66 Insanely Clever Gifts Under $25 On Amazon

Gift-giving is a heartwarming endeavor that lets you show your loved ones how much you care about them and makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy. But you know what else it is? Expensive. Finding the best gifts under $25 can feel like a Herculean task when every time you flip a price tag over it gives you a mild heart attack. And finding gifts is a year-round thing — with birthdays, weddings, and holidays, there's rarely a time when you're not looking for something. That can also add up to a lot of money over time.

Well, don’t let the price of showing you care turn you into a grouch on special occasions. There are indeed cool gifts ideas out there that won’t cost a fortune, or leave you paying off your debt into old age. We’ve put together a list of great gifts that are not only fun but practical and clever, too — like hats that have earphones inside them, candles that work as body lotion, or slippers that heat up in the microwave. Take a look through this gallery of affordable gift ideas and save your energy for spending time with the people you care about. That is the point after all, right?

A Brilliant Cutting Tool That Peels Veggies and Scales Fish

This brilliant 6-in-1 chopping device removes the need for a bulky cutting board and performs practically every slicing operation you can think of — cutting, slicing, dicing, peeling, carving, and more. The space-saving device is the ultimate multi-tool for the kitchen, functioning all at once as a fruit and veggie peeler, a fish scaler, a bottle opener, a chopper, and a dual-plane cutting board. It is compact and convenient with silicone grips and premium stainless steel for tarnish-free, rust-free durability.

A Miraculous Facial Kit That Makes Your Skin Glow

It might briefly make you look like the walking dead, but this amazing eight-count facial packet kit (aka "zombie pack") is made with ingredients that tighten pores, hydrate skin, brighten complexion, remove dead cells, and balance pH levels. The process isn't pretty — it dries on your face to a textured, raisin-like appearance while the formula works its magic — however, when you rinse it off you'll have glowing skin. The staggeringly effective results come from the albumin-aloe vera extract combined with lavender oil, sea buckthorn extract, birch, adenosine, and rose. Mix the powder with the activator and watch the miracle unfold before your eyes.

A Portable Humidifier That Runs For Hours On One Charge

Easily charged with a USB adapter, this completely portable humidifier is easy to fill with water and take anywhere to add moisture to dry air and keep skin and hair healthier — and runs several hours on one charge. It has seven color breathing lights to add atmosphere and serenity to any room and the humidifier turns off after four hours (the lamp turns off after one hour) to give you peace of mind.

A Makeup Display Shelf That Keeps Everything Organized

If you're looking to clean up your vanity, this two-piece cosmetic storage display saves space while simultaneously organizing your makeup and jewelry. The customizable set features two stackable sections — one with slots and one with slide-out drawers — offering the option to use them separately or as one. The durable display unit also comes with removable black mesh padding to keep jewelry protected, and prevent it from sliding around on your dresser.

An Electric Facial Cleanser That Won't Break The Bank

This super affordable electric facial cleanser works just as wonderfully as similar items but at a fraction of the price. The waterproof facial scrubber softly penetrates the pores to remove blackheads, whiteheads, makeup, oil, dead skin, and milia. It also keeps them unclogged, which can help minimize acne and skin irritation. With two speed settings and seven interchangeable brush heads for cleansing and exfoliation, the electric massager also encourages collagen production.

A Compact Case That Keeps Your Earbuds From Tangling

A genius solution to tangled cords, this mega-convenient earbud case will keep your bag a little more organized. The compact case has a pouch in the middle that keeps the cord neat and tidy for quick-and-easy stashing in a hurry. As a bonus, the strong and durable case is big enough to hold phone charger cords as well as headphones.

A Clever Set Of Mixing Bowls That Fit Inside Each Other

This colorful set includes three nested mixing bowls, each of which boasts a soft, comfy grip and contoured pour spouts to mix ingredients without spilling all over the counter. With varying sizes that hold up to five quarts, the dishwasher-safe bowls fit inside one another perfectly, saving space and creating a clean kitchen with easy storage options.

This Facial Steamer With Temperature You Can Adjust

This superbly versatile three-in-one facial steamer softens your skin, humidifies the room, and — as if that's not enough — warms your towels, too. The steamer converts water into ultra-fine particles, resulting in a strong, even mist that takes just 30 seconds to create. It's lightweight, compact, and easy-to-operate. Whether you use it to keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated, to prevent the air from getting dry, or simply as a luxurious towel warmer, this divine mister is a great way for someone to spoil themselves.

A Tiny Bluetooth Speaker That Fits In Your Pocket

Perfect for anyone who loves listening to podcasts or music wherever they go, this tiny portable Bluetooth speaker is small enough to slide into your pocket yet manages to deliver an incredible degree of volume and sound clarity. It'll sync almost instantly for use up to 33 feet away, and the top-of-the-line battery promises eight hours of continuous playtime.

A Mascara Kits That Makes Your Eyelashes Longer Without Extensions

This absolutely incredible three-piece mascara kit will make your eyelashes longer without having to use fake lashes or extensions. Using a proprietary technology, you start with the gel and fiber tubes to plump and lengthen your lashes. This makes them immediately longer and also acts as a serum to promote long-term growth. After that, you coat a thin layer of the midnight black mascara onto your lashes and —voilà — maximum volume with no running or smudging. The formula is waterproof and clump-free with hypoallergenic natural green tea fibers that aid in lash growth.

A Travel Razor That Offers A Smooth Shave On The Go

Small enough to pack in your suitcase or backpack, this travel shaver delivers a close shave wherever you are. It runs on batteries so it's completely waterproof, comes with a cover to protect the shaver when not in use, and reviewers love how long it lasts: "Going on over a year now and it hasn't skipped a beat. Easy clean and batteries seem to last for months."

A Useful Set Of Whiskey Stones

This set of nine chilling stones are made from natural soapstone and keep any drink — not just whiskey — cold without watering it down. It's great for any cocktail or liquor drank on the rocks, and it comes in a beautiful velvet carrying pouch.

A Toothpick Dispenser That's Shaped Like An Adorable Narwhal

This adorable narwhal-shaped toothpick dispenser is possibly the cutest kitchen gadget in existence. The unique sea-themed dispenser is built with matte-finished porcelain and features a removable fill plug, and can hold 25 toothpicks before needing a refill. One excited Amazon user said: "Adorable conversation piece and really neat tooth pick holder. We love Narwahls so this was just the ticket."

A Deck Of 64 Affirmation Cards That Encourage Positivity

This deck contains 64 affirmation cards that encourage positive thinking. Every card in the deck is double-sided: One side is printed with an inspiring affirmation, and the other has a visualization.

A Self-Help Book That Doesn't Mince Words

This self-help book empowers anyone who reads it to move past the self-imposed limitations that hold people back from greatness. It's a tough love approach that teaches you to "expect nothing and accept everything." Reviewers absolutely rave about the messages in this book.

A Silk Pillowcase That Keeps Your Hair From Knotting

This ultra-soft silk pillowcase is a plush, luxurious treat to sleep on whether you're taking a quick cat nap or down for the night. Made of 600600mulberry silk, it feels like a day at the spa to rest your head on this lush fabric. The benefits of sleeping on silk are endless — it's hypoallergenic and breathable, it minimizes your hair knotting and tangling, it enhances the quality of your sleep, and it's better for your skin.

A Lens That Takes Incredible Photos On Any Smartphone

Take professional-quality photos with your smartphone using this top-performing, two-in-one phone camera lens adapter. It's got a wide angle lens and a macro lens that expand the camera's field of view to capture landscapes, and give more clarity to any image. It also minimizes reflections and shadows, and the LED beauty light that has three brightness levels for incredibly glamorous selfie or portrait photos.

A Brilliant Soap Made Out Of Beer

Made with great ingredients like bay rum, kaolin clay, Shea butter, this delightfully smelling soap smells spicy and fruity. Since beer is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this beer soap great for skin — it keeps things moisturized, and you can even use it on your hair.

This Notebook You Can Use Over & Over Again

Easy to carry and brilliantly useful, this genius reuseable notebook is the size of a regular B5 notebook but can be used up to 500 times. It has 60 pages and comes with a pen that has an eraser attached to it. Or, you can use a blow dryer or other hot air source to erase. One happy customer reported: "This notebook is fantastic. I often have to write down sensitive information for work and then shred it afterwards. This notebook has been invaluable. [...] I feel like I’m doing a small part in helping the environment and I don’t have to carry around as many notebooks in my briefcase."

A Journal That Reminds Us What Inspires Us

The concept of this journal is simple: every day, there is something to be inspired by. It also encourages anyone to write those things down, to remember when things seem bleak or hard. It also features prompts to remind the reader of the little things to appreciate, and reviewers say, "Every page presents a challenge that forces you to dig deep into your creative subconsciousness and to step out of your creative comfort zone."

A Washcloth That Gently Exfoliates While It Cleanses

This exfoliating bath towel is made from a rougher fabric than other towels, but successfully (and gently) removes excess dirt, oil, dead skin, and makeup from skin while providing a much richer soap lather. It's long enough to reach any area of the body, and it circulates blood to provide a comforting massage — and it'll prevent and heal acne, too.

A Soft Towel That Becomes A Makeup Remover When You Add Water

Rid yourself of disposable makeup wipes, oils, and micellar water with this genius makeup remover towel. Instead, remove stubborn mascara and eyeshadow with this reusable towel that's chemical-free and gentle on your skin. Simply run the towel under warm water, ring it out, and wipe away makeup, dirt, and oil. This really brilliant invention can be machine-washed and is compatible with varying skin types including sensitive, oily, dry, and combination skin.

A Bidet That's Incredibly Easy To Install

Leaving anyone who uses it feeling cleaner and fresher than traditional toilet paper and wet wipes, this bidet sprayer attaches to any toilet seat and works with no electricity — just water pressure. It installs in only ten minutes with just a screwdriver, and the nozzle only extracts when the device turns on.

A Headphone Set That Uses Magnet Technology

These intelligently engineered neckband headphones use an internal magnet that pulls the earplugs off easily when you don’t need them, reducing the burden on your ears. They're also about 60 percent lighter than most comparable earbuds on the market. They have industry-leading noise canceling features, blasting away background sounds and providing stellar audio clarity. The handy earbuds also sync with Bluetooth in a few seconds to deliver dynamic sound at a distance of up to 33 feet.

This Grow-Your-Own Herbal Tea Adventure

Grow four kinds of plants with this herbal tea starter kit — lemon balm, mint, catnip, and chamomile — that has 100 percent organic seeds, discs of soil, and biodegradable planters. It even comes with plant markers to keep track of what is what, and reviewers say it's super easy to use and only needs a little sunlight.

A Bluetooth Speaker That You Can Hang In The Shower

This portable shower speaker streams high-quality audio, and the detachable suction and aluminum alloy metal hook provide strong, durable hanging options. The slick silicone case makes it shock-proof and dust-proof, and a built-in rechargeable battery that will play for six straight hours. The VicTSing is an awesome gift for someone who likes tunes in the shower, as well as in their car, by the pool, near the hot tub, or down at the lake.

A Pair Of Slippers That You Heat Up In The Microwave

Pop these luxurious foot warmers into the microwave for about 30 seconds and emerge with cozy slippers that will stay heated for long periods of time They also emit a calming lavender aroma, and are filled with natural grains that will ease foot pains. Bonus points: the heat therapy slippers can also be used as cold compresses.

An Aluminum Pen That Won't Break And Comes With Tools

This awesomely versatile multi-tool pen is an awesome alternative to your standard flimsy pencil or pen. The uber-durable aluminum shaft doesn't have any easily-breakable moving parts, instead offering a heavy duty writing utensil that has spare tools inside as a bonus. In addition to being a writing utensil, this tool works as a bottle opener, screwdriver, sim card needle, and even a glass-breaker.

A Luxurious Foot Peel That Makes Your Feet Soft

Wear these booties for an hour, wait a few days, and this lavender foot peeling mask will work to shed all the dead skin off your feet. The formula's powerful blend of 17 highly moisturizing ingredients and botanical extracts include grapefruit, burdock root, orange, watercress, sage, lemon, chamomile, and more. The ingredients work together to peel away dead cells, exfoliate skin, treat athlete’s foot, soothe cracked skin, boost circulation, and make your feet smell good.

This Genius Device To Find Your Lost Keys

This super convenient key finder features four giant buttons with an LED flashlight so you can find your keys any time, any place — even in the dark. The genius device will let out a beeping sound to guide you to your misplaced keys, offering a locational range of up to 130 feet that will easily be heard through walls and objects like couch cushions. The ultra-bright colored receivers each have key rings for easy attachment.

An Enchanting Lamp That Looks Like The Moon

Mimicking the warm glow and look of the moon, this LED lamp creates a beautiful ambiance in any room. It's powered by a USB cord, meaning you can put it anywhere, and can provide 12 hours of light before it needs a charge. You can adjust the brightness by touching it, and it can emit 16 different colors from a warm yellow to bright purple.

A Small Easel You Can Use To Paint With Water

This miniature artist board is based on the Zen concept of mindfulness and living in the present moment. It allows you to act on a whim when artistic inspiration strikes, painting gorgeous works of art with nothing more than water. Once you are finished, you watch it evaporate, leaving you with a clear mind for your next creation. The eco-friendly board eliminates the need for chemicals like ink or paint and also reduces any mess.

A Brilliant Game That Lets Players Yell Out The Answers

This fast-paced game that can be played with up to six people doesn't follow the typical rules — players can just shout out the answer when they know it, even if it's not their turn. With 90 question cards, this game will be worth playing over and over again.

A Tiny Phone Charger That Goes On Your Keychain

This leather tassel hides two charging cables that are compatible with most Apple devices. The design easily hides the cords, and it's got a secure clip to keep it handy on a bag or keychain.

A Little Rubber Lady That Keeps Your Microwave Clean

This glorious microwave cleaner is the simplest, cutest way to clean the microwave of splatters and leftovers — just fill it with water and vinegar, and it will release steam that will loosen any stains inside. Wipe it down with a sponge, and that's all.

An Ice Maker That Makes Perfect Whiskey Cubes

This slick and easy cocktail ice maker is a fast and cool way to make impeccable ice cubes for your drinks. Simply add water to the eight-cube silicone apparatus like you would with any ice tray and pop it in the freezer. A few hours later you'll have extra large, perfectly tailored ice cubes custom-crafted just for whiskey and spirits. The big, two-inch cubes melt slowly, allowing your drink to stay chilled longer with less watery dilution. The trays are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

A Remote Control That Takes Selfies 30 Feet Away

Whenever you want to take a group photo, this easy-to-use, lightweight selfie button syncs with your Bluetooth to do the job from 30 feet away. With this button, you can get action photos or snap pics with friends without racing to get into the frame. It has a long battery life and no shutter lag, leaving you with lots of great captured memories.

A Phone Charger That Doesn't Require a Cord

This wireless phone charger feels like magic — because it gives your device juice without ever having to plug it in. With color options in black or cherry red, you can charge your Apple or Samsung phone vertically or horizontally, and this particular station operates faster than other wireless charging pad. It even works with cases that are up to two millimeters thick.

A Mini Rechargeable Massager That Saves A Trip To The Masseuse

Fully rechargeable for 180 minutes of massaging, this vibrating device is great for lower back, neck, foot, and leg pain. It's made with eco-friendly material, and has a powerful motor that pulses 15,000 times a minute. It's small and compact, but reviewers say it packs a punch — even on larger areas like the back.

A Body Wash Made With Seaweed

Made with bladder wrack seaweed, which contains over 65 skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals, this eucalyptus and peppermint body wash calms, nourishes, and moisturizes skin. It also includes natural ingredients like spirulina to cleanse, neem oil to moisturize cracked skin, and Hawaiian kukui oil to hydrate.

A Portable Blanket That's Built To Go Anywhere

This compact travel blanket offers a waterproof and puncture-resistant barrier to sit on when you're camping, picnicking, tailgating, or at the beach. Perfect for the outdoor adventurer, it has corner pockets you can fill with sand or rocks so it doesn't blow around, and a handy storage bag to tuck it into when it's time to pack up. This is an awesome portable blanket for warm, beach days, as well as rainy outings in the woods.

This Screen Cleaner That Makes Your Laptop Dust-Resistant

This screen cleaner kit is one of the most effective systems available for making your phone or laptop screen shine, in addition to disinfecting it from germs and bacteria. The aroma-free, non-toxic solution comes in a one-ounce spray bottle and is safe for people, pets, and kids. Whoosh's proprietary alcohol-free formula takes it one step further and leaves a nano-thin, invisible coating that protects the screen from dust, dirt, and oils from your hands. Then, the soft microfiber cloth can be used to wipe everything down without scratching the screen.

A Genius Heated Knife For Spreading Butter

This heated butter knife is one of the most genius products ever invented. Once it warms up (which it does super quickly) it can slice through and spread butter with little to no effort. It can even be used to melt a chunk of butter completely, by holding the knife to it for a few seconds. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 days, and is easy to re-up with a USB charger. The whole apparatus is a butter lover's dream come true.

A Pair Of Socks That Moisturize Your Ankles

These amazingly soft, moisturizing heel socks work together with the lotion of your choice, as well as aloe vera or shea butter, to trap moisture around your heels were they tend to get cracked and brittle. The grippy nylon-spandex blend of materials ensures they won't bunch up if you wear them with shoes while the breathable, toeless design makes them a great option to wear to bed.

A Facial Sponge Set That Rejuvenates Your Skin With Charcoal and Green Tea

This earthy, aromatic sponge set is chock-full of mineral additives such as turmeric, green tea, and activated charcoal that nourish your skin while you wash. With Konjac plant fiber, they naturally exfoliate your skin too, sloughing off dead layers of skin cells and leaving you looking hydrated. The multicolored sponges are fully biodegradable and can be composted after use.

A Fast Popcorn Maker That Goes In The Microwave

This simple microwavable popcorn maker features a quick-pop system that will make 14 cups of popcorn in four minutes. The straightforward silicone popper has heat-resistant handles, so there's no need for messing with hot pads, and it's safe for kids to use. It's dishwasher-safe and collapses down for easy storage, and it can also pop without using butter or oil, for those that want a healthier option.

A Facial Steamer That Opens Up Pores

This facial steamer uses steam to deeply open pores — which preps skin for more effective face masks, moisturizers, and serums. It also has a timer function, a nasal cone for concentrated steam that clears out sinuses, and a cleansing brush that gently removes dirt and oil. The brush also has a sponge that gently applies the moisturizer after steaming

A Makeup Bag That Holds Dozens Of Accessories

Forget those puny makeup bags that barely fit a tube of mascara. This giant, multi-compartment travel makeup bag will comfortably hold everything you need to get away for the weekend. With a mesh pocket for letting cloth products breathe, the nylon-polyester drawstring bag fits eyeshadows, lipsticks, brow pens, lash curlers, lotions, shampoos, deodorants, hair sprays, soaps, and then some. It also has a wide elastic strap inside to keep things from moving around.

A Brilliant Gadget That Makes Perfect Quesadillas

This quesadilla maker makes the delicious staple in just five minutes — and the clean-up is incredibly simple. It's got a two-position latch to adjust the thickness and a pre-heating light so you know exactly when it's ready.

An Oil That Makes Any Beard Ultra Soft

This incredible beard oil is a game-changer for scruffy beard owners (as well as their partners). Using a natural blend of sunflower, argan, primrose, jojoba, and vitamin E oils, the pleasantly scented formula softens beard hairs without leaving behind sticky residue or that grimy layer that other beard products are sometimes known for. The oil also moisturizes the skin underneath on the chin and cheeks, reducing dry skin and itchy beard dandruff.

A Headband That Has Built-In Audio Sound

Made from an incredibly soft material, these innovative sleep headphones are like a headband, sleep mask, and headphone set all in one. Unlike traditional earbuds that tend to hurt your ears and pop out all of the time, this smooth headband-style setup cushions your ears in lightweight, breathable material that plays sweet sounds while you drift off to sleep or while you run in cold weather. The moisture-wicking fleece can be pulled down over your eyes to act as a sleep mask, and it also comes with a handy little travel pouch.

A Heated Eyelash Curler To Give You Volume All Day Long

Keep lashes curled for longer with this long-lasting heated eyelash curler — a magnificent invention that uses heat along the length of the lash to create volume that lasts all day long. The circular contraption separates and styles the lashes without crimping, pinching, or giving you that spiky upright look. It's battery-powered and runs for months with just one battery.

A BBQ Set With All The Tools Needed For A Real Cookout

Complete with 18 tools — including a fork, tongs, scraper, basting brush and bottle opener — this kit comes in a portable storage case that's perfect for transporting to any barbecue or picnic. It even includes things like corn cob holders and skewers, so no party will come incomplete. The tools are made of stainless steel with sturdy, wooden handles.

A Set Of Packing Cubes To Organize Your Suitcase

Your suitcase doesn't have to look like a jumbled mess of clothes, because these ingenious packing organizers let you organize your belongings into neat little compressed bags, saving space when you travel and allowing you to track exactly where everything is. The expandable nylon material provides flexibility and the dual-way zippers maximize packing efficiency. The set comes with three medium-size compression bags, a bag for laundry, and four reusable zip bags.

An Acupressure Mat For Stress Relief

This acupressure mat has little spikes that hit certain points on the back — and these points might relieve stress, increase energy, and take away pain in the lower back. Laying on it for a few minutes can even help people fall asleep. "It 'hurts good.'" said one Amazon customer. "If you have knots you're working out of your muscles, you know what I mean by that. It's a perfect size and weight to be used comfortably, and I could throw it in a suitcase and take it with me when I travel, too, which is great."

An Antiperspirant For The Feet

This dermatologist-recommended foot lotion that uses FDA-approved products to stop excessive feet sweating. It's a non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly, and reviewers say it has a light scent and can also work on hands.

A Clever Kitchen Tool That Cooks Eggs In All Different Ways

This brilliant machine cooks up to seven eggs in a variety of ways — soft, medium, hard, or poached — and to absolute perfection. The shells will be easy to remove, it has automatic shutoff, and the built-in timer works every time. It also comes with a tray to make omelettes, a measuring cup, and a poaching tray.

These Cleaning Pads That Sterilize Your Phone On The Go

A phone can get pretty dirty, which is why these smartphone cleaning pads make great gifts that are incredibly practical. "These microfiber pads are wonderful for cleaning your phone or tablet," wrote one reviewer. "They fit in your purse and do the trick in a few seconds."

An LED Dog Collar For Night Walks

This rechargeable dog collar gives off five hours of bright light for every one hour charge. It's full adjustable, comfortable, and will help any dog be seen at night — which makes for a safer walk for you and your pet. It's easy to clip on, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

A Set Of Glass Straws You Can Use In Hot Cocoa

If you love hot chocolate, hot toddies, hot cider, or any delicious beverage with the word "hot" in it, you are going to be obsessed with these glass straws made out of borosilicate. Unlike regular straw material, borosilicate is extremely heat-resistant. The cool 10-piece set, which is eco-friendly and easy-to-clean, comes with four straight straws, four bent straws, and two straw cleaners. It also fits conveniently in tumblers to take to go.

A Kitchen Gadget That Chops Garlic Just By Rolling It

This genius garlic-chopping gadget allows you to effortlessly mince up garlic with the turn of a wheel. Just throw some cloves in the chamber, shut the trap, and roll it back and forth along the counter. Super sharps blades inside will do all of the work for you. Roll it a little bit longer for a finer mince, or give it just a few twirls for coarser, bigger chunks. The device is simple to clean and its ultra-compact shape makes it easy to store, too.

A Shampoo Made From Nourishing Beer Hops

It may sound a little bit out there, but washing your hair with beer is actually one of the best things you can do for it. This rich, craft beer shampoo set is made with malted barley and malt known to nourish and moisturize hair, offering protection from dryness, as well as strength and volume. The formula is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and other unnatural ingredients, leaving a simple fragrance (not like beer) that is PH-balanced and full or nutrients.

A Foot Roller That Provides Arch Relief

Made for massaging tired, achy feet, this roller has little nubs on it that gives relief for arches and heels. It comes with a downloadable e-book of instructions and helpful tips, and provides a kneading effect for intense knots.

A Facial Gel That Peels Away Dead Skin

This facial peeling gel is a strong exfoliant that will shed layers of dead skin right in front of your eyes. However, unlike many facial peels, this one doesn't irritate your skin or leave your face feeling like it's been rubbed raw. Amazon reviewers seem to adore the gel with one exclaiming: "This product is wonderful. It works so much better than any scrub or exfoliating product I've ever tried. My skin is smooth and soft after I use it. It's also very gentle, which is great for my sensitive skin."

A Brilliant Hands-Free Device For The Car

Able to connect to any tablet or phone with Bluetooth capabilities, this radio adapter is an easy way to make hands-free calls while driving, listen to podcasts, stream music, or listen to the radio. It’s got an easy on/off switch, but does go to sleep when not in use if you forget to unplug it. It’s also got a sizable LCD screen so you can see the song names displayed, incoming phone numbers — and it has frequency interference and noise cancellation for completely clear sound every time.

A Straightforward Book Everyone Could Use Right Now

A self-help guide that doesn’t hold back, this book is a bestseller and sold over a million copies for a reason — it’s honest, and it doesn’t sugarcoat. Written by blogger Mark Manson, it aims to teach people how to accept the negative, handle problems, stop being so positive, and live a more content, grounded life. One reviewer writes: “It’s a great book, a quick read and I recommend it to anyone who needs to take a step back from life and re-evaluate their priorities.”

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