65 Extremely Popular Things On Amazon Prime That Are Selling Out

by Anna Anderson and Lisa Fogarty

If you're shopping for any occasion — whether it's the holidays, a housewarming, one of the eight million bridal showers you have this year, or a birthday — there are two things that will keep it stress-free. 1) Relying on extremely popular gifts that have already been vetted by tons of happy consumers. 2) Ordering said popular gifts on Amazon Prime so they'll come to your door in two days.

Few things in life are better than two-day shipping (puppies, someone telling you they'll buy the next round, free guac) — but when it comes to buying gifts, nothing beats fast shipping. I mean, what would you rather do: fight through crowds at the store, or order the perfect gift on your couch while eating popcorn in your pajamas? The second is basically multi-tasking, and there is no other right answer.

Having an Amazon Prime account is pretty essential to scoring the most popular gifts before they sell out — they'll arrive on your doorstep before the the big box stores even have time to restock their shelves. So here's a round-up of the best products that'll get to you fast. Which is pretty important, especially if you just remembered that special occasion coming up that you forgot to buy a gift for.

This Laundry Drying Rack That Folds Up Flat For Storage

Much more practical than a clothesline, this accordion-style drying rack folds flat for storage, then pops up so that you can easily hang your clothes on laundry day. It's made from lightweight, durable steel, and can hold up to 32 pounds of wet clothes.

A Handheld Vacuum For Small Messes And Tight Spaces

Furniture, cars, and small messes — this rechargeable, handheld vacuum can clean them all. It features a 180-degree rotating nozzle, a flip-out brush attachment for dusting and upholstery, as well as a pull-out crevice tool for reaching into tight spaces.

A Dish Brush That Cleans Deep Into Tight Corners

A dish brush is a gift that's guaranteed to be used every day, and this one is better than most. This dish brush features super-tough nylon bristles that reach deep into tight corners, as well as a built-in scraper for stubborn baked-on food. It's safe to use on non-stick bakeware and cookware, and the non-slip handle ensures a firm grip for wet hands.

This Pack Of Washcloths That Are Fade-Resistant

These fluffy and absorbent washcloths are made from 100% cotton, and they're also fade-resistant so that you won't have to worry about the color growing dull. They're available in a variety of colors, including navy, grey, teal, and more.

These Gel Pillows That Are Resistant To Dust Mites

Not only are they filled with super-soft and supportive gel fibers, but these plush pillows are also made with a removable, machine-washable cover that's both hypoallergenic as well as resistant to dust mites. They're made from breathable cotton that won't leave you feeling overheated at night, and one Amazon reviewer raved that they're "cool, comfortable, and easily fluffable."

This Extendable Scrubber Cleans Those Hard-To-Reach Spots In Your Shower

Instead of getting down on your hands and knees in order to clean your entire shower, use this extendable tub and tile scrubber. The unique triangle-shaped head is designed to reach into those hard-to-reach corners and curves, plus the cleaning sponge is abrasive enough to scrub away super-stubborn grime.

This Ultra-Soft Comforter Set Made From Plush Sherpa

Cold mornings just got cozier thanks to this ultra-soft comforter set that's lined with plush sherpa material. The box-stitched comforter is filled with luxurious down for extra-fluffy warmth, plus it even comes with two matching shams. Choose from nine colors including charcoal, cream, smoke blue, red, and more.

An Essential Oil Diffuser With 7 Color-Changing Mood Lights

Fill your home with the soothing scents of lavender, bergamot, or ylang-ylang by using this essential oil diffuser. This diffuser features seven built-in color-changing LED lights to help you set a relaxing mood in your home after a long day, and it can run for up to six continuous hours when the water reservoir is full.

A Lazy Susan With A Deep Lip Around The Edge That Keeps Your Items Upright

Perfect for laundry rooms, pantries, cabinets, and more, this lazy Susan is made with a deep lip around the edge that helps keep your items upright. You can use it as a convenient place to store spices, condiments, detergent, fabric softener, liquid cleaners, or practically anything else, plus many Amazon reviewers mentioned how it "turns smoothly."

A Laundry Hamper That Collapses Flat For Easy Storage

This laundry hamper is compact enough to fit into the corner of your bedroom or closet, yet spacious enough that it can hold all of your dirty clothes until laundry day rolls around. The handles on the side make it easy to transport from room to room, and it collapses down flat so that it's easy to store when you're not using it.

This Super-Soft Throw Blanket That Comes In Dozens Of Colors

Drape this throw blanket over the sofa to add a pop of color, or wrap yourself up in it for a cozy afternoon nap. This blanket is available in dozens of colors, including rust, oatmeal, citron, baby blue, and more, plus it's machine-washable so that you don't have to worry about accidental spills.

A Coffee Grinder That Lets You Adjust How Coarse Your Beans Come Out

Brew a better, fresher pot of coffee with this highly-rated coffee grinder. You can choose between a coarse, medium, or fine grind, plus you can also use it to chop up nuts and spices. It's great for all types of coffee brewing methods, including French presses, percolators, or even espresso machines, and its compact size makes it easy to store in cramped kitchens.

These Scrapers That Won't Scratch Your Pots And Pans

Remove super-tough baked-on messes from your pots and pans — without risk of scratching the non-stick coating — using these pan scrapers. They're made with super-durable polycarbonate, plus each corner is a different shape so that they can easily fit into a variety of curves and angles.

An Insulated Travel Mug With A Tight, Mess-Free Lid

Made with leakproof lids that help prevent accidental spills, these vacuum-insulated travel mugs are able to keep cold drinks chilled for up to 12 hours, or hot drinks toasty for up to five. The one-touch button lets you pop the lid open using just one hand, and both mugs are completely BPA-free.

The Pot Handle Cover That Keeps You Safe From Burns

Keep yourself safe from accidental burns while you're cooking by using this silicone cover overtop of your hot pot and pan handles. These covers are flexible so that they can fit on most handles, and they're heat-resistant all the way up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

An Electric Griddle With Detachable Handles

Not only is this electric griddle coated in nonstick so that it's easy to clean, but the handles can also be detached so that it's easy to tuck away into storage. The heat is adjustable depending on what you're cooking, and it's particularly great for whipping up a quick breakfast without getting your stove dirty.

The Countertop Grill With Removable Plates For Easier Cleaning

Grill up delicious paninis, veggies, chicken, and more with this portable George Foreman grill. Unlike other countertop grills, this one features non-stick plates that can be removed for much easier cleaning, and the sloped cooking surfaces help drain away any excess oils or drippings.

This Hand Duster That's Perfect For Hard-To-Reach Window Blinds

Capture dust and lint from lighting fixtures, window blinds, and other hard-to-reach areas with this microfiber hand duster. The extra-large dusting head cleans a larger surface area in order to help save you time, and it can even be detached and tossed into the washing machine for a quick clean.

These Containers That Help Keep Your Ingredients Fresher For Longer

Keep your produce fresher for longer periods of time (and save yourself some money) by using this trio of vented food saver containers. Each order comes with one small, medium, and large container, plus the crisping tray helps prevent excess moisture from building up inside.

A Zester Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Zesting citrus into your dish can take a meal from ordinary to extraordinary, and this zester gets the job done in the blink of an eye. It's made from durable, rust-resistant stainless steel — and the zesting blades are sharp enough that you can even use them to grate nuts and cheese.

These Glasses That Are Essential For Any Whiskey Drinker

Whisky drinkers know the importance of a good glass — and these whisky glasses have a unique size and shape that help enhance your drinking experience. Many Amazon reviewers described them as "high-quality," and one even wrote that their shape "concentrates the aromas in an optimal fashion."

An Apple Corer And Slicer Made With Extra-Large Handles

Take all of the work out of prepping apples for snacks, pies, and other recipes with this apple corer and slicer. The extra-large handles help you keep a tight grip on your fruit as you press downwards, and the blades are made from rust-resistant stainless steel.

This Deep Fryer That's Large Enough To Feed Your Whole Family

Feed an entire family with this deep fryer, which is ideal for making delicious fried chicken, shrimp, French fries, onion rings, as well as hundreds of other recipes. And it couldn’t be simpler to use — there are no temperature controls to mess with since it maintains the ideal frying temperature at all times, and it even boasts a non-stick surface that's easy to clean.

The Mess-Free Way To Microwave Soup And Beverages

Instead of letting your bowl of soup splatter all over the inside of your microwave, try using this microwaveable mug. It's designed with a steam-release lid that prevents messy splatter, and the cool-touch handle helps keep your hands safe from accidental burns.

A Bamboo Cutting Board That Helps Prevent Cross-Contamination

This cutting board is not only made from eco-friendly bamboo, but it can also be used as a chic serving tray for cheese, fruit, crackers, and more. Unlike other cutting boards, this one also comes with seven color-coded sheets that you can use to prepare ingredients to avoid cross-contamination.

This Double-Tiered Steamer With Separate Compartments For Meats And Veggies

Instead of steaming two ingredients separately, use this double-tiered steamer to save yourself some time cooking meats and vegetables. The steamer bowls nest inside of each other for easy storage when you're not using them, and the built-in timer helps prevent your food from overcooking.

An Immersion Blender That Comes With Two Bonus Attachments

Just stick this immersion blender into practically any container, and it'll easily chop, puree, or blend your ingredients with the simple push of a button. There are 12 different speeds to choose from, and each order also comes with two bonus attachments: one for beating eggs, and a second for chopping up meat.

An Adjustable Travel Pillow Stuffed With Plush Memory Foam

It can be difficult to fall asleep while traveling, which is why this travel pillow can be bent and adjusted into practically any shape to keep you comfortable. It's designed to help support your neck, shoulders, and back so that you don't feel cramped, and the built-in snap closure makes it easy to attach to your luggage.

This Skincare Oil That Hydrate Parched Skin

This skincare oil also delivers a nourishing boost of moisture to your complexion. The formula is hypoallergenic so that it's safe for people with sensitive skin, and unlike other oils, this one won't clog your pores.

A Hydrating Eye Cream Made With Vitamins C And E

Not only is it an easy way to hydrate your skin, but this cult-favorite eye cream is also formulated with vitamin C and E, which are excellent for fighting inflammation while simultaneously evening out your skin tone. It's vegan-friendly as well as cruelty-free, plus it's gentle enough for sensitive skin.

The Micellar Water That Washes Away Makeup On Sensitive Skin

Is there anything better than a beauty product that can do more than one job, while simultaneously saving you money over time? This micellar water cleanser is also a makeup remover that gets rid of stubborn waterproof mascara — no rinsing is required, plus it’s safe for all skin types.

A Beautiful Woven Storage Basket For Clothes Or Toys

A quality storage hamper can also be super-cute — and this woven rope basket made from organic cotton is proof. It has unique knot tie handles on the side that make it easy to transport around your home, plus it comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

This Super-Durable Record Holder That Can Hold Up To 50 Albums

Display your favorite albums while protecting them from damage using this vinyl record holder. It's made from sturdy wood with acrylic bookends that allow it to hold up to 50 albums, and it's available in a variety of colors that can match practically any style of decor in your home.

A Himalayan Salt Lamp That Doubles As A Soothing Nightlight

Made with salt sourced from the real Himalayan mountains, this Himalayan salt lamp is a calming, chic source of light that can also be used as a kid's nightlight. The dimmer switch makes it easy to adjust how bright it is, and the base is made from sturdy, solid wood.

The Backup Camera That Helps You Parallel Park Your Car

Instead of attempting to guess how much space is behind your car while parking, try using this convenient camera instead. This camera is made with a night vision function so that you can also use it in the dark, and it even doubles as a dash camera that can record video in one-, two-, or three-minute segments.

This Luxurious Five-Piece Skincare Set With A Carrying Case

Forget about packing a toiletry bag when it's time to travel — this luxurious set of Nivea skincare products has done the work for you. Each set comes with a variety of lotions and creams that deliver a nourishing dose of moisture to your skin and lips, plus it all arrives packaged in a convenient carrying case.

A Primer And Mascara Set With Over 2,500 Positive Reviews

Not only do they help boost the volume and length of your lashes, but this eyelash primer and mascara set comes with a brush that has over 200 bristles to ensure every lash is coated. With over 2,500 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear that this set is a hit — and many Amazon shoppers wrote how they were "very impressed."

A Funnel That Helps You Get Every Last Drop Out Of Your Bottles

Instead of throwing out your bottles when there's still liquid inside, use this smart funnel to get every last drop out of the bottom. Just insert the bottle into the sturdy base, then flip it over so that gravity can work its magic.

A Hydrating Lip Cream That Save Dry Lips

Bring dry, chapped lips back from the Sahara with this lip conditioning cream. It's made with lanolin and olive oil, plus the added aloe vera works to leave your lips smooth and soft. You can wear it under lipstick as a hydrating primer, or it can be worn solo for its hydrating benefits.

This Moisturizing Skincare Set That Will Get You Through Winter

If your complexion begins to dry out during the winter, so try keeping it smooth and soft by using this skincare set. Each set comes with a moisturizing face mask, lip treatment, and more, plus the formulas are non-comedogenic as well as oil-free.

A Volumizing Hairspray With Thousands Of Glowing Reviews

Unlike other hairsprays, this one provides incredible hold without making your hair feel stiff and unmanageable. Over 2,500 Amazon reviewers have left positive four- and five-star reviews, with one raving that their hair "stays put for hours and keeps its body, but doesn't look like it's been sprayed."

The Hair Dryer That Fights Frizz So Your Hair Feels Soft And Smooth

Not only do you get three hair clips with every order, but this infrared hair dryer is also made with tourmaline ionic technology that helps reduce frizz while adding shine to your hair. There are two heat and speed settings to choose from, and the included diffuser is great for curly hair.

These Travel-Size Mini Body Butters In Scrumptious Scents

Formulated with light, sweet fragrances that aren't overpowering, this body butter set lets you try a different scent every weekday. They leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized for up to two days, and each set comes with five scents: strawberry, shea butter, British rose, mango, as well as almond milk and honey.

A Retractable Kabuki Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Made from eco-friendly bamboo and recycled aluminum, this large, soft kabuki makeup brush is the perfect size for applying foundation and bronzer. The bristles are synthetic as well as cruelty-free, plus they're also retractable so that they stay clear from dirt and grime.

The Smart Light Switch You Can Control From Anywhere

Why settle for an ordinary light switch, when this smart light switch can be controlled using Google Assistant, Alexa, and more? The downloadable app helps you save money on your utility bill by letting you set schedules for when your lights should be on or off, and one switch is able to control a three-way circuit.

This Kit That Helps You Cleanse Your Pores And Remove Blackheads

Nano steam is super-effective at penetrating your skin so that it's ready to absorb serums and creams, and this facial steamer is able to produce it for up to 10 minutes when the built-in water tank is full. Each order also comes with a bonus hairband, as well as a set of stainless steel blackhead removal tools.

A Car Phone Mount That's Compatible With Practically Any Phone

Universally compatible with practically any type of phone, this car phone mount is made with a telescopic arm that lets you adjust the viewing angle so that your phone is always easy to read. The strong suction cup lets you attach it to your dashboard or windshield, and the one-touch release makes it easy to pop your phone out once you're done driving.

This Unique Wine Bottle Stopper With A Built-In Aerator

This is no ordinary cork — not only does it work as a bottle stopper and aerator, but it can also regulate the temperature of your wine so that your whites are chilled, while your reds stay at room temperature. The built-in spout means you can keep this cork in the bottle while you're pouring, and it's completely BPA-free.

The Tea Bag Sampler That Comes With Eight Varieties Of Tea

If someone in your life loves drinking tea, this is the gift that will keep on giving. This tea bag sampler contains 40 tea bags with eight different flavors, including chamomile mint citrus, turmeric spiced, high mountain, darjeeling summer, India’s original, Maharaja breakfast, earl grey citrus, and organic Himalayan.

This Set Of Cheese Knives Made From Eco-Friendly Acacia Wood

This set of cheese knives is incredibly chic, thanks to the acacia wood handles that were sustainably harvested from Thailand. The blades are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, plus each set includes a knife, fork, and spreader.

This Family-Friendly Card Game Where You Build A Monster

Perfect for children ages 10 and up, this family-friendly card game has players build fun, quirky monsters that eat babies. The player who eats the most babies wins, and unlike other games, this one only takes about 20 minutes to play.

A Kitchen Utensil Set Made From Beautiful, Polished Copper

Whether you're moving into a starter home, or just looking to upgrade your kitchen, this affordable cooking utensil set is right up your alley. This set is made with copper-coated stainless steel as well as soft, non-slip handles, plus each order comes with seven utensils — including a can opener, ice cream scoop, pizza cutter, garlic press, cheese grater, and more.

The Portable Door Lock That Adds Security To Any Room

Whether you're staying at a hotel or an Airbnb, these portable door locks are an easy way to add peace of mind while you travel. There are zero tools required for installation, and lots of Amazon reviewers rave about it.

These Healing Crystals That Are Perfect For Reiki And Relaxation

If meditating with healing crystals helps you relax, or if you use them for reiki and yoga, this set will win you over with its beauty and craftsmanship. Each order comes with four different crystals made from green fluorite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, and black obsidian.

A Heated Foot Massager That Soothes Away Aches And Fatigue

Is there ever a night when a good foot massage doesn’t soothe the soul (and, of course, your poor, aching feet)? This infrared foot massager is made with six massage heads as well as 18 rotating massaging nodes, plus the optional heat function is great for those cold winter nights.

These Terrarium Planters That Easily Mount To Your Walls

Be a proud plant parent, improve the air quality in your home, and make everything around you look better with these beautiful terrarium glass planters. These planters can be mounted to your walls to conserve space, and the glass is even heat-resistant.

The Stemless Wine Glasses With A Chic Brass-Plated Exterior

Not only is the unique brass design incredibly chic, but these stemless wine glasses allow the warmth from your hands to regulate the temperature of any over-chilled wines. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that these glasses "a nice thickness to it — not overly thick or thin."

This Weighted Blanket That Can Help Reduce Stress

The next time you're feeling anxious or stressed, try crawling underneath this weighted blanket. It's filled with glass beads that are evenly distributed in order to avoid any uncomfortable pressure points, plus many Amazon reviewers raved about how it helps them "fall asleep, and stay asleep."

A Shoulder And Neck Massager That Comes With A Car Adapter

This shiatsu massager sits comfortably on your shoulders in order to target any aches or pains in your muscles, and the optional heat function is great for soothing away fatigue. You can wear it while relaxing at home or working at the office, and it even comes with a car adapter so you can use it while driving.

An Infuser Tea Set Made From Heat-Resistant Borosilicate Glass

Just pack your favorite tea bags or loose tea leaves, and you can easily brew your favorite blend while you're on-the-go by using this infuser tea set. It's made with heat-resistant borosilicate glass as well as a cool-touch bottom that won't burn your fingers, and each order also comes with its own zippered carrying case.

The Mini Food Chopper That Helps Reduce Kitchen Messes

Create garnishes and dressings for meals without dirtying up your entire kitchen using this mini food chopper. It can easily blend, mince, dice, and chop your ingredients while keeping any messes inside the chopper bowl, plus the non-slip base helps prevent it from knocking over.

An Electric Popcorn Popper With A Nesting Lid For Easy Storage

Make popcorn the old-fashioned way by ditching your microwave and using this electric popcorn popper. The built-in kernel stirrer on the bottom helps distribute heat evenly so that more kernels pop per batch, and the transparent lid nests neatly inside the bowl for convenient storage.

This Muscle Roller Stick That You Can Take Practically Anywhere

Sometimes the best pain relief comes from a low-tech, no-frills tool — like this effective massage roller stick. Unlike other rollers, this one is compact and lightweight so that you can take it practically anywhere, plus the easy-to-hold handle lets you apply as much or as little pressure as you like.

A Contoured Sleep Mask That Won't Put Pressure On Your Eyes

Unlike inferior masks, this sleep mask is designed with 3-D contoured cups so that it won’t exert uncomfortable pressure on your eyes. It's filled with soft memory foam that won't deflate over time, plus the adjustable buckle strap allows it to fit heads of all shapes and sizes.

The Inflatable Lounger That's Portable And Waterproof

Give yourself a comfortable place to relax after a long day of camping or hiking by using this waterproof inflatable lounger. There's no air pump required since it inflates with a gentle whisk through the air, and the mesh side pocket is a convenient place to store small items. It's available in a variety of colors, plus it even comes with its own carrying bag.

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