60 Weird But Awesome Things Under $30 On Amazon Prime

Standout gifts can be hard to come by. After all, how do you think the fruitcake became the stuff of gift-giving legends? If you're the kind of person who eschews gift cards and likes to ensure that your presents are the ones that leave folks talking, chuckling, and perhaps even doing a little head-scratching, there's no better place to take a walk on the wild side than online. Getting a remarkable gift doesn't have to break the bank, either: Check out, for example, these weird but awesome gifts under $30 on Amazon Prime that are sure to leave those on your list with something to talk about.

These aren't just creepy gag gifts your loved ones will consign to the depths of their closets, either — here you'll find useful items that just happen to live a bit off the beaten path. You'll find everything from these acupressure slippers, a totally bizarre-looking but thoughtful gift for anyone who has to be on their feet a lot or simply enjoys a relaxing massage, to the motion-activated night light that goes inside the toilet rim to light the way without harsh overhead lights and features eight color choices (it can also rotate through a light show).

See? Just those two selections alone would be perfect for almost anyone and are available with two-day Prime shipping...and yet you can choose from 60 more items on this list that also meet those very criteria. Put down the fruitcake and keep those gift cards for yourself — it's time to get shopping!

Lifestyle — 60 Weird But Awesome Things Under $30 On Amazon Prime

1. This Eye Cream And Massager Combo That Rejuvenates Your Under Eye Area

Eye Cream With Vibrating Massager, $15, Amazon

This eye cream and massager kit is a great way to rejuvenate your skin and practice self-care. The eye cream consists of polypeptides and hyaluronic acid, which provide hydrating and anti-aging benefits. The vibrating massager then works to open the pores, which helps the cream to start moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin quickly.


2. A Stool That Promotes Healthier...Stool

Squat-N-Go Toilet Stool, $20, Amazon

This toilet stool helps users poop more efficiently and in a more natural and healthy manner. It breaks down into three pieces for easy storage so it can be conveniently hidden out of sight when not in use, and it even comes with a bag for travel.


3. This Seaweed Cream Restores And Rehydrates Skin Overnight

Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream, $22, Amazon

From Romanian-born skin care mastermind Mario Badescu comes this night cream that replenishes moisture and nourishes dehydrated skin thanks to the naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals in bladderwrack seaweed. Badescu combines the extracts from the seaweed with elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid in this 1-ounce wonder to treat all types of skin in a gentle overnight formulation.


4. The Fitness Accessory That Stretches Your Calves And Provides Pain Relief

YOFIT Foot Rocker, $21, Amazon

Weekend warriors and everyday athletes alike will appreciate this device that helps stretch out the lower leg muscles as well as the tendons and ligaments. Improved blood flow and flexibility improves performance while also easing the pain of troublesome conditions like tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Lightweight and portable, yet durable for years of use, it's a favorite of physical therapists, and is also great for use before bed for people who suffer from restless leg syndrome.


5. This Power Scrubber Cuts Down On Cleaning Time All Over The House

Microant Power Scrubber Brush, $20, Amazon

This power scrubber brush is equipped to handle a wide range of cleaning challenges all over the house. It's conveniently handheld to scour pans or just suds up dishes — so it would be great for anyone with decreased hand strength or wrist issues. It's also perfect for a multitude of chores outside the kitchen, from cleaning blinds to washing the car.


6. A Curling Iron That Does All The Work Itself

Kiss InstaWave Automatic Hair Curler, $30, Amazon

To use this automatic curling iron, simply place a strand of hair between the tongs and the barrel, and the iron itself does the rest of the work at the push of a button. It features ceramic ionic technology for smooth waves, and a patented curl dial design to prevent tangling. The barrel heats up to 400 degrees, so its suitable for all hair types.


7. This Partitioned Skillet That'll Let You Cook Multiple Items On One Pan

MasterPan Meal Skillet, $30, Amazon

This skillet features three compartments to permit cooking an entire meal at one time, separately, plus the large main compartment is actually a grill pan. Its heavy-gauge, die-cast aluminum construction promotes even cooking, and it has a PFOA- and PTFE-free non-stick coating for easy cleaning.


8. A Cream That Uses Snail Mucin To Repair And Replenish The Skin

THEPURI Advanced Snail Repair Cream, $19, Amazon

This cream is formulated using the super-hot K-beauty ingredient snail mucin to help heal, deeply moisturize, and replenish skin. Snail mucin is a favorite of A-listers and beauty cognoscenti alike for its powerful peptides, and this cruelty-free potion is full of them as well as shea butter, organic aloe vera, jojoba oil, and vitamins E and B5. A must for any skin care aficionado.


9. The Tongs That Are Also A Scoop And A Strainer

TNK Brand Barracuda Kitchen Multitongs, $10, Amazon

It could be the most versatile kitchen tool you've ever seen: these tongs not only function in the traditional manner, but their shape also allows them to function as a scoop, and they have holes in the bottom so they can work to strain liquids off of veggies or pasta. Made from heavy-duty nylon that's heat-safe up to 460 degrees with stainless steel handles, this gadget saves both time and space, making it the perfect gift for avid cooks.


10. This Steel Ball Helps Make The Future Free From Aches And Pains

ReCOV Right ReCOV Ball, $29, Amazon

Featuring a stainless steel ball that can be either frozen or submerged in a bowl of warm water to provide therapeutic treatment for a variety of aches and pains, this massage ball rolls smoothly through 360 degrees of relief. Designed to be used either with or without the ergonomically-engineered holder, the core of the ball contains a temperature-changing gel that enables it to retain either heat or cold for long periods of time. Great after a long day at the computer or after a hard workout.


11. This Two-In-One Chopper That Will Slice And Store Your Veggies

Yakatto Mandoline Slicer, $20, Amazon

Great for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and even cheeses, this mandolin slicer makes it simple to prep and store foods in the same container. With five stainless steel blade options and a protective finger-guard, you can safely slice and dice even the toughest of vegetables. All parts are BPA-free and easy to clean with a gentle hand-wash.


12. The Eyeliner That Provides A No-Fail Cat's Eye Every Time

Vogue Effects Eyeliner Stamp, $13 (Set of 2), Amazon

With one pen for each eye, this eyeliner is the fail-proof way to get the perfect cat's eye every time. One end of each pen features a "wing" stamp that's simply applied to the outside corner of the eye, while the other features a brush to contour the remainder of the eyelid. Once complete, the cat's eye is flawless, and the formulation of the liner, including two types of natural wax, simply won't budge even when tested with sweat or tears.


13. A Gummy That's Every Insomniac's Best Friend

Olly Restful Sleep Gummies, $13, Amazon

As someone with a long history of insomnia, I can tell you that these gummies can be a life-changer. They have a delicious berry flavor that's not as cloying as other gummies, which could be because they're flavored by a team of culinary and food science experts. Plus, they're gluten-free, use only natural flavors and sweeteners, and in addition to melatonin, include L-Theanine, chamomile, and lemon balm, to bring on natural relaxation and sleep.

[Editor's Note: You should always talk to your doctor before adding a supplement to your diet.]


14. The Slippers That Make You Feel Good All Over

BYRIVER Acupressure Slippers, $24, Amazon

They may look like they have mushrooms growing out of their soles, but these slippers actually have spring-loaded massage buttons to provide acupressure therapy at designated trigger points on your feet. Health benefits from walking in these shoes just 5 to 15 minutes per day include increased circulation, improved metabolism, relief from neuropathy, and much more. Amazon reviewers uniformly rave about relief from plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and the pressure from everyday standing, walking, and running.


16. A Pitcher That "Pours" Perfect Pancakes — Cupcakes And Waffles, Too

KP Kitchen Batter Dispenser, $15, Amazon

This dispenserIt makes perfect pancakes a, well, cakewalk! However, the best thing about this pitcher-style device may be its versatility, because it's also great for doling out cupcakes, cake batter, and of course, waffles — essentially, this dispenser makes short work of anything that's batter-based. The BPA-free, wide mouth plastic construction makes filling a breeze, and the fail-safe valve not only doesn't leak, but features a 3/4-inch valve, meaning it's great for batters that include toppings, too.


17. This Rose Quartz Facial Roller That's Boxed Beautifully For Gift-Giving

Clapotis Rose Quartz Roller, $24, Amazon

Great for promoting facial circulation and reducing puffiness, this facial roller is crafted from natural rose quartz to help skin care ingredients penetrate better and work more effectively. This roller also provides an easy self-administered facial massage with its dual heads that assist the user in reaching every contour for relaxation and rejuvenation.


18. This Magnetic Flashlight That Is Super Convenient

Warsun Portable LED Work Light, $26, Amazon

In addition to being easy to simply throw in a backpack or carry-on, this palm-sized flashlight can be hung by its hook from a closet rail, a shelf, a tent pole, a tree branch, the inside of a car hood or trunk — virtually anywhere. "This small device puts out big light," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "Very impressed!"


19. This Bowl Ensures Every Kernel Of Corn Comes Out Popped

Colonel Popper Microwave Popcorn Bowl, $14, Amazon

Made from eco-friendly, BPA-free silicone, this popcorn bowl is specially designed to funnel energy upwards to cook popcorn evenly. The bowl also collapses down for easy storage and comes in several colors.


20. The Odd But Genius Tray That Helps Foods Defrost Faster

VonShef Defrosting Tray, $18, Amazon

You can defrost food up to 10 times faster with this defrosting tray. Simply take the meet and place it unwrapped on the tray and it will thaw quickly and safely. The tray comes with a silicone edge guard to prevent fluids from running onto the counter, and the entire assembly is dishwasher safe, too.


21. These Eye Masks Stimulate Collagen And Nourish The Skin With Gold

Puriderma Gold Gel Eye Masks, $20, Amazon

Deliver nourishment to the delicate skin under the eyes with a treat every beauty lover will adore: these eye masks made with gold dust, in suspension with plant-based collagen, natural extracts, and vitamins. These gel-saturated masks apply directly below the eyes and provide intense, yet gentle, hydration, suitable for all skin types. Stored in the refrigerator, they provide added refreshment after a long day looking at the computer or out in the sun.


22. The Steamer That Works On Clothes, Drapes, And So Much More

PurSteam Steamer, $25, Amazon

Easy to use and lightweight, this steamer is a champ when it comes to getting an entire lewk Insta-ready in just minutes. The truly epic thing about it, though, is its versatility: It's also wonderful for steaming upholstery, table and bed linens — even drapes and curtains. It weighs just 1.5 pounds, so it's easy to pack for business trips or fancy vacations where dressy outings demand a carefully curated wardrobe, plus temperature controls make this steamer safe for all types of fabrics.


23. A Kit That Makes It Easy And Fun To Craft Sushi At Home

Aya Sushi Making Kit, $26, Amazon

This kit makes home sushi a simple and fun activity that anyone can enjoy — both in the making and in the eating of it. This set includes everything needed to craft maki rolls at home, all that's missing are the ingredients!


24. This Eco-Friendly Magnetic Knife Block Is Streamlined And Hygienic

Coninx Magnetic Knife Holder, $27, Amazon

Crafted from 100 percent sustainable bamboo that's as attractive as it is eco-friendly, this knife holder is a streamlined, modern way to store cutlery in the kitchen: A powerful magnet is hidden within the block so that the blades adhere when placed alongside. Not only is this a safer way to store knives — no accidentally encountering a blade when reaching blindly into a drawer — but it's more hygienic, since there are no dark, possibly damp pockets into which the blades sink. It's beautiful for display on any counter.


25. A Bamboo And Shredded Memory Foam Pillow That's Perfect For Sweaty Sleepers

LANGRIA Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, $23, Amazon

The product of painstaking collaboration with sleep specialists to devise an optimal combination of materials to promote healthy, refreshing rest, this pillow is made with a combination of shredded memory foam. This unique construction provides all the support that foam delivers, and enables the sleeper to customize the shape to his or her preferences, while mimicking the softness of down. It's all wrapped up in an Original Bamboo pillowcase that increases ventilation and ensures it's breathable, unlike other foam pillows.


26. The Eight-In-One Food Prep Tool That Pretty Much Does It All In The Kitchen

Kools 6-in-1 Food Chopper Knife, $16, Amazon

A versatile gadget to have on hand for any cook, this device leads off with a scissor-style food cutter with an extra wide range of motion and an integrated cutting platform. Powerful enough to cut through bones, the top blade of this assembly detaches from the rest in order to allow for peeling, slicing, descaling, and opening bottles, and it features an ergonomically-designed handle and comfortable grip for ease of use. This tool comes with a finger shield and a portable knife sharpener, too.


27. This Overnight Mask That Looks Like Bubble Tea But Is Ultra-Hydrating

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack, $11, Amazon

With moisture capsules and a straw-like application spoon on the side, this strawberry-scented overnight mask mimics the bubble tea it gets its name from, but gives you a seriously hydrating face treatment from renowned K-beauty brand Etude House. With strawberry gel compound serving as the delivery vehicle for the capsules, this mask forms a barrier on the skin to enable the moisture to penetrate for glowing skin.


28. This Cream Leaves Skin Peachy Soft And Smooth

SKIN FOOD Premium Peach Cotton Cream, $20, Amazon

From noted K-beauty brand Skin Food comes this cream that's infused with actual peach extract to leave skin hydrated on the inside and smooth and control oil production on the surface. With its moist, non-greasy finish, it's suitable for all skin types and great for use as a night cream or it can be worn under makeup. More than 250 reviewers give this cream four-plus stars who rave about it: "Seriously glad I bought this product and 100% will buy again."


28. The Wool Balls That Make Garments Fluffy And Soft Without Chemicals

Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls, $17 (Set of 6), Amazon

When you add these wool dryer balls to the laundry, they increase air flow between and among garments, shortening drying time and softening laundry naturally. No fabric softener or dryer sheets are needed, and the reduced drying time saves money on power, too. A few drops of essential oil can be added to gently scent clothing as desired, also.


29. This Versatile Light Illuminates The Dark Any Way You Need It To

LEDGLE Rechargeable LED Light, $14, Amazon

Thanks to its bendable body and bright lights, this unique wearable flashlight has a ton of uses. It's designed to drape around the neck for hands-free use, and each arm features two adjustable LED lights that can be set to three levels of brightness. It runs for 10 hours on one charge when set to normal brightness, and conveniently charges when plugged into any USB port.


30. A Vegetable Steamer That Fits Any Pot

Sunsella Silicone Vegetable Steamer, $14, Amazon

Crafted from BPA-free, food-safe silicone, this steamer is uniquely constructed so that it fits a variety of pots and pans — even the Instant Pot. Perfect, even, for fish and tamales, this steamer is heavy enough so that it won't flip over, and its feet enable scratch-free use on even the most delicate cookware. Great for both family meals and single servings, this will quickly become one of the avid cook's go-to tools for everything from seafood to sunchokes.


31. The Unisex Charcoal Shampoo That Moisturizes And Volumizes

Venu Activated Charcoal Shampoo, $15, Amazon

It seems counterintuitive to put charcoal in your hair, but with this shampoo, it's a feature, not a bug. Natural activated charcoal powder detoxifies and clarifies like nothing else, and it's blended with moisture-rich Moroccan argan oil plus jojoba, avocado, almond, and coconut oils, and keratin, to deeply hydrate, restore, and strengthen. Charcoal isn't just for the barbecue anymore: Give the gift of nature's wonder ingredient, now for silky, smooth, and healthy hair.


32. This Seven-In-One Scrubber Set Cleanses In And Out Of The Shower

LP Living Pro Waterproof Spin Brush Set, $28, Amazon

Why choose between an electric facial scrubber and a waterproof scrubbing brush for the shower when you could have this seven-in-one spin brush set? Its unique waterproof design features an extendable handle and special oversized deep scrubbing head for use in the shower — and a massage head, and a pumice stone for working over rough areas on the feet — in addition to three more gentle brushes specialized for facial cleansing and exfoliation. Dual speed settings offer customized cleansing.


33. The Night Light That's Shaped Like A Mushroom And Offers 16 Colors And Four Modes

ANGTUO LED Mushroom Night Light, $18, Amazon

With its soft silicone construction that's also cool to the touch, this night light is perfect for anywhere in the house where kids or pets can access it; its friendly, interesting shape make it a real conversation starter for home and office alike. Featuring flashing, warm and cool white modes, adjustable brightness, and 16 different LED colors, it's a great desktop size and comes with a remote for easy operation.


34. A Tripod For The Photographer, Blogger, Or Social Media Maven In Your Family

UBeesize Tripod, $14, Amazon

This tripod — which fits any smartphone — features octopus-style moldable legs that will hold onto a branch, the back of a chair, a fence rail, and so much more to help you capture perfect shot. The mount can accommodate anything from the smallest smartphone right through a digital camera and can be reconfigured to work as a tablet stand for when he or she are streaming that epic Fortnite match on the go.


35. These Shatterproof Glasses Mean You Can Enjoy Wine Or Cocktails Outside

Poolside Creations Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses, $22 (Set of 4), Amazon

Crafted from the same BPA-free, non-toxic Tritan plastic everyone loves in those oversized tumblers, these stemless wine glasses make it possible to carry wine and cocktails out to the pool, beach, hot tub, or park safely and in style. Their oversized 16-ounce design has the look and heft of a real wine glass and its authentic, elegant stemless design. They're durable enough to stand up to everyday use and are dishwasher safe, too.


36. The Gel That Fills In Brows With Cruelty-Free Fibers

Wunder2 WunderBrow Brow Gel, $22, Amazon

This eyebrow gel is permeated with high-tech, hair-like fibers that are indistinguishable to the naked eye but create a completely natural look. These fibers are combined with innovative pigments and formulated into a gel that locks onto existing hair to fix natural, long-lasting color onto the brows. Five shades are available to create a close match; the one-step application stays on for days.


37. The Set Of Devices That Strengthens Hands And Improves The Grip

Benificer Hand Strengthener Set, $18 (5 Pieces), Amazon

Suitable for both athletes and for those rehabbing from injuries and with grip strength issues from diseases including arthritis, this hand strengthener set includes tools to exercise all areas of the hand and fingers. The various implements provide challenges that range in strength from 22 to 88 pounds in tension to provide chances to build achievements and progress. The pieces are primarily crafted from high-quality, durable silicone and engineered with ergonomic designs to suit all hand sizes.


38. The Kitchen Cleanup Tool That Comes From Some Experienced Kitchen Experts

KOHLER Multipurpose Kitchen Cleanup Tool, $10, Amazon

The people from KOHLER can flat out make a kitchen, and more than 100 reviewers agree when it comes to cleaning one up, too, if this cleaning tool is any indication: It features a handy brush for clearing any surface of debris on one side, and a squeegee on the other. Made from silicone, the body won't stain, and its genius L-shaped design means it will hang off the edge of the counter during breaks in the action.


39. This Stylish Tea Infuser Is Great For Fruit Water, Too

Teabloom All-Beverage Tumbler, $26, Amazon

Made from BPA-free, shatter-proof glass and equipped with a stainless steel infuser, this tumbler is perfect for any tea lover Additionally, given the sweat-proof nature of its double-walled construction, it makes a wonderful vessel for fruit-infused water as well. Drinks stay hot or cold for longer with the double-walled design, and it's finished with coordinating stainless steel trim. Plus, it comes with a neoprene sleeve for further insulation.


40. A 10-In-One Multi-Tool That's A Real Classic

Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool, $25, Amazon

The original American multi-tool inventor, Tim Leatherman, sold his first multi-tool more than 30 years ago, and this 10-in-one device is the ancestor to that trailblazer. At just under 2 ounces, this one is lightweight, and features a diverse feature set: It has a knife, tweezers, a file, spring-action scissors, both a flat and a Phillips head screwdriver, a medium screwdriver and an extra-small screwdriver, a bottle opener, a nail cleaner and a nail file, and a ruler.


41. This 3-D-Printed Moon Lamp With Two Different Light Modes

AMZLIFE Moon Lamp, $28, Amazon

Designed to resemble the moon's surface, this unique lamp is an innovative way to provide lighting to any room. The shatter-resistant sphere is just under 6 inches in diameter and operates cordlessly via a rechargeable battery. Turn the moon on simply by touching it and set it for cool or warm white light; it displays alone or in the included wooden stand.


42. The Armband For Easy Smartphone Operation While Working Out

Matone Smartphone Armband, $15, Amazon

This armband makes it possible to simply mount a smartphone to your wrist for ease of use while working out. Featuring 180-degree rotation, it's made from durable and breathable material that's stretchy to suit wrists of all sizes, and the open-face design enables access to not only all the buttons, but the mic as well.


43. This Laptop Stand Is Light Enough To Be Portable But Adjusts For Ease Of Use

BFRIENDit Laptop Stand, $20, Amazon

Don't make your work-at-home friend or family member suffer from a sore neck and a hot lap any longer: This laptop stand makes a thoughtful and practical gift they'll enjoy wherever they work, whether at home or while traveling. The ventilated structure ensures laptops won't overheat during use, while the angle adjusts from 12 to 35 degrees to alleviate eye and neck strain and increase airflow as well. Compatible with most laptops, this ergonomically designed device folds for transport in most laptop cases and weighs in at just under a pound...pretty remarkable for all that functionality!


44. A Smartphone Stand With An Integrated Light For Selfies And Other Shots

UBeesize Smartphone Stand With Ring Light, $19, Amazon

Growing up out of its base like some kind of electronic flower, this accessory is the ideal gift for the smartphone-obsessed person you're buying for. An oversized, spring-loaded clip with rubber backing serves as the base for two durable gooseneck "stems" — one of which is topped with a smartphone mount for hands-free streaming and selfies. The other gooseneck "stem" extends slightly longer and is topped with a ring-shaped light that offers multiple hues and brightness settings. Three light colors and 10 brightness settings offer the ultimate in flexibility, whether the subject is animal, vegetable, or mineral.


45. This Night Light Is A Little Different... It's In The Toilet

LumiLux Motion Sensor LED Toilet Light, $15, Amazon

Designed to make the middle-of-the-night journey to the bathroom easier, this night light clips to and illuminates your toilet bowl. It features 16 LED color choices and a five different levels of brightness, so you can customize it however you like.


46. This Rugged-Looking Corkscrew

HiCoup Professional Waiter's Corkscrew, $12, Amazon

With its intricate inlaid handle, it's easy to see why you might mistake it for a pocketknife, but this wine tool is no less serious. The design, with all stainless steel implements, is sommelier-inspired, and features a strong cork mechanism that removes either natural or synthetic cork in only five turns, making it easy to slide out with the double-hinged fulcrum. Secreted in the handle is the fold-out foil knife to complete the set. It comes in a remarkable 27 different inlay styles, too.


47. A Cube-Shaped Light That's Waterproof, Changes Colors, And Dims

Mr. Go LED Night Light, $24, Amazon

With 16 colors that are changeable via remote control, this cube light is a fun and funky accent for a kid's room, any creative office space, a playroom, or a fun lounge or deck vibe. The LED light remains cool to the touch at all times and it's cordless and waterproof, so it's great to carry from room to room or for use in the yard on warm nights, or by the pool. Users can enjoy the color-changing show, change the brightness or dim the lights.


48. The Appliance That's Built For Clean, Oil-Free Food Preparation

Oster Double-Tiered Food Steamer, $19, Amazon

Designed to produce thorough, even cooking without the need for oil, this steamer has two levels for whipping up a whole meal quickly and easily at the same time. Basically, if Barbie were life-sized and had a food steamer, it would be this one, it's so cute, compact, and full-featured, and it takes up a petite under-9-inch footprint on the countertop. Maybe Barbie would want it in pink, but this unit features a 60-minute auto shut-off setting and two human-sized 5-quart bowls.


49. This Toaster-Shaped Appliance Sharpens Knives For Longer, More Effective Use

LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener, $23, Amazon

The two sections in this knife sharpener may make it look like a diminutive toaster, but in reality, they accommodate two different sharpening stages: Pass a knife through Stage 1 to get its blade reshaped and its edge sharpened and rejuvenated, then run it through Stage 2 to hone and polish the blade. Automatic guides that hold the blade in place make using this sharpener guess- and error-proof, and suction feet hold it in place so it's super safe.


50. This Odd-Looking But Genius Humidifier Is A Must For Road Warriors

Fancii Personal Humidifier, $25, Amazon

So this little humidifier is shaped kind of like a tiny cliché spaceship — that's the odd thing — and you could carry it in your pocket if you were wearing cargo pants. What makes it genius is that it functions on an external tank that you supply by attaching it to a water bottle...yep, the kind you buy at a convenience store, get from the honor bar, or ask the flight attendant for. Yes, that's right, since it's battery-operated, it can be used on an airplane (they're so drying!), and it can also run on USB power. Genius.


51. These Look Like Snowballs From Space, But They're Luxurious Bath Treats

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs, $25 (Set of 12), Amazon

With bright pigments and mix-ins of ingredients like flower petals and glitter, these bath bombs look a little like snowballs from outer space. Handcrafted in California with eco-friendly, cruelty-free manufacturing process, they're formulated using natural, non-toxic ingredients to fizz when dropped into the bath, and their gorgeous colors won't stain or streak. A blend of cocoa and shea butters leave the skin hydrated but not sticky, and each bomb is scented with its own corresponding fragrance.


52. The Snore-Stopping Mouthpiece for a Peaceful Night's Sleep

Eliminator Pro Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, $16, Amazon

Made from a BPA-free material, this snore-stopping mouthpiece works by gently nudging your lower jaw slightly forward and opening your airway. The FDA-approved device can be easily molded to your mouth so that it fits comfortably, and it even comes with a travel case. In addition to decreasing your chance of snoring, it also prevents teeth grinding, so both you and your partner or roommate will get a better overall sleep!


53. The Lights That Turn Empty Wine Bottles From Sad To Fad

Aluan Wine Bottle Lights, $12 (10 Pack), Amazon

The wine lover on your list can turn his or her favorite empties into a fun and cozy objét d'art with these cool wine bottle lights. The cork-shaped plastic toppers hide batteries that power the strands of copper wire with tiny lights. Each cork features its own on/off switch; these LED lights put off very little heat, and the copper wire is very easy to shape. Make an arrangement or leave it up to the recipient to use their imagination.


54. These Eco-Friendly Bamboo Straws With A Cleaner And Carrier Bag

NatrualNeo Organic Bamboo Straws, $10, Amazon

These beautiful bamboo straws are an elegant and eco-friendly alternative their plastic counterparts. This set comes with 10 straws, a coconut fiber brush, and canvas carrying case.


55. This Goat's Milk And Honey Soap For Sensitive Skin

The Soap Haven Milk And Honey Soap, $25, Amazon

Handmade in the USA, this soap is made with skin-nourishing goats milk and pure honey which is known to be moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic. It also has non-GMO soy, coconut oil, and organic palm. This gentle formula is suitable for sensitive skin and can provide soothing relief from eczema and other skin ailments and allergies.


56. The Fabric Shaver That Makes Sweaters Look Brand New

Conair Fabric Defuzzer, $25, Amazon

You can make old sweaters look brand new with this fabric defuzzer. It has three settings to safely removes fuzz, lint, and pilling on any length of fiber, and can be used corded or cordless.


57. This Popular Grooming Tool That's Super Affordable

Philips Norelco Multi Groomer, $17, Amazon

Boasting literally thousands of five-star reviews, this affordable grooming tool is an Amazon best-seller for a reason. It features 13 pieces to cover all of your grooming needs, including beard trimming and maintenance, lining up hair lines, and grooming ear and nose hairs. The easy-to-clean blades require no oil and are self-sharpening so they'll remain "like new" even after two years of use. The lithium battery delivers up to 60 minutes of run time on one eight-hour charge.


58. A Mini Humidifier That's Great For On The Go

Fancii Mini Cool-Mist Humidifier, $25, Amazon

This mini cool-mist humidifier is not only cordless but it also runs a standard-sized water bottle. This convenient combination of features makes it great for taking on the go — think: airplanes, offices, cars, hotels, or anywhere else you might need a little moisture in the air.


59. A Knife Sharpener That Will Make You Knives Feel New Again

LYNKO Electric Knife Sharpener, $23, Amazon

Make your knives cut like new again with this electric knife sharpener. Featuring one slot that reshapes the angle and another slot to hone and polish, this sharpener will breath new life into dull blades.


60. A Dual-Alarm Clock That Projects The Time Clearly Anywhere You Like

Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock, $27, Amazon

For the sleepyhead on your list, this alarm clock provides a clear and present reminder that it's time to get up by projecting that time on the wall or ceiling, in addition to its ultra-large white LED display. It offers all the standard alarm features, with the option to trigger an AM or FM radio station of choice or a buzzer, plus presets and the beloved snooze button, plus it acts as a charging station for a smartphone or other device. This clock also features an integrated backup battery so even when the power is out, the alarm goes on.

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