaoke At Arlene's Grocery
boardinogilvie on Twitter

Tired of letting that natural talent go to waste within the confined space of your car or in front of the mirror in your room? Well, at Arlene's Grocery, you not only get to sing your heart out, but a live band is there to make your wildest dreams come true. Pick a song from the list, and rock that sh*t.

Feed Your Fascination For Seafood At The Brooklyn Crab
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Whenever you are in a city that is so close to the water, seafood has got to make it into your itinerary. Eating oysters is fancy AF, and get the inside scoop of what drinks it pairs best with. At the Brooklyn Crab, indulge in crab and oysters by the bucket if you're up for it.

Feel Fancy Savoring French Cuisine For Brunch At Lafayette
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Whenever something is referred to as "bistro," you know you're about to step into classiness. The finishing touch to your birthday weekend should be brunch at Lafayette. Downtown Manhattan with your closest friends, eating fine food, and sipping on mimosas sounds like a solid birthday celebration to me. You can't beat the delicious menu, either.

Learn How To Make The Best Birthday Cake Ever At Momofuku Milk Bar
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Did I mention you need to treat yo' self? Learn from the pros how to make the absolute greatest birthday cake you will seriously ever have. Getting a close-knit group and booking a class as soon as possible is a smart choice. Making memories and baking memories is the way to go.

Get The Inside Scoop With A Museum Hack Guided Tour
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Tired of those cookie cutter tours that seem so textbook? With Museum Hack, you get the lowdown about cool museums that you probably never heard about before. It's like a guided tour with a twist, and it's available in more than just NYC. This is taking fun facts to an entirely new level.

Your birthday is all about you, queen. It's the day the world gained another gem.