65 Weird Things On Amazon That Are Wildly Popular with Millennials

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Millennials are a lot of things: hard-working, intent on changing the world, maybe a little too into avocado toast, and plenty of other traits that might come to mind. But they're also savvy shoppers — and really, really good at finding oddball products that are actually pretty genius when you think about it. And these weird Amazon products with four- and five-star reviews could be plenty of millennial's cup of tea, but you don't have to be of that generation to really enjoy them. Because no matter your age, who doesn't appreciate a brilliant product?

You can always tell when a product is quality because it has hundreds of positive reviews — or it's simply an incredible idea that solves a problem you didn't know could be solved. But when it has the extra bonus of being backed by a generation that is one of the smartest when it comes to doing its due diligence researching products? Then how could you ever pass on the stuff?

Luckily for you, not only are the items I've chosen to feature top-tier quality, but these weird and unique Amazon products also happen to be genius — perfect for the millennial in all of us.

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