These 6 Vacation Spots Have No Cell Service, So You Can Really Unplug & Escape

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When you think about spring break, the first things that come to mind are probably poolside parties in Cancun, neon-lit bars in Virginia Beach, or maybe a quick tour of some European cities. And yeah, you're likely uploading awesome photos of all those experiences onto social media — but simultaneously, you're also still receiving texts from your boss. Oftentimes, vacations keep you more connected to your everyday life than you want to be, which can leave you feeling even more exhausted than when you left. But what if you dared to travel to vacation spots with no cell service?

Sound a little scary? Well, it won't be when you realize you're free to roam your destination without screens, enjoy uninterrupted time at meals with your travel partners, and take in a sunset without a selfie — unless, that is, you bring an old school camera, and hey, why not?

While you could do something like stay at a hotel or resort where you must surrender all your phones and devices upon check-in, you can also intentionally plan to travel to a destination where there's simply no way to stay digitally connected — yes, even if you try to stand on a chair on a balcony with your arm high up in the air as you desperately try to send a text back to your boss.

Here are a few vacation spots around the world that have little to no cell service to inspire your own unplugged travel plans.

Green Bank, West Virginia
BBC Click on YouTube

As the BBC Click clip above calls it, Green Bank, West Virginia is America's quietest town. Nestled between hills of green, not only do you not get cell phone service here, even your car radio will start to tune out. There are less than 150 people who live in Green Bank, and they all need to communicate face to face.

The reason for no service? Green Bank is a National Radio Quiet Zone, as it is home to the largest radio telescope at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. As Michael Holstine, the observatory’s business manager, told TODAY, the purpose of no cell service is for “the study of the natural radio emissions that are coming from bodies in space."

Sounds like the perfect place to spend a few totally quiet, very relaxing days — especially if you've got any scientific interests!

Campo Cortez Eco-Lodge, San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja, Mexico
Mexico Media Solutions on YouTube

Rumor has it you can get cell service in a few locations, but only if the weather is cooperating. Sound maddening to you? Or just what the doctor ordered?

Taking a trip to the Campo Cortez Eco-Lodge will have you swimming, bird-watching, whale-spotting — no Google searching, and no Insta spiraling.

Camp Grounded, Mendocino, California
CampGrounded on YouTube

Remember those summers spent at camp, when all you did was run around, swim, make crafts, sit around bonfires, and try to slow dance with your camp crush? Well, those days can be yours again, my friends! Just make a reservation at Camp Grounded, where you are literally at an adult summer camp in Mendocino, California. And yes, unplugging is a requirement for being there. But you'll be too busy having the time of your life and reliving your childhood to care.

Lapa Rios Eco-Lodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Costa Rican Vacations - Travel Agency on YouTube

Trust me, you are not going to miss texting whatsoever at this eco-lodge located right in the middle of the rainforest. I mean, when you're surrounded by tree frogs, colorful birds, and even some freakin' toucans, why would you?!

Save your pretty pennies to stay even a night or two at one of the 17 private cabins. But trust me, this is not the only place in Costa Rica where cell service is a rarity.

Baxter State Park, Maine
redrunnerjumper on YouTube

A prime destination for lovers of wilderness and all things outdoors, Baxter State Park describes their location as "a wilderness haven encompassing some of the most rugged terrain in the Northeast." So no, my friends, it is not easy to stay connected here.

Bring your own tent, rent a cabin, or get cozy in a lean-to — aka a rustic shelter built for hikers and campers — while you hike, and if the weather permits, go explore the water.

Big Bend National Park, Texas
cenizodesert on YouTube

The National Park Service calls the Big Bend in far west Texas a place of "splendid isolation," so good luck making calls and taking Snapchats. This mountain range surrounded by desert is a mecca of limestone, canyons, and wildlife. You can even visit Mexico from here by donkey. Yes, friends, a donkey ride to Mexico.

So, you ready to unplug yet?