45 Bizarre Amazon Products That Are Actually Must-Haves For Hundreds Of Reviewers

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I'm not going to lie, when I get assigned to write a piece on the bizarre Amazon products that are actually must-haves for hundreds of reviewers, I rub my hands together and cackle with pure glee. These are the stories that make my heart sing, because they're pure voyeurism — basically, they're almost as good as going to a dinner party and looking at the beauty products someone keeps in their bathroom. Not that I would ever do that.

Seriously, from this electric kettle that folds up and gets 4.5-stars from more than 500 reviewers to this light that goes in your toilet bowl and is motion-activated to brighten the night in your choice of 16 different shades while you go, these products are some of the most original you'll find on offer from the online behemoth. What I like to envision as I craft these columns for you is the inventors of these fabulous products and the brainstorming sessions that give birth to them. Consider: "I simply must be able to make my coffee pot fit into my briefcase. I know! I'll create one in everyone's favorite miracle material, silicone, and make it fold up like some kind of small appliance origami! Eureka!"

See what I mean? Literally hours of good, clean fun, even without the light show. The only downside? These products are seriously life-changing, too, and as noted above, they have the stars to prove it. So keep your credit card handy, and take a walk on the weird side.

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