7 Best Mystery Books For Your Spring Break Staycation That You Won't Put Down

Cabo isn't the only place to have a rejuvenating spring break. All of the things you need for a relaxing pause from school can be found right in your backyard. A staycation helps you reboot after a grueling semester. It's prime time to read all of the books you've been wanting to get to — and not because you're anticipating a pop quiz. If you're all about digging for clues while you're reading, you'll want to enjoy some of the best mystery books for your spring break, because you seriously won't want to put them down.

Mystery books have countless storylines, and they usually keep you turning each page longing to find out more. There's something so agonizing about not finding out the truth to a mystery. Call it being nosey or just plain old curious, but I have to know before I break for lunch, or it will bug me like crazy while I'm making my PB&J.

Reading is a relaxing pastime to pick up while you're on break, especially if you're chilling on a hammock in your backyard rockin' your favorite pair of shades. Unlike the busy semester that constantly summoned your thoughts to a million subjects at once, you'll just be focusing on this one thing. So, if you're ready to get your Sherlock Holmes on, any of these mystery books will really do the trick.

The Wife Between Us By Greer Hendricks And Sarah Pekkanen
Barnes & Noble

The Wife Between Us, $17.05, Barnes&Noble

Love, marriage, and the lengths at which some people will go to preserve both, is what you'll find in this novel. You will read this assuming that all the facts have been laid out for you. You'll feel like you have everything figured out — but that's usually when the real mystery begins.

The Couple Next Door By Shari Lapena
Barnes & Noble

The Couple Next Door, $13.37, Barnes & Noble

Stemming from a dinner party, a young couple gets wrapped up in an investigation after a horrible crime happens while they're there. When it comes down to it, how well do you really know your neighbors? Discover the secrets and deception that begin to unravel after one meal that started it all.

The Woman In Cabin 10 By Ruth Ware

The Woman in Cabin 10, $11.53, Amazon

When a journalists lands an awesome gig writing about a beautiful cruise for a week, you assume she has got it made. Just when you think things are too good to be true, the journalist, Lo Blacklock, witnesses someone being tossed off the ship — but it seems as though none of the passengers are missing. Something smells a tad fishy here.

The Nancy Drew Case Files: Secrets Can Kill By Carolyn Keene

Secrets Can Kill, $14.98, Amazon

If you have never read any Nancy Drew stuff, here is your chance. The first novel in the series follows Nancy as she investigates a string of petty crimes at a local high school. Sooner than later, those small crimes escalate to a grimmer situation — a murder.

The Silent Wife By A.S.A. Harrison

The Silent Wife, $9.79, Amazon

A marriage on the rocks is what sets the foundation for this page-turner of a novel. The husband, a cheater, has no idea how far his wife will go to claim her territory. Maybe her denial has kept her from simply coming out and saying it, and silence may very well be deadly in this thriller.

In The Woods By Tana French

In the Woods, $13.69, Amazon

When three children do not come home from the woods in a quaint Dublin town in 1984, police search and search. Only one terrified child is discovered with his sneakers drenched in blood — and he doesn't remember anything.

Years later, that child becomes a detective. He encounters déjà vu as the same circumstances in that town and those creepy woods occur when a 12-year-old girl is murdered.

I Am Watching You By Teresa Driscoll

I Am Watching You, $4.99, Amazon

When a woman notices two jailbirds hitting on a couple of young women on the train, she wants to act, but refrains from doing so. The following day, one of the young women on the train is reported missing on the news. On the anniversary of the girl's disappearance, the woman is sent sinister letters. And in a year's time, it seems as though the young girl's parents and friends are keeping something in the dark.

Mystery books evoke the curiosity in us. This spring break, you won't be able to put any of these good reads down.