7 Animal Shelters To Volunteer At In NYC To Make More Than One Fur Babies' Day

In a perfect world, every fur baby would have a happy home and even happier owners who get to call them their pets. Sadly, some fur babies are still waiting on welcoming owners and have to be put into shelters instead. While you would take all of them in if you could, there are other ways you can help. There are animal shelters to volunteer at in NYC that will show that even though you can't take them all home, you're helping them find comfort where they are for now.

Shelters could use all the volunteering they can get because they often are only supplied a certain amount of money each year to keep functioning. They have a monster pile of other things to worry about, and your two hands and devotion could alleviate the stresses that come with keeping these places up and running. If you are a fur baby enthusiast, volunteering will seriously be a breeze and you'll immediately carve a soft spot for most, if not all, of the animals in the shelter. While NYC is only one of the many places you can volunteer at a shelter, here are a few places to look into if you find yourself in the Big Apple.

Animal Haven
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At Animal Haven, expect to get your hands involved in more than just one activity. While it's always beneficial to have a skill crafted towards a specific duty, being able to do just about anything is also rewarding. The volunteer program includes tasks like bathing the animals, walking the pups, or talking with potential adopters.

ASPCA Adoption Center
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To volunteer at ASPCA, you need to be at least 16 and ready to volunteer for a solid block of time. This has to do with the amount of training that goes into preparing volunteers for their daily activities. Preferably, eight hours a month, for six months is recommended.

Animal Care Centers Of NYC
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Animal Care Centers of NYC offers different volunteer programs. You can be a companion volunteer, a support programs volunteer, or a foster.

Help these pups get the attention they deserve by taking them out to get some exercise, strengthening their trust towards people, and tending to their kennels. Animal Care Centers of NYC has locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Best Friends Pet Adoption Center
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The title says it all. Fur babies ultimately become some of our best friends, which is why volunteering here is helping them get prepped to supply someone with that friendship. From mobile adoptions, transporting, or fostering, the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center is incredibly grateful for your volunteer work and the little guys inside surely will be as well.

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue
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Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is not only a dope name, but they have various opportunities for you to get involved. Whether you prefer a more hands-on role or a communications position, they're open to all types of skills.

There are many overlooked contributions that help shelters flourish and stay afloat. Keep your eyes peeled.

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Join over 500 volunteers at Bideawee who cater to the animals by participating in pet therapy programs or helping out at events. There's so much to do, and I'm sure you'll find a place where your help is needed.

Ollie's Place And Mighty Mutts
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Want to be a part of that magical moment when a potential adopter sees their fur baby for the first time? At Mighty Mutts, they are always looking for Saturday volunteers to host meet and greets at Union Square in Manhattan.

This is a great opportunity to get the dogs more exposure and increase their chances of being adopted. There are also volunteer opportunities veered towards cats at Ollie's Place.

Giving back is always humbling, and working with animals gives you a little something extra back. Every animal deserves a good home, and by volunteering, you're helping them reach that goal.