7 Most Fun Lesbian Bars Across America That Are Perfect Places To Celebrate Pride

by Annie Foskett

I'll be quite honest, when I started researching the best lesbian bars in America, I did not realize that they were few and far between. The number of bars that cater to lesbians in the United States has slowly dwindled over the years, and that's a shame. While there are still queer and lesbian dance nights and some venues, most LGBTQ bars cater to gay men. This was a surprise to me at first. But then I realized that while I'm straight, I've been to multiple gay bars in my life, but I've only been to one lesbian bar. What even are the best lesbian bars in America? All of the remaining ones?

Extensive online research and reading firsthand accounts helped me determine the very best bars in America for queer women. Unsurprisingly, these bars have truly dedicated fan bases. If you're a person looking for a great bar to drink or dance the night away — particularly during Pride Month, which takes place every June — here are the top seven lesbian bars in the country, in no particular order. From Atlanta to San Diego, cheers to an excellent Pride celebration!

New York: Cubbyhole
Don Mathisen on YouTube

I had to start with this West Village staple, because it's the only bar on this list I've been too and because it has $2 margaritas on Tuesdays. (And who can turn down a $2 margarita on a Tuesday?) Cubbyhole is adorable inside, with fish decorations hanging from the ceiling and a well utilized jukebox. Next time you're in New York, come here to drink, dance, sing, or all of the above!

Atlanta: My Sister's Room
Stefan Shagwell on YouTube

This Midtown Atlanta staple was on everyone's list for best lesbian bars in the country, and it's no wonder why — My Sister's Room has a stacked events calendar. From RuPaul watch parties to open mics to karaoke, this bar has everything. This bar has been around for 21 years, and it knows what fun looks like.

Nashville: Lipstick Lounge
Resin Rebel on YouTube

Not unlike My Sister's Room in Atlanta, Nashville's Lipstick Lounge is more than just a bar. Head to this famous spot for bingo, karaoke, and even brunch. The spot attracts celebrities as well, so be on the lookout while ordering that round of drinks at the bar. Added bonus: you can expect that truly welcoming Southern hospitality at this East Nashville hot spot.

Palm Springs: The Dinah
Beer For Breakfast on YouTube

This isn't exactly a bar — it's a party! The Dinah or, "Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend," is the enormous five-day music festival that's also known as "the largest girl party in the world." This event made it on this list of bars because it's truly unmissable. Go (at least) once!

San Diego: Gossip Grill
Britt Richards on YouTube

First off, I must commend this bar for a truly excellent name. Gossip Grill is San Diego's favorite women's bar. This Hillcrest spot has been around since 2009, and there are plenty of reasons why. Gossip Grill is known for lobster rolls, patio with fire pits, and club nights. They also "play nice with boys," so you'll get a mix of people here too.

Miami: Purdy Lounge
boe63 on YouTube

The Purdy Lounge is the place to be for ladies looking for a great time in Miami. Every Thursday is ladies' night, but they also do reggae Mondays. It's Miami, so things — and people — get purdy lit here on a regular basis.

Los Angeles: The Chapel
The Abbey on YouTube

The Chapel is the brand-new sister bar of The Abbey, one of the most famous gay bars in the world. This West Hollywood spot has excellent food, so you're in for a treat. On Wednesdays, head to The Abbey for AltarGirl parties, which are apparently unmissable.