Rainy Days Can Be So Depressing, But These Yoga Poses Will Pull You Out Of Your Funk

Rainy days can really bring a girl down. I don't know about you, but when the weather's dreary, all I want to do is roll into the most secure and snug blanket burrito and hibernate for, like, 17 years. There's no rhyme or reason, but sometimes, the rain can just throw you into a funk, and it can be hard to crawl out from that yucky mindset. On days like that, rolling out your mat and flowing through some yoga poses on a rainy day will instill energy and vitality when you're feeling super "blah."

Don't get me wrong, though: It's totally fine to embrace your lethargy and nap the day away when it's raining outside — I've personally done that many times. But sometime you want to be productive, and it's just the weather that's bringing you down — that's when yoga comes in to help you instill some welcome warmth and energetic vibrations in both your body and your mind.

In addition to these six poses that will perk you right up, your yoga practice always serves as a reminder that the storm will pass and that everything is temporary. If you do flow through these poses and you're still feeling funky, breathe through the sensations, and remember that feelings are transient and passing — you'll be back to yourself in no time, just as the sun will come out again.

Downward Facing Dog
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Downward dog is a rejuvenating asana that energizes your whole body while allowing blood to flow directly to your brain. This pose instills creativity, vitality, and improves concentration — the perfect trifecta for those sluggish rainy days that are trying to bring you down.

Low Lunge
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On rainy days, sliding into a low lunge will feel so juicy and luscious for your hip flexors and heart. This backbend and heart-opener boosts energy and fights fatigue, so just when you wanted to jump under your blankets once again, you'll be inspired to get sh*t done, despite the melancholy weather conditions.

Upward Facing Dog
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Upward dog isn't just some random, super adorable thing your pup does while she's stretching. It's a powerful yoga pose that can pluck you right out of a "meh" mood when the sun is in hiding.

And hey, even though the sun's not actually in the sky, as you stretch your body into upward facing dog, point your face up toward the sky and imagine the golden rays of sunlight bathing you with their warmth. Mind over matter, right?

Bow Pose
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Try channeling some kundalini vibes by rocking back and forth in bow pose. I won't lie to you: Bow pose is a difficult asana to hold, but be sure that you're mindful of your inhales and exhales specifically here, as the breath work is what will really build heat and stir up the energy inside your body.

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Throw a headstand into your practice if you're feeling fearless and want to experiment with flipping your perspective. Don't worry if you can't get into the full expression of the asana — just have fun with it (against a wall for support, if you need it) and try not to take yourself so seriously. Engage your core, and play around with the new feeling of being upside down — the rest will come with time and practice.

Seated Meditation
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Wrap up your movement with a silent, seated meditation. Observe your feelings without judgment, and see how your mindset has or hasn't shifted since the beginning of your practice. Breathe deeply and fully into your belly, appreciating all that your body does for you in conjunction with the sheer power of your mind and your thoughts.